Steve Hilton: The anti-America alliance is growing

Steve Hilton: The anti-America alliance is growing

Fox News host Steve Hilton lays out the Biden administration’s ‘seismic’ and ‘disastrous’ foreign policy in the Middle East as China cozies up to more countries on ‘The Next Revolution.’ #foxnews #fox #thenextrevolution

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Welcome back one of the many terrible Consequences of the Democrats divisive Get Trump circus is that we're not Paying attention to some absolutely Seismic and disastrous developments in Foreign policy this week China made a Massive Global Advance by strengthening Its ties with Saudi Arabia which joined A china-led security Bloc and signed a Multi-billion dollar energy deal this Comes straight after China broke at a Peace deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran It's all a massive humiliation not just For America but Biden personally just Listened to what he said in Saudi Arabia In July Let me State clearly that the United States is going to remain an active Engaged partner in the Middle East we Will not walk away And leave a vacuum to be filled by China Russia or Iran But it seems like Biden fist bumped his Way out of that promise but at least we Still have our allies in the South right Not under Biden China is advancing there Too as just the other day China struck a Deal with Brazil to ditch the US dollar And use China's currency for trade now Investors are being told to prepare for The fall of the Petro dollar We already saw she and Putin cementing The china-russia anti-america alliance And extending it to India India the

World's largest democracy which should Be 100 in our corner with Trump that was Looking so positive France I present to you My friend India's friend The president of The United States of America Mr Donald Trump Foreign [Applause] But Biden seems to have alienated Everyone with his sanctimonious but Utterly cack-handed foreign policy this Is a really big deal not least Economically look at this the Western Alliance the G7 was just this week Overtaken by the brics Brazil Russia India China Saudi Arabia and a handful Of others like Egypt what's happening to America we used to be the world's leader Everybody wanted to be our Ally now she Is the one swaggering across the world Stage while Biden staggers around barely Waking up from his nap It's incredible to see how far we've Fallen in influence and Prestige under This decrepit non-entity of a president And his gray technocratic team of Foreign policy Geniuses let's remember That the next time the establishment Tells you what a good idea it is to put Someone with Decades of foreign policy

Experience in charge Here to react former State Department Spokesperson Morgan ortegers who really Is a foreign policy genius Morgan it's Been a while great to see you Thank you Steve it's so good to be back I'm sorry maybe you didn't hear my Question I was just asking you what are You making with these developments So I I think you brought up an Incredibly important points tonight that Didn't get a lot of coverage Um let's start let's peel back the onion Stephen look at the bigger picture of What the Chinese Communist party is Trying to do they are trying to dominate The world stage so we are entering an Era we talked about this at the Beginning of the Trump uh presidency of Great power competition what what does That mean it means that we're in a Struggle in region for region around the World of communism versus democracy and What you're seeing China try to do is Not only to replace us as the dominant Military power but the dominant economic Power as well so they are going country By country inch by inch bit by bit To uh to to take off to to bring away Our friends Saudi Arabia and Brazil are Excellent examples that you brought up So what do we see happen in Saudi Arabia First of all the administration was Completely surprised uh whenever Saudi

Arabia and China came out with Iran Which is uh saudi's number one number One enemy to announce that they were Bringing ambassadors back together Opening embassies that they had that They had come to a deal not only we were Not a part of that deal we were Surprised by it we learned about it in The newspaper with everyone else Um and so that just goes to show that Saudi Arabia uh sees Xi Jinping as a Better better mediator a better partner Than President Biden and that's a Precarious position to be in is Saudi The perfect friend no they're not but Exactly what President Biden said that He would not allow to happen in the Middle East is and around the world is Happening uh in terms of us losing our Influence us losing you know key Negotiations same thing going on in Brazil as well Steve you know it took Biden I think over a year to call boss Bolsonaro when he was the president of The year because I think because he Didn't like him and I'm hearing this From allies especially around Latin and South America and in the Middle East uh That the Biden Administration is so Distracted by the Russia Ukraine Conflict that they're not focused Missing on anything else and we are Seeding our influence in these regions Why does that matter it matters because

China is not doing that in fact they're Doing the opposite they're doubling down Exactly Exactly what a great little tour of the World there Morgan Um fantastic great to see you hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe To Fox News YouTube page and catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis you will not get it anywhere Else

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