‘The Five’: Eric Adams has had enough of Biden’s border policies

‘The Five’: Eric Adams has had enough of Biden’s border policies

‘The Five’ co-hosts discuss a Democrat bill that seeks to protect certain groups of ‘vulnerable’ migrants and New York Mayor Eric Adams saying his city is being ‘destroyed’ by the migrant crisis. #foxnews #fox #thefive

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Woke Insanity coming for Biden's border Crisis a new democrat-backed Bill wants To make it harder to detain certain Groups of migrants deemed vulnerable Persons it would quote create a Presumption of release and impose a Higher burden of proof to detain primary Caregivers and vulnerable populations Including Asylum Seekers pregnant women Lgbtq individuals survivors of torture Or gender-based violence and people Under the age of 21 and if you didn't Make that list why it you trying hard But Democrats on the front lines of the Migrant crisis have a much different Perspective like New York city mayor Eric Adams This is to fight for the resources that's Going to undermine every agency in our City Whoa that was quite the admission from a Mayor who's actually in power now judge They want to radically change credible Fear in this country and what it takes To get an early release but that Admission is pretty Stark well there's a Couple of things first of all let's Figure out another way to distract the Overburdened disheartened demoralized Border patrol so that they don't watch For the cartels all right let me count The ways already they're babysitters They're busing people they're feeding

People they're changing diapers and now They have to figure out who might be Lesbian gay bisexual transgender queer Intersexual limited English language Proficiency isn't that Isn't this Administration saying we want Everybody to come in and if you say that You are a victim of anything they're Going to let you in and the amazing part Is title 42 is going to be lifted Mayorkas has yet to unveil a plan for Title 42. and as it relates to Mayor Adams mayor Adams has said 56 000 Immigrants have destroyed New York City At a cost of 4.3 billion now the way I Figure it and I'm not good with math if We've got 4 million illegals here and of Course 4.3 billion for 56 000 we have to Maximize that maximize that by 115 to How do the American people pay for this Right how can we afford this burden does Anybody care Harold you and I we both served in Congress Democrats had the House and Senate and the presidency I didn't see Them introducing this when they had all The levers of control you guys have had It for a while too and didn't do it this Is a bipartisan but I wouldn't do this Bill regardless I don't disagree but I'm just saying That this is bipartisan the mess now is On the on the Democrats have the Majority and I would agree with you and

Republicans are in the house I think They should I'd be producing I was just I admired Jim Jordan for going down to The border to hold a hearing to talk About these things but I'm glad we're in The business of accepting Eric Adams as A convert because he was not totally Many of us around his table immigration Now he's coming around now what Democrats should do the bill there are a Bunch of bills as you and I know they're Introducing Congress most of them Um are not worth the paper they're Written on Democrats should be focused on what Eric Adams and those Mayors talked about in D.C a few days ago where they not only Were urging that the federal government Spend more money to help but I think Whenever you encourage Congress to spend You force them to think and I think we As a nation need to understand that set Of uh of rule or things that you talked About the qualification you said it best Who wouldn't qualify or who can't Qualify under one of those things you Just increase until your point judge you Do distract them from the jobs they're Doing we need more ice workers we need More uh people at the border more law Enforcement we need a wall those are the Things we should be talking about as Well as an asylum process that's sorted Out and an ability to to integrate those

Who've been here 15 20 years who pay Taxes into our society this here Distracts from that it's not serious It's dumb and frankly it's dangerous Yeah I I think what's interesting here Is Democrats had the opportunity to Participate in a hearing on the border And they they abandoned that opportunity They blew it off so I know that the White House might say this legislation The suggestion on the lgbtq is not our Legislation that's just some Democrats In Congress oh no if the White House is Going to say that every Republican will Be tarred and feathered with one Senator's suggestion for figuring out a Way to deal with Social Security and Medicare in the future and you will own This and everybody shall know that the White House is actually for this that's What we're going to say so the other Thing is the Biden Administration for Having blown this off so long is that They've made it so much harder to get Legislation passed yeah okay because Until you deal with the security issue Nobody wants to talk about anything else In the meantime you have Farmers you Can't get their crops picked with legal Temporary Visa migrant labor and so What's going to happen that fruit will Rot on the vine or what makes it to the Store will be so much more expensive and Everybody will pay for it and again just

Keep adding up how much you are paying How much more you're paying in the last Two years than you did before that now The last thing I will say is isn't it Shocking that the New York Times can Write a huge investigative piece about Migrant children Having to work under terrible conditions And the rest of the media is like Sandra Bullock in that movie Bird Box like is It bird box or yeah but she can't see Anything I think the media is like oh I Never saw that New York Times report Even though they live and die by the New York Times it's really shameful that They turn everybody's ignoring it Pretending like if they could just get Biden across the Finish Line then Everything's going to be solved Nothing's going to be solved if you Don't actually deal with the issues at Hand Craig can you solve this for us I'm Troubled by the Sandra Bullock reference I don't know that movie Has the blindfold on all the time oh That's a different movie all right why Did Adams come around because policy met Consequences right everybody thought That was a stunt but we've been Sanctuary cities feel the but they feel The cost of their own virtue signaling You actually get a convert but I think That the thing that bugs us most in this Kind of story or it bugs me maybe is the

Protected class idea is now absurd once You can identify defy as it it's not Like you can look at somebody and go You're a protected class I can tell You're like you might be you might be an Injured War veteran you might you it's Obvious but when you could say I am this You create an incentive for deception You get benefits from your identity and We know this and so how will you detect The truth when somebody a legal alien Says hey I I you know this is who I am You have to ask him who he has sex with Uh and if you're straight are you Detained because that's a hell of an Incentive for lying and it also happens To be discrimination to make that to to Say okay you guys get get in you people Don't but we're already kind of at the Mercy of this bizarre logic of the Protected class the country's imploded Under this tiny fraction of people Commanding more than just respect and Basic rights they are demanding Superior Rights and benefits that you have to pay For even if they're in jail and that's Different that's not equality that's Inequality that's uh that's a punitive Punishment against basically every American who has to pay for it Dana's Right that movie is called Bird Box Oh you would think of that other You know that one Fox News YouTube page this is the only

Way that I know for sure that you're not Going to miss any great commentary any Great news bites any great interviews Coming your way on Fox you can get it All here on YouTube so subscribe right Now

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