‘THE JIG IS UP’: GOP accuses China of COVID origins cover-up

'THE JIG IS UP': GOP accuses China of COVID origins cover-up

The House Select Subcommittee on Coronavirus held another hearing on Tuesday, trying to discern what the available intelligence tells us about China’s involvement in the pandemic’s origins. While some government agencies like the FBI and Department of Energy maintain that COVID-19 likely resulted from a lab leak in Wuhan, this week’s hearing featured testimony from the former Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, who said the lab leak theory is the “only explanation” for the origins of the pandemic. Senator Roger Marshall (R-KS) joins the podcast to discuss the latest committee reports, why he believes there is a ‘preponderance of evidence’ supporting the lab leak theory, and how we can come to conclusion on COVID origins with China actively withholding information.

Thirty years ago today, the Waco siege–a 51-day standoff between the Branch Davidians religious group and federal agents–came to a deadly end. Shortly after the FBI’s raid on April 19th, 1993, a fire broke out inside the compound which killed 76 people. David Koresh, the cult’s leader, was accused of stockpiling illegal weapons and abusing children. Retired ATF Senior Special Agent Blake Boteler was at the siege and joins the FOX News Rundown to discuss his experience, why he thinks the group committed mass suicide, and how the events sparked an anti-government movement.

Plus, commentary by FOX News Legal Analyst Gregg Jarrett. #FoxNews

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I'm Jimmy phela I'm Madison allworth I'm Bill hemmer and this is the Fox News Rundown Wednesday April 19 2023 I'm Jessica Rosenthal another deep dive into covid's Origins this one from Senate Republicans Also concludes it was likely an Accidental lab leak that sparked the Pandemic and that it all happened Earlier than we thought the Preponderance of evidence shows that This virus was accidentally released From a laboratory in Wuhan China if they Want to own it or not you know they're Playing political games we speak with Kansas Republican senator Roger Marshall I'm Dave Anthony it's been 30 years now Since an FBI raid on a compound in Waco Texas turned deadly ending a 51-day Siege we talked to a retired ATF agent Who is at the first raid that started it All the first shot I heard was clearly Came from inside the compound you know It was a muffled kind of a shot but it Was immediately followed by dozens and Then quickly thrown into hundreds of Shots and I'm Greg Jarrett I've got the Final word on the Fox News Rundown [Music] A report compiled by doctors along with The gop's help committee staff and Released by Kansas Republican senator Roger Marshall concludes covid likely Originated from the Wuhan Institute of

Virology in China and was accidentally Released the FBI and Department of Energy came to the same conclusion but This 300-page report now public Aggregates all the details including Reports about a bad flu season around Wuhan beginning as early as October of 2019 an order for new HVAC equipment for A part of the lab in September of 2019. A Chinese government drill in Wuhan Quote at its International Airport that Included identifying and responding to An arriving passenger infected with a Novel coronavirus also in September of 2019. the report dives into the genetic Sequence of the virus the type of Research the Wuhan Institute was Conducting that it was well known the Concerns about safety at the lab Preceding the pandemic and numerous Other details the report dropped as the House oversight and accountability Select subcommittee on the coronavirus Pandemic began a hearing on the matter Chaired by Ohio Republican Congressman Brad wenstrup what is clear though is That China does not want the globe to Know the origins They Dodge and duck every legitimate Attempt to investigate this question According to the fact sheet China has Systematically prevented a transparent And thorough investigation of the Covid-19 pandemic's origin Democrats

Like ranking member Raul Ruiz of Maryland reminded the committee that Most U.S agencies still believe covet Has a natural origin and likely did not Leak from a lab as it stands there is no Consensus the reports are inconclusive And more research is needed While our scientists and intelligence Communities continue their Investigations it is crucial that we Empower them to do so without extreme Partisan rhetoric however according to The star witness former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe the Only theory that makes sense is a lab Leak and the new Senate GOP report Concurs so this is a committee report From the GOP help folks Kansas Republican senator Roger Marshall what It showed is there's a preponderance of Evidence that supports that this virus And this epidemic started from a Laboratory in Wuhan China that it was an Accidental lab leak I in fact there was Probably two leaks one in probably September 2019 they were able to contain That they began doing research on the Vaccine in November of 2019 and that's Probably when the more significant leak Occurred that led to the worldwide Pandemic that killed millions of people Secondly there's significant evidence to Support that this virus was made in one Of those Laboratories and finally this

