‘The Five’: Get ready for Biden’s TikTok army

‘The Five’: Get ready for Biden’s TikTok army

‘The Five’ co-hosts discuss President Biden teasing his 2024 re-election campaign and the White House’s plans to bring in social media influencers to target young voters. #foxnews #fox #thefive

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President Biden having an excellent time At the White House Easter egg roll and Hopping right into speculation over 2024 Looks like everyone was there the giant Human-sized bunnies mixing it up with Influence peddling members of his family Like Hunter it was all fun and games Until Biden dangled this carrot in front Of millions of anxious Democrats For 2024. I plan on at least three or Four more Easter egg rolls at least Three or four maybe five maybe five Maybe six what the hell are you saying That uh Uh taking part in our upcoming election You know being the good you know the guy Who's pushed him out come on help Plan on running now but we're not Prepared to announce it yet all right Whatever although the president isn't Prepared to make things officially does Have a re-election strategy ready to go An army of tick-tock influencers yet the Same chinese-owned app that lawmakers Are considering Banning because of National Security concerns the plan Seems obvious gen Z has fallen out of Love with Joe and he has to juice those Numbers somehow but it gets more Annoying the bite Administration is even Considering creating a separate briefing Room at the White House for the tick Talkers so brace yourself for more of This

Hi my name is Cooper and this is a day In my life as a White House intern hey Jenny I booked you a nail appointment Love yeah I didn't tell you to do that It's called initiative hi White House This is Cooper I don't think so Oh it doesn't matter And Jen don't forget to have fun so Jesse this is interesting their strategy Is enlisting the dumbest most vacuous Most destructive least experienced Idiots on Earth otherwise known as Influencers from Tick Tock what does That tell you about the Democratic party They don't care that they're enlisting Something that destroys people's minds It tells me you buy influencers when you Can't influence anybody yourself Joe Biden's idea of persuading someone is to Say come on man the guy doesn't Inspire He doesn't influence you know Barack Obama sent a thrill Down Chris Matthews Leg he didn't pay an influencer to send The thrill he sent that thrill himself Joe Biden can't send Thrills because the Man has no original ideas ever he Plagiarized his way through life he's Never said anything that's anyone that Ever got up off of their seat and went Like that so this is their new strategy Is to pay influencers and then he's Going to have surrogates campaign for Him he stays in Delaware and then JB Pritzker goes out and gives a speech now

If the media Was having a really hard time trying to Say you know Trump's in bed with Russia How is this guy not in bed with China He's inviting an army of young people With phones with a Chinese spy app into The White House for two years and giving Them offices I mean how easy is it these guys are Just Hired Guns anyway Greg you wave a Bunch of cash in someone's face and say You can have the key to the White House They're going to do whatever you want And the fact that the guy broke his Re-election announcement to a weatherman During an Easter egg roll tells you Something what happened the last time Al Roker was at the White House I think he Sharted yes he did this was a much Better story for Al I don't even think Biden was planning on making this Announcement he just got guilted into it Oh can you break some news for me Joe Sure out why not Jesse I love how you Bring a bit of History to these topics a Lot of people wouldn't have remembered Their shardable moment that's a Disgusting juxtaposition and no but Bringing it back it kind of sets the Stage for my next question So doesn't this explain why the uh the Restrict bill just died because they it Deliberately made it so broad that it Couldn't pass it was supposed to be

About Tick Tock and then they made it About all these other private websites And that was because they didn't want it Because this is what what they really Want right because then so now they're Betwixt and between which is a little Phrase I heard because they know that They they want to try to make sure that They have the youth vote and more on That in just a moment and also at the Time when they announced it at the Briefing room they couldn't answer if he Why he would be calling for the restrict Act at the same time he did a tick tock Video for St Patrick's Day and they were Like oh yeah we can't really we don't Really know and maybe and maybe they Weren't told do you remember at the Beginning of the administration when They first got there they weren't even Allowed to have a Peloton because of the Concern about the Wi-Fi and the things So now to Jesse's Point bringing all of These people in with the tick tock on Their phones you're not allowed to have Tick tock on your government phone But you can have Tick Tock as an Influencer on your phone when you go Into the White House and also how are You going to allow Tick-Tock influencers For your campaign to have office space At the White House yeah if you're going To open up an office space because you Think social media influencers are

Important to the discussion well then That means you have to be open to Everybody coming in and do you really Want that I don't think so however a Couple of things the Millennials were For Banning Tick Tock in the most recent Poll 45 to 25 the youngsters 18 to 29 Year olds were not but they were only 49 For it so there is an opening here where You could have gotten everyone together And say let's band together let's all Use a different platform to communicate But these college town turnouts Greg Last week when you were away and we Missed you very much yeah there was a Election in Wisconsin the Democrats Mopped the floor with the Republicans And one of the ways they did that is They ran up the vote totals in the two Big college towns and that's what they Did in Arizona and they're planning it All across the country so there is a Method to their Madness but it is Matt So Katie you know they say influencers But they never say whether it's good or Bad influence I mean generally the ones That I see strike me as mentally unwell Uh people that seek attention and are Driven by Envy and I don't think they Have a keen grasp on inflation Laura I Mean the guy with the long nails doesn't Understand inflation yeah exactly the Nail salon is a lot more expensive now Yeah maybe maybe he does you never know

No data is right I mean people always Say you don't need to reach out to the Youth vote because they don't turn out To vote so it's a waste of time that's Not a waste of time as we've seen for Democrats lately but when it comes to The Tick Tock issue Republicans and some Democrats few of them some of them talk About Tick Tock as a national security Problem to protect the country from a Foreign adversary who is poisoning the Minds of the youth who are making these Monsters out of young people but Democrats most of them in the White House talk about it in terms of vote Turnout in terms of political problems They are concerned that if they protect National Security they will somehow Damage themselves politically and that's A problem for them and they do have this Huge issue where there are filming Videos inside the White House where There are classified spaces like Skiffs On Tick Tock where the Chinese Government has the location all the Information on the phone from the White House but then I want to comment real Quickly on Joe Biden saying he's going To be rolling Easter eggs for however Many years the White House can't say That he's not running for election Because then he becomes even more Irrelevant right he becomes even more of A lame duck than he would be if he were

To say I I am running so they can't say That until they decide he's either in And who's going to be the backup and Gavin newsom's the guy that really wants That position so Geraldo let's say you Were gen Z now would you probably would Have been an influencer What would you be doing on Tick Tock When I wouldn't be to Dana's point on The election the various elections the Most consequential election of 2023 was In Wisconsin the Wisconsin Supreme Court Uh Madison Wisconsin where my wife Attended University of Wisconsin uh There are precincts where one particular Precinct where there were 40 votes cast In 2019 there were 400 votes cast 500 Sorry 500 votes cast 500 versus 44 votes Gen Z is the key to Joe Biden's Reelection he's definitely running he Can't win without these kids the kids Are the wokest generation ever they are Motivated they are turned on my daughter For example uh two weeks ago less than Two weeks ago on a national school Walkout day to protest gun violence uh Very appropriate today it's a private School what happened yet so you paid for Her and she walked out but I she walked Out she came back and I appreciated the Fact that she was motive invaded that She wanted the end to gun violence these Kids are the key to the the coming Election the Democrats understand it the

Republicans better get on board Otherwise they're going to get their Butts kick all right hi everyone I'm Brian Kilmeade I want you to do me a Favor I want you to click to subscribe To the Fox News YouTube page this is the Only way that I know for sure that You're not going to miss any great Commentary any great news bites any Great interviews coming your way on Fox You can get it all here on YouTube so Subscribe right now

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