Taking away guns is a ‘horrible’ idea: Ryan Cleckner

Taking away guns is a ‘horrible’ idea: Ryan Cleckner

Attorney and former Army Ranger Ryan Cleckner analyzes the renewed calls for America to confiscate guns and why this is a bad idea on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

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Ryan klechner is an attorney and former Army Ranger he joins us to assess all of This Ryan thank you so much for coming On so when you take these people Seriously and I think we probably should Since they have more power than most of Us do what they're suggesting is Disarming a country that owns billions Of rounds of ammunition 400 million Firearms what they're calling for is a Totalitarian state and Civil War You're absolutely right because who's Going to be going to try to collect These who's going to be actually Effectuating these policies I mean I say that when a politician tells you You don't need a gun it's time to get a Gun and these comparisons we're making To these other countries that are Largely homogeneous mostly isolated Countries that don't have porous borders Like we do where drugs and crime are Just flowing across freely are able to Effectuate some sort of gun control but It still doesn't help gun violence might Go down but I'm not a believer that gun Violence is the only bad thing I think All violent crime is bad and I actually Have an article on Sean Davis's the Federalist website about how violent Crime in Australia has actually Increased ever since they took away People's ability to defend themselves Well crime by the government has

Increased dramatically I mean the Australian government the authoritarian Australian government put people in Concentration camps for violating their Non-scientific coveted rules so I mean Civilians are not the only people who Commit crimes the biggest crimes are Always committed by the government Always Yes and and every bad government that we Look at in history what's one of the Things they did first they take away the Gun see the problem is too is I am tired of being painted even by Family members or people that I know as Someone that doesn't think these mass Shootings are horrible I think they are So horrible that I think my ideas and Ideas that show that we shouldn't have Disarmed schools we should actually Protect our children are so much better At saving these lives that's why it's so Important to me rushing to try and get Rid of guns to keep someone from doing Something horrible like this it's the Same as a little Banning fentanyl we Have 100 ban on fentanyl in this country Is it doing a whole lot of good no it's Everywhere and matter of fact think of The people that are in control of these Drugs that are 100 banned Zero Tolerance 100 banned those people that disregard The laws we call them criminals they're The ones that would have the guns this

Is a horrible idea it's not going to Make anyone safer it's it's bad all Around Well if we want to stop murders to find Out why murder murderers commit murder And we should take a look at this Manifesto and if the murderer from Monday says I'm committing this mass Shooting because Tennessee has lacks gun Laws then let's have that conversation But I suspect that's not what it says Ryan collector great so one AR-15 was Used for evil one was used for good Thanks well exactly subscribe to the Fox News YouTube channel to catch our Nightly opens stories that are changing The world and changing your life from Tucker Carlson tonight

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