‘The Five’: Democrats are fuming over women’s sports bill

‘The Five’: Democrats are fuming over women’s sports bill

‘The Five’ hosts discuss how no House Democrats voted in favor of passing a bill barring transgender athletes from women’s sports.

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Democrats fuming after Republicans Passed a bill to protect women's sports It would restrict biological males from Competing on female teams the GOP Lawmakers say that it's all about Fairness If you want to be a transgender that is That's your right but what about my Rights what about the rights of my Daughters not a single Democrat today Wants to support women in women's sports We want to protect biological girls Being able to fairly compete against Other biological girls in this Force They love there's a reason why Title IX Was created there's a reason why there's Men and women sports it's about fairness So zero Democrats voted for the bill and The top one claims that the whole thing Is just a made-up issue In the extreme Mega Republicans are Trying to sensationalize an issue That doesn't really exist if this is About Elite Sports competition Let's allow The relevant organizations Involved in Elite Sports competition To do what they do Okay Lawrence is that a solution should It just be left to the Elite Sports Organization so organization by Organization they should decide what Should happen here Absolutely not

I typically stay out of these type of Issues because I say just let people be Do what you want to do But that's not protecting the women Right here I don't think people should Give a inch on this issue and honestly I Think they're taking the kindness of Americans as weaknesses A lot of Americans Believe let people do what they want With their lives let people go with Bathrooms they want to do and then we Get to hear and we know this is wrong I Mean just for my son we have a young Lady that was just hurt this week Because the ball was spiked at her head That's going to be a lot of women that Are injured in these Sports because McNabb let's watch up Allowing biological males to compete Against biological females is dangerous I may be the first to come before you With an injury but if this doesn't pass I won't be the last This is crazy where are all the women I Mean this is honestly not it's not a man Issue you don't see a bunch of Biological women trying to compete in Men's sports because they know they're Gonna lose but we do see a lot of men That got their asses handed to them Against other men and they decide They're going to be the bullies against The women I can't you know the left

Talks about toxic masculinity I can't See anything more toxic than that Geraldo what do you think well I think That it should be simple Without being specific it can be simple It's about common sense right it's about How you pick a jury prudent reasonable Normal ordinary Is this Logical is this right And I think that in this case the Republicans have the uh the upper hand Because the Democrats are digging in Their heels and creating a situation Where this becomes a Paramount issue and It overwhelms so many it's so emotional I mean people are so frightened to get Involved it's not just about you know Everybody's afraid to be called a racist But the worst worse than racism in a way Is that your anti-trends you're Anti-trans yeah it's ridiculous exactly So that's now the offense of this uh you Know of these several months right we Roll through these offenses that people Get you know sort of labeled with and Pigeonholed with I don't know what the Next one's going to be Janine but you Know this is clearly the one that is Front and center right now and you know It's causing injuries and people to say Well what about what about my rights Well you know the the issue before us Right now is not new I mean this started

With the bathrooms what five years ago You know when they wanted the guys if They identified as a woman to go into Young girls bathrooms this is about to Me I mean and I have fought for women's Rights from starting the first domestic Violence Bureau in the nation and on Fighting for rape victims Prosecuting Those cases you know and then all of a Sudden there's a hashtag me too and You're like gee I'm glad you caught up But then they stopped speaking so it's More about political ideology than it is About reality truth and what's fair but What I see going along this spectrum and And I was looking up whether or not Hakeem Jeffries has any daughters that's What I was on my phone a minute ago but What I see is that women are being Condemned they are being disavowed they Are being erased and now there are women That are being used as crash dummies Female crash dummies and I just see it As almost like the elimination and the Subjugation of women in our society I Don't want a man who doesn't have Breasts to tell me what sports bra I Should wear okay to me that that's Disingenuous do you want a man to tell You which sports bra you should wear Greg no I like to go out naturally I Burned my bra in the 70s it was big then Um It's everything everything's sold is new

Again right but it does feel like you Know we were going up it's like oh so Exciting girls had many more Sports to Choose from you know when I was a kid it Was like softball or tennis you know and And so that expanded but now it's like Each group sort of pushes the group you Know you're no big deal anymore we're Now on to this group this is a a very Funny day in the sense that while this Is going on mayor P mayor Pete is Proposing 20 million dollars for female Crash Test Dummies and why Why because female bodies are different He just undermined their entire argument He just said you know what there are the Average weight the muscle mass vastly Different so there is a legitimate Reason for having different uh Crash Test Dummies but they can't put how can You not see this like it's like he just Completely could crushed their idea and By the way this also proves another Thing how binaryism is biological so Much so that if you come out with a Sensible point of view as as uh as Ronaldo was saying that the Republicans Just sound like sensible the entire Other side goes against it they don't Even have an argument that he has to say It doesn't exist and there's this weird Binary mentality that like okay if the Republicans say only women have uteruses Then we have to say no men can have

Uteruses okay so now you've just gone Completely into wacko land but it's Because we have to have one or the other And what did they do they flipped Title IX on its head title 9 was supposed to Defend women and the Democrats can't Even defend women anymore and they won't They won't and they it they are stuck in This prison of new this prison and they Can't get out of it and they'd rather Just throw women under the bus that's Right the number one voters too yeah Yeah and Biden is say they're not in Right now Biden has promised to veto any Bill that bans males from participating In people Sports Talk to talk what's Amazing about this topic too when you Talk to people privately who are Liberals and Democrats they agree with You 100 they don't agree with you when They're on TV maybe a hundred percent of Men are like this is nuts but they don't Say it because they don't want to get Called names exactly right all right Coming up next the Pentagon drops yet Another mysterious UFO video that's Coming up on the fastest I went on Brian Kilmeade I want you to Do me a favor I want you to click to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page This is the only way that I know for Sure that you're not going to miss any Great commentary any great news bites Any great interviews coming your way on

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