The Bidens are the country’s ‘biggest tax cheats’: Comer

The Bidens are the country's 'biggest tax cheats': Comer

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., says the federal government has known ‘for a long time’ that Hunter Biden was very involved in ‘shady’ business meetings with ‘adversaries’ around the world. #foxnews

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A few headlines now on this former IRS Employee who's talking Biden and The Whistleblower single headline there the Walls are closing in on Biden And this comparison to one of the Biggest political scandals in United States history Whistleblower could be the deep throat Against Hunter and Joe Here's a quote from one of the op-eds All of this could reach Watergate Proportions take away the names and the Political parties and just look at the Apparent content of the allegations the Misuse of the doj and perhaps other Federal agencies to cover up a crime Check Actual material interference with an Investigation check deliberate lies to Congress check and worse worse than Watergate a president who may have Profited not just politically but Financially and focus now house Oversight committee chairman James Comer Republican from the great state of Kentucky good to have you in Focus today Break down what you think are the Highest Stakes of all in what we're Learning Well what we're learning is the federal Government has known for a long time That at least Hunter Biden was very Involved in Shady business schemes with Adversaries around the world and at the

Very least Harris he wasn't paying taxes On all this money that he was receiving From our adversaries I'm going to go a Step further after spending over two Weeks in the treasury cabinet looking at These Bank violations and say this isn't Just about the president's son this is The entire Biden family the number of Llc's the number of Bank violations the Great Links it to which this family has Gone to disguise the source of these Excessive questionable wires they're Getting from countries around the world That end up in their personal bank Account is alarming and you know this is Something that I think the the IRS Whistleblower knows about this is Something that that everyone in the Federal government knows has been going On they're very frustrated that Nothing's happened and I think you're Going to see more whistleblowers come Forward and expose the truth on exactly What this family is doing with respect To influent Peddlers you know there has To be a little ironing pointed out I Mean this is a president who who took a Whole pot of cash of our tax money to Hire 87 000 extra IRS agents to go after Americans he said it would be the Richest among us but we all know it's Everybody who can't afford to have a tax Attorney and and you look at that and Now the Whistleblower potentially even

More of them is coming directly from the IRS Yeah exactly I mean every time Joe Biden Says we're going to go after tax cheats I just gasp because I'm like I've been Looking into this for several months now And there's no bigger tax cheat than the Biden family and and let me iterate Reiterate this it's the Biden family It's not just Hunter bot it's not just Hunter Biden and Jim Biden it's multiple Members of this family that have been Receiving questionable sums of money for Reasons that we haven't yet determined But I can tell you it's all pointing Back to Joe Biden and as I said on Sean Hannity's show the other day the walls Are closing in on the Biden family it's Not just the president's son it's the Entire family including the president of The United States there's no Rhyme or Reason for a how much money they've Gotten from these foreign countries and B the way they've tried to hide not just From the American people but from the IRS the money that they've been Receiving just to remind everybody that The number that we're looking at in Terms of Biden family members now has Burst this week up to nine it's hard to Get nine people to agree on anything Unless you are paying them Um the suspicious activity reports also You know we're learning more about that

Journey too all of this is the president Now has decided he's going to announce Um can he get out in front of this No there's there's no explaining this The the mainstream media didn't cover The first drop that we disclosed the American people about the million dollar Wire from the Chinese Communist party to Three or four Biden family members uh They didn't really cover when I said We've now discovered nine fighting Family members that were getting wires But this IRS whistleblower they're Having to start to cover this and there Will be more of us this was the Lord Will lead to more whistleblowers coming Forward there's no explaining the amount Of money and the way they were trying to Launder it uh into the Biden personal Bank account there's no way to explain That for Joe Biden chairman Comer a lot Of discussion about the debt ceiling Plan right now and and the house Speaker Has been saying all along really want to Negotiate with the president and all This there are some things that we can Do as a nation to cut so on and so forth Congress can get that done now President Biden again is refusing to talk to Speaker McCarthy and it's causing Actually anxiety within both political Local parties Democrats are pushing for Negotiations telling axios the two Should always talk Democratic senator

Joe manchin really laid into the President with this it has been more Than 78 days since President Biden last Met with speaker McCarthy this signals The deficiency of leadership If Democrats are stressed out the White House is getting downright testy let's Watch 2011 during the debt ceiling fight then And due in part to the gridlock over That issue is hesitant risking the Same By and Congress by dragging out the President that's risking this is no it Is Congress it is Congress that is Risking this these political stunts that You're seeing from speaker McCarthy and The Maga Wing I I already answered the question Kristen Many many times Testy she went on to say that press Secretary uh Mega House Republicans are Holding the American economy hostage Biden this week called The GOP proposal Wacko Notions look let's get real about The fact that there is a republican plan Let's get real about the fact that for Right now McCarthy's not on the President's schedule and you can't go Forth if those two men don't talk That's exactly right and what a disgrace Coming from the White House that they Refuse to not only negotiate with the Majority Party in the House Representatives but but try to spread

Disinformation you know they're trying To attack us for having the audacity to Try to tighten the belt of the federal Government we cannot continue to spend Trillions more than we take in every Year if the economy is as strong as Joe Biden claims it is then now is the time To try to balance this budget get take Steps to balance the budget so I think More Democrats are going to come forward The Democrats are starting to realize That they have a wounded president of The United States he he's been an Embarrassment on the world stage his Policies aren't working uh he doesn't Look good on TV he's sprail he's not Being honest with American people about The scandals in his family and they Expect him to lead at some point with Respect to these budget negotiations so I think you're going to see Democrats in Congress like Joe manchin start to stand Up to Joe Biden and say do your job and Negotiate with the majority party of the House of Representatives well look it's Going to take more than Joe manchin Because he folded on the inflation Reduction Act I mean let's just get that real too That's a disappointment chairman Comer Always great to have you in Focus thank You Thank you hey everyone I'm Emily Compagno catch me and my co-host Harris

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