The Duffys on what GOP lawmakers are getting wrong on abortion | From The Kitchen Table

The Duffys on what GOP lawmakers are getting wrong on abortion | From The Kitchen Table

Evita Duffy-Alfonso joins ‘From the Kitchen Table’ to discuss what lawmakers like South Carolina Republican Nancy Mace are getting wrong on abortion.

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Hey everyone welcome to from the kitchen Table I'm Sean Duffy along with my Co-host for the podcast Rachel Campos Duffy hi hi Sean we're back at the Kitchen table and this time joining us Around the table virtually is our Daughter Avida because we are going to Discuss the three hottest cultural Topics this week and you know we went Through a lot of things and it really Came down to these three Um we're going to talk about abortion There's been a lot of talk about what's Going on with the pill and and a lot of Mistakes I think being made by some of The politicians then we're going to go To the issue of Cleopatra because Netflix has a new Cleopatra movie coming Out series and it is causing a lot of Controversy because some people say they Are black washing uh that historical Figure of Cleopatra and then last boy It's your favorite topic Sean everybody Says that you secretly love this topic All the producers say this for our Podcast Um it is Harry and Megan and things are Really getting seated there in the Run-up to the coronation so let's get Right to it that is fake news that is Not fake news though you watch you watch Them in this segment he is going to he Is going to get so involved because We've had

Conversations on the side and you've you Bring in a lot for somebody who claims He doesn't care about it All the time podcast in our own bedroom We're talking about it all right here we Go Evita Um let's get to this abortion topic Because you've written two very Interesting articles I want to start With Nancy mace because Um you your your latest article on this Says that she has made some major Missteps when it comes to the Um abortion pill Yeah so so there was the the piece that I wrote it I basically listed off five Things that she said in the last week Since the abortion pill has been Um called into question there's been a Lot of rulings um I last week they it Was going to be Um banned outright because the judge Rules that the FDA did not uh did not Approve it correctly and then um another Another Court came in and said okay no It's it's going to still be allowed but We're going to have some restrictions on It Um some of those that you can't get Mail-in abortion pills that you have to Actually go to a doctor's office to to Be given one um it's a very dangerous Pill it's it's it's Um you know it accounts for 500 a 500

Percent increase in emergency room Visits related to abortion so it's it Was moved through the through the FDA Very quickly but Nancy mace a Republican Representative from South Carolina has Been really opposed to restrictions Being placed on this abortion pill Um and has been Parroting Democrat talking points saying That Republicans should focus on on gun Control and on um Women's Health Care in Rural areas instead of focusing on the Abortion pill it's it's really kind of Classic Democrat talking points also Telling Um the FDA to completely ignore the Federal judge who initially ruled on This Um and and saying that we should trust The FDA when she herself was vaccine Injured from the coveted vaccine Similarly with the FDA pushing this pill Through in the same way that they pushed The abortion pill through so really kind Of bizarre commentary from from Nancy Mace this last week So yeah fascinating stuff so I would say About 40 now it's it's going to be Pretty soon it's going to be 50 of all Abortions in our country are done Through these abortion pills and it's The same as a chemical abortion it's a Chemical abortion it's essentially it's A do-it-yourself project a DIY project

Of the most gruesome kind that you can Imagine and and women all over the Country millions of them are doing it in Their own home and one in ten are ending Up in the emergency room as as Evita Talked about this increase and so there Have been some real huge safety concerns Because now they in states where they're Banning abortions and even these pills Because you can get it mail order Suddenly you have young girls who are Able to get a mail order of this you Know chemical drug and perform their own Abortions Alone by themselves in their Own bathrooms maybe without a parent Even knowing that this is happening it's Really quite remarkable but you bring up An excellent point if you know about the FDA because Nancy mace is a really Incredible figure to come to the defense Of the FDA and their safety assessments Given that she's pretty upset about the Fda's rushing through the covet vaccine Because she herself is Coveted injured Here is her and I think very bravely Coming forward because she was kind of a Fan of the of the of the abortion I mean I'm sorry of the covid vaccine then she Had you know an injury and I think very Bravely came out and exposed what Happened to her take a listen to this as Someone who had a vaccine injury from The covid-19 vaccination I don't support Any mandates by the federal government

Or any organization to mandate our U.S Citizens get the covid-19 vaccine if you Want to voluntarily take it that's great Talk to your medical doctor about it but Myself and there are many others across The country who are now sharing our Stories today about our vaccine injuries And I hope that you'll talk to a Qualified medical doctor and make the Best decision for you Yeah she spoke on on Fox and Friends and Kind of explained exactly what is Happening to her what happened to her Um she says she's just not the same as She was prior to the vaccine and we've Interviewed you know many other people Who've had this experience so Interesting Evita that she would have This kind of confidence in the FDA on This abortion pill after what she went Through It's a bizarre behavior from her I the Other thing that's really puzzling is She was initially opposed to the judge Who was saying we're gonna we're gonna Put a ban on this abortion pill for a Time being she's now still opposed to The to the to the ruling from the latest Uh fifth Circuit Court saying that we We're going to have uh no not no mail in Order you have to go to a doctor's Office another thing is the FDA didn't Used to require that you uh that Hospitals report abortion pill injuries

You they only had to report deaths so The numbers are really skewed here the The court said now you have to report All injuries related to the abortion Pill I don't know why anyone would Oppose that why can't we have accurate Data on the abortion Bill why does Nancy Mace oppose having data on the abortion Pill or safety precautions for women who Take it so if they're in a hospital Um being administered this dangerous Lethal drug versus in their in their Bedroom by themselves that's right for Injury it just doesn't make sense to me Why anyone would oppose this Well it's a good point because I think Um you can take the position of Nancy Mace which I disagree with but you can Still say I believe that women who Engage in this should be kept safe they Should be healthy Um and the way the the position that Nancy's taking is in essence allowing to Your point Rachel little girls to have An abortion by themselves in their Bathroom Um very traumatic I just can make Another point I would ask is this comment made by Nancy mace or AOC whether it's on the Abortion pill whether it's on gun Control Um not following the order of the judge That's exactly what AOC has said and so

