Teamsters president: We won’t be influenced by pressure to endorse a candidate

Teamsters president: We won't be influenced by pressure to endorse a candidate

Teamsters President Sean O’Brien reacts to pressure to make a presidential endorsement on ‘Your World.’

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All right the S&P 500 has never been Higher my friends even though the Dow Had a tough day of it the NASDAQ did not The S&P 500 in case you're counting That's the fourth straight record for This average that is more representative Of America 500 companies from all sorts Of Industries a lot of people use that As sort of the Good Housekeeping stamp Of approval for how America's doing and Today it was doing very well people Buying in like crazy all right uh in the Metime we told you what the UAW is going To do now in in in supporting Joe Biden To get reelected president the teamsters Have not made a decision on this issue Shan O'Brien doing his homework he says Talking to all the candidates I mean Even those who have since left the race And that includes Donald Trump this was From my chat with him Earlier we met with Donald Trump uh two Weeks ago um and we are meeting with our General executive board and rank and File members uh at the teamster Headquarters on January 31st uh We've Extended the invitation to President Biden we're talking to the White House Now to try and schedule both on the same Day um and we think it's important that We're meeting with all candidates uh we Have a very diverse membership 1.3 Million members so we owe it to our Members to do our due diligence and make

The recommendation what's in the best Interest of uh teams to members Nationwide you know Shan the other Shan S sh a WN Fain of the United Auto Workers had said of a meeting with Donald Trump that it would be pointless Quoting him here I see no point in Meeting with him because I don't think The man has any bit of care about our Workers what they stand for what the Working class stands for he went on to Say he serves a billionaire class and That's what's wrong with this country so Meeting a waste of time what do you make Of that I mean everybody has their Opinions you know my opinion is my Opinion is I think uh you know everybody Has their own structure and opinion and Doing things but dialogue is very Important uh it's been very important to Our organization it's been very Important and look we we have Conversations with billionaires every Single day Corporate America who we Negotiate against who we have to deal With and you know a lot of times you Find common ground when you have a Dialogue and look I'm not speaking for Any other Union I'm speaking for the Team's Union we're not going to be Influenced by any pressure to endorse One candidate or the other you know we Understand that you know there's a lot Of pressure out there to make an

Endorsement we're going to do what we' Have historically done we're going to do Our due diligence and make our decision After uh after we get input from our Members in our general executive board It's been quite a while since you Considered a republican what would what Would make you switch now well look There's a lot of issues that are Important to us you know there's a lot Of issues that you know we've got to Deal with national right to work which We are not for we've got to deal with Making organizing uh members that much Easier without threats of retaliation we Need bankruptcy reform we need a lot of Commitments there's a lot of boxes that Need to be checked off you know President Biden has done great work on Behalf of the unions he's done he's done Real well fixing the pensions um but at The end of the day you know what we've Done in the past doesn't make it you Know guaranteed for the future and we've Got a very diverse member members and Our members vote we know what our Members how they vote and they can Influence in election so we need to make Sure that all the boxes are checked off On behalf of our members you know Sean They certainly vote and a lot of them Are in the magga crowd they love Donald Trump um so they don't often mimic union Bosses I don't want to paraphrase you

That way but but that there is a Difference between the higher ups and The rank and file what do what what do You notice at the teamsters well that's The perception you know I know who I Work for every day I have boss I've got 1.3 million bosses that give me elect me To lead this great organization so um Look at the end of the day everybody has Their opinions it's a different time to Your point you know we endorsed you know Nixon we endorsed Reagan we endorsed George Bush Senor historically over the Last several years you know the Democrats have gotten uh you know the Endorsement consistently but you know It's like anything else we've got to Take a step back look what we did in History and see if that's going to help Us moving forward and at the end of the Day the decision that's going to be made Is going to be an inclusive decision It's not going to be a one-sided we're Not going to take a hard line and say We're not meeting with certain people uh I'll meet with anybody any time uh Especially if it's in the best interest Of our members and I can't speak for Anybody else's thought process but I can Only speak on behalf of the Teamster Union when you did meet with uh Donald Trump how did it go it went fine I mean We we we put our cards on the table was A very matter of fact uh meeting um you

Know he claimed he was you know 100 % You know supportive of unions uh you Know but history obviously take a look Back and there's certain issues that we Have with him we told him what our uh Issues moving forward is and what we Want to See like working with him they said he Wouldn't pay them he wouldn't pay them Overtime that he red on contracts I Don't know how true a lot of it but There's a lot of burnt Bridges with his Own former workers uh did that enter Your thinking proces yeah I mean we we We had a lot of dialogue on that we said Look there's a lot of information out There that you know contradicts what What you said and uh you know he assured That moving forward that he's know Pro Worker procreating jobs just like Everybody else says and you know the one Thing that we are good at uh regardless Of who wins this presidential election We are going to be a conscience to any Candidate whether we support them or not To remind them of what they said and What they are doing I think that's Important all right uh Sean O'Brien at The International Brotherhood at Team Says he's not given any indication as to How soon he'll make a decision on who He's supporting for president but he Says it will be with a lot of homework And a lot of time hey Sean Hannity here

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