Report really dispels the thought that This could have come from nature that When a virus comes from nature a natural Spillover event it should have left a Trail a footprint and this virus didn't Do that we've waited three years on China to show us more data they continue To hide it including a DNA lab bank but That's the Highlight this virus was an Accidental release from a laboratory in Wuhan China most likely was made in that Laboratory and this theory of the Natural spillover just doesn't have much Legs to stand on you're a medical doctor For for those of us who are not what did You find to be maybe or perhaps the most Compelling evidence like was it the way The virus itself looked was it that People who'd worked at that lab had been Hospitalized or was it something Entirely new right I think it's the Preponderance of evidence that I would Emphasize again as a physician I'm an OB GYN if I have a patient with a problem I'd get consultations so in this Particular case we we call in the Intelligence committee let's look at all The intelligence reports why are they Setting up roadblocks around this Wuhan Lab in September October of 2019 why is All the other decreased cell phone Activity going on uh next is the Epidemiology of it the epidemiology of This fits more with an accidental lab

Release than it does something from from Nature neck I would talk about the the Science of this that the day this virus Showed up it was perfectly made to Infect human lung cells what do you Conclude as the significance for the Lack of information you know former head Of intelligence John Ratcliffe told a House hearing Tuesday you know we don't Have an environmental Source identified We don't have an intermediate host there Is no Reservoir species identified Um and covet was never known to have Existed in any animal or species before It began how significant is is that the Missing information Well I think it's very significant and Radcliffe makes a great point when we When you set up this Theory and that's What we do as scientists we say here's The theory let's let's say this came From nature and it was a natural Spillover there should be evidence like You just described the reservoir they Should be able to find the bats where This came from the next they should have Been able to find an intermediate Species and to date not one animal has Tested positive for this that was from The same Market there where they said That this virus started from and it's The lack of showing us the DNA if they Open their books and they've got it this Is these people's life where Dr she her

Life's work was playing with these virus They went around the world collecting Bat viruses and they were playing with Them they were taking off protein spikes From one virus adding it to another Backbone and they were doing it in Biosecurity levels Labs two and three Which are just this is the wrong place To do it that just scares me to death as A scientist but you're right if they Would show us all that information that They would show us what viruses they Were breeding to one another I'm sure it Would show us exactly where covid-19 Came from we know agencies are Investigating covet Origins Um and most of them have concluded with Low confidence that they still think This was a natural occurrence despite The FBI and Department of energy saying That they think it came from a lab how Does your report fit into to all of this Did you pull from some of these agencies Findings did you gather wholly separate New information uh so all the above so Certainly the the folks I want to give Dr Bob cadlett credit for leading this Charge he looked at classified Information he looked at unclassified Information for you information anything And everything that we could get our Hands on uh look the FBI and the doe Department of energy are uniquely Situated to give an opinion which I

Would agree with because they have the Scientist and they can go talk to Witnesses especially the FBI so they had To talk to scientists who understand This I think there's a handful of the Agencies would have said they don't have An opinion one way or the other and to Be honest they're a bunch of gutless Wonders that they're not willing to make A statement that they're afraid it'll be Politicized I think again the Preponderance of evidence shows that This virus was accidentally released From a laboratory in Wuhan China if they Want to own it or not you know they're Playing political games at the house Here on Tuesday Dr Mark lowenthal the Minority witness he told lawmakers you Know we just may never know we have to Recognize that so many agencies our own Intelligence agencies still think this Occurred naturally even if doe and FBI Have more uniquely qualified people to Make that assessment but is there a way In your mind after you've compiled this Report is there a way to come to a Totally solid conclusion where there's No doubt Without help from China if we don't have The evidence and we don't have the Cooperation we may never get it can we Still come to a more solid conclusion so Jessica that's a cop-out there is Certainly enough evidence that we would