I I again I as a former Republican she's A republican she votes for Kevin McCarthy she's better than a democrat in That seat but I think what's happening Is group districts in South Carolina has Changed quite a bit and I think she's Probably playing local politics I don't Want to give her an excuse on this I Don't want to give her a pass way out But she's trying to play Hometown Politics and say see how Progressive I Am see how real I'm a reasonable Republican I am for gun control I am for Abortion for everybody even for little Girls by way of a pill Um and by the way whenever court that Disagrees with me I'm going to stand up And say disregard that Court ruling Let's let's uh let's push back and and Do what we will outside of the Court's Opinion yeah and she's so she's been Taking some heat from the from Conservatives rightly so and in Particular from the Um the Susan B Anthony Um uh associations with their SP SBA Yeah so Susan B Anthony Association is a A pro-life I don't think it's I don't think it's Association but go ahead Yeah I don't either I can't uh Maybe we get the full name you pull that Up Sean so I get it right Um but in any case the Susan B Anthony

Group SBA is a group that raises money For pro-life uh candidates and so Basically this group Um has stopped uh Nancy Mason said this Group will no longer take uh you know Meetings with my office and what she's And and that's because SBA is not happy With the positions that she's take They're a pro-life group and they don't Think her positions are what is it Susan B Anthony full life Pro-life America pro-life America sorry About that so what Nancy has done is uh And and I think it's really shameful Because you know SBA has been a great Group um we don't have a lot of groups Susan B Anthony SBA SBA that's what I Said Susan B Anthony yeah we wonder what The a was oh I was yeah Anthony yeah hi Thank you Um SBA has been a great organization Um the only one we really had raising Money for pro-life candidates and what Nancy has done is she's kind of smeared This organization so she'll say well the Reason they don't like me is because I Bring up um birth control which is not True that SK has nothing to do with Birth control they don't they don't have A position on it they don't do anything To have anything to do with that but she Keeps bringing that up to make herself Sound like she's so reasonable and this Is some radical group anyone in

Washington DC and you've dealt with them Sean they are not a radical group they Are a straight down the middle pro-life Group but here is her here is Nancy mace On um Shannon breams Fox News Sunday Dropping that bomb and then Shannon bream very sweetly because she's Very sweet Um correct sir listen I find I find it Ironic that Susan B Anthony would attack Me I'm a victim of rape I advocate for Women who've been raped and that Organization will no longer talk to my Office about pro-life legislation Because I'm talking about birth control I mean some of these groups have gotten So over the top and extreme we need to Find a middle ground on this issue and I Have a great pro-life voting record but Some of the stances we've taken Especially when it comes to rape and Incest protecting the life of a mother It's so extreme the middle the Independent voters right of Center left Of center they cannot support us and Again I represent a purple District I Talked to a voter the other day and she Left the Republican party of this issue She's an independent voter she's Pro-choice her gestational limits for Example are at 14 weeks I'm a pro-life Legislator I'm at 15 to 20 weeks and so There's a lot of Middle Ground I think It's important on how we talk about

These issues and offer Solutions we've Got 14 counties in South Carolina that Don't have a single OB GYN doctor so if We're going to ban abortion what are we Doing to make sure women have access to Birth control what are we doing about How do we improve adoption services in Our country what about the kids that are Not wanted what about our foster care System what about getting nurses that Can treat women who need you know OB GYN Care in those rural areas what are we Doing about getting birth control over The counter at pharmacies there are a Lot of things that we can do to protect Life and not alienate the independent Voter okay and that's what Susan B Anthony's list misses okay and to my Understanding they have no problem with Birth control for them it's the issue of Abortion yeah that's exactly right and So for me Nancy means to come on to Fox News Sunday again more conservative Voters and say I'm pro-life and they're Just they just don't like me because Um I am opposed to birth control it's a Full face flat out lie so malicious Sports birth control not opposed But also kids are unwanted almost all Kitchen wanted in America we don't we Have more parents that want kids than Their kids available yeah the risks for Adoption is much longer don't give me This I mean the the lies that she spews

Yeah um again trying to position herself For the conservative voters in your District which are inconsistent with her Policies and public statements on Abortion on this pill Um is outrageous uh I I I completely Agree and I think that there's a lot of Consultants out there right now who are Getting nervous about the abortion issue And as it's being turned back to the States to decide and what they're saying Is we can't win well guess what Um if you look at the states that have Banned abortion the the number of Abortions Um have dropped by 80 percent now some People of course are going to other States to get abortion there's no Question that that's happening but by And large If if abortion is banned people can't Get it and they figure out how to do it Just like in just like before Roe versus Wade and they're figuring out how to do It and pro-life groups are stepping up It has always been the pro-life movement Who has been there you know with Pregnancy crisis centers giving free Diapers giving parenting care giving Free clothes Um offering all kinds of help to them And and meanwhile the other side is Bombing fire bombing with Molotov Cocktails I don't know how many of these

Clinics they've done since Roe versus Wade with their domestic terrorist Groups and the FBI doesn't care about That but the it is pro-lifers who have Always been on the front line helping With this and when you see now here's Where it's interesting to me Sean and Evita what is your definition of winning If your definition of winning is I you Know Nancy mace wins or more babies Aren't going to die from abortion what Is your definition of winning my Definition of winning is more more less Of abortion more babies born because They're not being aborted that's winning To me and that's what we have to look at

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