The Hunter Biden probe just got more interesting: James Comer

The Hunter Biden probe just got more interesting: James Comer

Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., discusses reports that more of President Biden’s relatives might have cashed in on Hunter Biden’s business dealings on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’ #foxnews #fox #ingrahamangle

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[Music] Do you have a response to House Republicans who say nine of your family Members got money from overseas Now how much longer can Joan as a White House ignore questions like that Especially given what we've just learned About the Biden family crime Organization now courtesy of documents Reviewed by the oversight committee They've identified six additional Members of Biden's family who may have Benefited from the family's businesses Bringing the total number of those Involved or benefiting to nine joining Us now is house oversight committee Chair James Comer Congressman I guess The question now becomes you know was There any Biden family Remember not benefit fitting maybe that Dog that you know Biden tripped over That time his family pet I mean well the Way they've set up so many llc's and so Many bank accounts I wouldn't count the Dog out I mean we just haven't gotten to The dog yet right now we're at nine and Counting and it's just it's worse than What we thought we've made a lot of Progress in a hundred days we've been Able to get six Bank six different banks Through subpoena bank records on Specific accounts but what we've learned From our most recent trips to the Treasury is there are a lot more Biden

Family members involved there are a lot More llc's that were laundering money or At the very least hiding the the source Of the the deposits that were coming From our adversaries around the world And you know there are a lot more bank Accounts than what we first thought So what what do we know about the bank Accounts and the connection to these Foreign countries well the banks were Very suspicious of where the wires were Coming from and they weren't just from China they were from other countries and We'll go into more specifics hopefully Next week about that but with respect to China the banks were concerned that These LLCs sprang up and they had no Revenue and then all of a sudden a three Million dollar wire or a one million Dollar wire popped up from some company In China and and you know they were they Feared that these were state-owned Entities which means they were directly Funded from the Chinese Communist party They weren't legitimate businesses so The banks knew that something fishy was Going on and then they knew the Recipients of these wires from from China and other countries were the Biden Family so they were politically exposed Persons is what what it's called in a Bank a pep a politically exposed person If you're a relative of a high-ranking Government official you're a politically

Exposed person and then if you're Getting wires from countries that are on Our watch list or countries that we have Sanctions against then you're going to Get a lot of Bank violations and what we Learned is a lot of bidens have gotten a Lot of Bank violations more than what we First would have estimated well Congressman were you surprised that Hunter Biden ended up accompanying President Biden to Ireland for the big Tour of Ireland they recently did it's Almost like they're back on the gravy Train again like get get get get it While the getting's good at least Because yeah the president knew when he Went to Ireland that my staff was Already Granted access to treasury to those Bank Violations they had to know that we were Going to uncover that there were even More Biden family members involved in This influence peddling scheme they had To know that we were going to discover New bank accounts and new llc's that we Never before knew about because they Never before been reported so the fact That they were so blatant and so Arrogant and bold to go and and parade Hunter Biden around on the international Stage it's just another smack in the Face to any American who cares anything About public corruption Congressman We're going to be following this thank

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