Get a conviction in a civil case Okay uh Even just China's deep scrolling of Evidence and killing Witnesses uh all These witnesses that would be help are Are dying the person that was working on The vaccine for China he's mysteriously Died in June of 2020 as well to get a Criminal conviction beyond the shadow of That you know I don't think so not Unless China is willing to cooperate but That does not excuse the United States Government from doing what we're doing Why in the world would we be giving Money to Laboratories in Wuhan China to Do research that's more powerful that's Killed more people than nuclear bombs Have then we don't if properly monitor It we don't have scientists over there There's so much to learn from this Regardless if we can prove it beyond a Shadow of a doubt but I really do think That this report shows the preponderance Of evidence says that this virus was an Unintentional lab leak in Wuhan China we Know Chinese officials say any Conclusion that this came from a lab is Politicized political manipulation is There fear here regarding consequence Like what what would or could Consequences be and should they be if This is the case Right so I call this the gain a function Mafia uh led by Dr fauci and Dr Collins That they in this group of scientists

For 20 years have spent billions of Dollars I mean your listeners need to Understand facio bersal a six billion Dollar a year industry of awarding grant Money and he was able to leverage that With the Clinton foundation and Gates Foundation monies as well then he would Leverage it with the Department of Defense monies and usaid monies equal Health is the middle of this gain of Function uh Mafia as well so the Consequences is that we end this game of Spending billions of dollars that's Actually killed millions of people and Has given us no benefit so you know the Gig the jigs up so to speak I think That's part of it and then politically Uh you know the United States has to own This as well that we were again Financing this for years we and and more Than just financing it we gave them the Intellectual property we taught them how To put on these protein spikes taken From one virus and putting it on another Other we taught them how to use this Urine cleavage site as well so it's the Intellectual property it's the money and The fear is this the PLA and the CCP are Are intertwined so much in this research And China itself says look this is a Bioterrorism weapon that they have Concerns for their National Security and They're going to respond to that threat By developing countermeasures as well as

Offensive measures so as China goes About this process of collecting the DNA Of every human every plant and every Animal in the world there's good things They can do that with that and there's Bad things they can do with it so Senator then what do you say when to Dr Fauci Who says this is just a flat out Lie we we're not funding gain of Function research there I mean he I Think it was even referenced in the House hearing Tuesday that that um that He told Rand Paul he told senator Paul You know no such thing occurred even if Eco Health Alliance did get some grant Money and was working with the Wuhan lab That that these flat denials from the Folks that were in charge of NIH right So even the NIH is now calling this gain Of function research And our document illustrates exactly When they decided that the what they Were funding with Eco Health was gain of Function research it's a year five Grant Report that was submitted about a year Late and then they even changed the gain Of function so this this is the point The NIH has manipulated the gain of Function research definition the suit Whatever it darn well fed them and what They thought it needed to be and even Today we're continued to fund bioagata Function research in China as well as Some of our own Laboratories and we need

To stop it until we get our hands around It so I think that no one in America is Going to sit there and believe Dr fauci When he says this was not gain a Function research it clearly was that Meets the classic definition of making a Virus more transmissible as well as more Virulent that's exactly what stars cov2 Was and they're continuing to do it in China and I'm afraid even in Laboratories in America as we speak Senator Marshall thank you so much for Joining us thanks so much me [Music] [Applause] [Music] This is Greg Jarrett with your Fox News Commentary coming up April 19th is an Infamous day to critics Of the U.S government because of what Happened 30 years ago the FBI conducted A raid in Waco Texas to end a 51-day Siege at the Branch Davidian compound But as they went in and fired tear gas Fires broke out and 76 people inside Were killed including the religious sex Leader and 22 kids the offender there Was David koresh And and I do not think the United States Government is responsible for the fact That a bunch of Fanatics decided to kill Themselves and I'm sorry that they Killed their children former President Clinton was in office at the time but

Some claim including Branch Duty and Survivors the FBI was to blame after Botching negotiations to end the Standoff peacefully the FBI and ATF were Brought to task in front of Congress and The American people that's from a new Fox Nation special called scandalous Waco after all the hearings trials and Media coverage what happened at Waco Remains hotly debated so is how it all Started That is the sound of the first raid that Led to the Siege when the ATF tried to Arrest the leader koresh who was accused Of sexually assaulting girls and having An arsenal of weapons Mary seldom does The day go by they don't think about Those events Blake Butler was there that Day he's now a retired ATF senior Special agent I think about the cost the Human cost in lives and not only just From the Branch Davidian sides and the ATF agents that were killed but when you Look at the Oklahoma City bombing that Timothy McVeigh did just two years to The day after April 19th when the Compound burned 168 more people were Killed and uh the way it's affected and Polarized people in the United States Over these past 30 years let's go back To how it all started it was February 28 Of 1993 and you guys conducted a raid on This compound what happened we drove Down you know from Fort Hood to Waco

