‘The Five’: Biden takes a page from AOC and goes all-in on ‘environmental justice’

'The Five': Biden takes a page from AOC and goes all-in on 'environmental justice'

‘The Five’ co-hosts react to President Biden ‘sucking up to the Squad’ on ‘environmental justice’ ahead of his anticipated 2024 announcement next week.

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It's really very very dull when after All these years in public life you're Known for two things Ray-Ban sunglasses And chocolate chip ice cream Very dull president Dole 2024 I mean that doesn't make a Great campaign slogan so Biden's trying To fire up the radical left today rumors Are buzzing that he'll announce his Re-election bid next Tuesday with just a Low-key video and today he was sucking Up to the squad by ordering every Government agency to make environmental Justice a priority Every Federal agency must take into Account environmental and health impacts On communities and the work to prevent Those negative impacts environmental Justice will be the mission of the Entire government in two years we're Making real progress in the most Ambitious environmental justice agenda In history With this executive order we'll go in Further so we all know Biden is taking a Page from aoc's Playbook she's back Pushing for the green New Deal watch We said we are not going to take crumbs And we're not going to settle for that That we need bold big climate action and We need it now these bills not only stop Climate change they tackle the Intersecting crises of climate economic Inequality and racial justice but it's

Not the far left Biden Easton press only 26 percent of Americans want the guy to Run again judge I mean that's that's a Whopper yeah 26 of America 26 percent of Americans want him to run again Um 56 percent of Americans say that they Are unlikely to support his bid in any Event and here's the thing he has gone To the right he has done what AOC wants But AOC could ever get enough and for Her to call this crumbs is ridiculous Because the truth is in the inflation Reduction act they had 369 billion dollars to tackle climate Change okay and in the infrastructure Bill they had another the 50 billion Dollars to tackle climate change and now She wants another 900 billion which puts Us well over a half a trillion dollars And I kind of feel like this is like the Coven school money like you never know Where it's going and you never know Who's getting it and now they're talking About some kind of a a credit system uh Where you have an environmental Scorecard you get credits for what you Do or what you don't do but here's the One question that I I just want to pause It now Ah look I believe in fossil fuel and oil And gas and I like my gas stove and I'm Not cooking on an electric stove and I Like my car okay but there there are There's nuclear energy and there's other

Kinds of winds and solar and all that But apparently even things like the the The wind energy doesn't have a zero Impact on the environment and so you Know they've got to at least make it Clear that everything has an impact on The environment and whether or not these Whales that are that are you know Pushing up on the on the seashore are The result of some kind of problem in The ecosystem in the ocean I don't know But you know they can't make it like It's all this and none of that because In the end we don't even know the extent Of the impact people think if you plug In an electric car that's it it doesn't Impact the environment of course it does Well Greg I I questioned us in your Sincerity I mean they allowed the people In East Palestine to just rot president Still hasn't been there the environment Is totally destroyed there they claim That it's it's safe to breathe the air I Went down there I couldn't breathe when I was there the animals can't even drink The water there They care about the environment but they Do nothing for those people They don't look like the people they Care about they're the wrong they're the Wrong type of person if you look at the Name at the words that they're using now Environmental justice scorecard which Will be run by a federal Chief

Environmental justice officer what does That mean what is environmental justice Mean AOC laid it out perfectly the Environment is now tied to racism which Is what they did with the ESG Environmental social governance it's a Scorecard another scorecard that takes Measures on how companies act Responsibly so they marry they marry the Environment to race because it couldn't Be believed alone the numbers weren't Working the projections weren't working But you know it works being scared have Being called a racist so environmental Justice if you do not agree with it if You don't swallow the climate agenda if You don't agree with AOC you probably Don't just hate the planet you probably Hate non-white people as well and the Consequences of that talked about it Before with every aspect of life uh Being filled with racism or Injustice The roads are racist we found out this Week uh pollution is racist we just Found out cheap energy fossil fuels That's racist because it hurts uh Non-white people uh if if you don't want To be looted that's racist too because Looting is mere a redefinition of Justice uh basically you're telling People that they can you're sanctioning Crime you're sanctioning riots that's Why the politicians in Chicago said as Much and said that this was their way of

Evening this score because when you tell Everybody and you program their brain With this language that the world sucks And it's this group of people behind it Now it's in climate now it's in climate What next Geraldo is Greg right on this Yes uh he is in in part but you have to Go beyond it though uh Lawrence it's It's not environmental justice it's Environmental Injustice and I would Submit that poor whites are the Minorities along with the uh poor blacks And Hispanics that live near these uh Chicken processing plants these meat Processing plants these these toxic Waste dumps these sewage plants why did They take care of the poor whites in East Palestine I I do not defend their action there as A as a resident of Ohio it was it was Horrible uh they were very inept they Did send the EPA director I'm not going To defend them at all though they Finally got around to it the railroads Uh have a problem that's much deeper Than democrat or republican there's a Derailment every day someplace in this Country we've got to deal with but I Here's here's my point my political Point You saw the energy of gen z uh in the uh The recent election in uh Wisconsin and Then other uh other political activities If the Republicans don't buy into

Fighting environmental or environmental Injustice they're going to motivate Those kids to vote the other way they're Going to drive the Gen Z out of the Republican Party forever so we have to Be cognizant not just uh we need the World to be able to sustain it I I hear You but Martha this is not a you're out There I'm out there with voters it's not A top issue for them this is not the Issue so the reason why I don't think Republicans are talking about this is Because people want cheaper gas prices They want the price of eggs to come down They're not talking about making the Price of energy go up well what this is Talking about is making government even Larger right which costs more oh yeah You develop a new agency right to create The office of environmental justice we Already have an EPA we have an Environmental agency it has it costs 12 Billion dollars a year it has 17 000 employees that are part of the Environmental Protection Agency then we Have a doj if you want just Justice Right we've got they pay 69 billion Dollars was their budget for this year They have 115 000 employees so if you can't find Someone who's already in the government To solve the problems that you're seeing Uh you got another problem creating Another office another agency is very

Unlikely to solve any of the problems That they address and you know with Regard to these you know testing the Effectiveness of these plans like the Wind turbine issue the Pentagon is now The most recent agency that's sounding An alarm about the wind turbines they're Saying that it conflicts with military Operations wow in a number of places we Know that there's this question about Whales and the health of the oceans we Know that the fishermen are also Impacted negatively by this and you know You have to ask yourselves like are they Actually testing what works to make the Environment cleaner or are we creating New problems where there weren't Problems in some cases it's all about Virtue not about getting things done hey Sean Hannity here hey click here here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere else

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