Early early that morning we had notified An ambulance service and uh one of the People in the ambulance service notified The media that we were in the process of Doing this warrant and one of the media People was out there driving around Early that morning around nine o'clock And got lost and when they located a Rural Postman there they asked them Where the Branch Davidians were and that Postman turned out to be a Branch Davidian and he told them the ATF and The National Guard were serving the Warrant so he went back and told David Koresh that uh ATF and the National Guard were coming and we had an Undercover agent in there at the time Who came out and alerted uh our Command Staff that hey they know we're coming And tactical Commander came in and said Hey he knows we're coming he's shaking He's holding the Bible he said they got Me once they'll never get me again but I Think we can still do this thing is what He said so most of us were like in shop Thinking well if they know we're coming Why are we going forward with this since The element of surprise is critical in a Dynamic entry such as we were planning Right um and they know that they know Their compound so they can be ready at Any spot yeah and that's absolutely what Happened uh unbeknownst to us all their Weapons had already been handed out we

Were under the false premise that the Weapons were all locked up in a Gun Room Which was the way it had been many Months before but since uh Child Protective Services had already been Investigating correction talking to him About him molesting and raping the young Girls he was on notice that eventually We would be coming and so they'd handed Out the guns so in that 46 minutes Between the time that koresh was Notified that we were coming and the Time that we actually arrived there they Had 46 minutes to get everything planned To get their guns get to their windows And wait for our arrival so then what Happens you show up in what So uh as we pull down into the compound Uh and we stopped it's just as soon as The doors opened up the gunfire started And I the first shot I heard was clearly Came from inside the compound you know It was a muffled kind of a shot but it Was immediately followed by dozens and Then quickly thrown into hundreds of Shots you know one of the big things That I've been asked Dave is a lot is You know who who fired first who fired First that's the big question and of Course the Davidians say that ATF fired First and you know where's ATF we say Well we're certain that they fired first But there were some objective people out There that morning and those were the

Reporters from KWTX and uh reporters From the Waco Tribune Herald and to the Man each one of them in their statements Stated that the Branch Davidians fired First and that they ambushed ATF four Agents were killed I believe six Branch Davidians were Killed yo this gunfighted lasted 112 Minutes wow um most yes most law Enforcement gunfights I think on average Are somewhere around seven seconds I Think the Texas Rangers estimated that ATF fired around 1100 rounds of Ammunition in that time period and the Branch Davidians fired 10 000 rounds uh So how did only four agents get hit well You know we'd like to think God was on Our side in that respect uh sadly we Lost four guys but how we didn't lose More we don't know many agents were shot In the head that had helmets and so the The bullets Ric shade off the helmets we Had one agent who had a a backup pistol Over his chest and around hit that Backed up pistol had it not hit the Pistol and gone two inches higher it Would have gone through his chest and Killed him what about you did you get a Bullet near you the bullets were Everywhere I saw an agent that was I Couldn't tell if he was dead or wounded To the left of the front doors at this Time and several agents would move into Positions of cover to the right and so I

Was giving them some cover fire someone In a window above with a machine gun Fired down on me and then raked the Sidewalk in front of me and it Splattered my face with uh concrete and Bullet shrapnel so it just nicked my Face I wouldn't even call it being Wounded uh but then I had to move to a Position of cover after that so you are Lucky No and I think uh I think we're lucky if You want to call it that uh looked after Uh however you want to perceive it but Yeah many people were lucky that day uh Some of the misconceptions you know People believe that ATF at that time was That we were armed with machine guns and That we were this heavily armed group When in fact almost half of the agents Were only armed with a nine millimeter Pistol no agents had fully automatic Machine guns none we did not come Looking for a gun fight we came looking To serve this lawful search warrant for Machine guns and Hand Grenades and an Arrest warrant for David koresh uh for The possession of those what if you Didn't go in I mean you said the Commander said we can your commander Thought you could do it yeah well that's Right you know in their initial planning Phase that we we discussed what was the Best plan was it to do a dynamic warrant Service which is what we tried that

Morning or do we do what ended up Happening which was a Siege and the Reason that we moved away from The Siege Concept was that they had months if not Years of food inside the compound and All the people that we interviewed that Had come out of there said that if you Surround them Trap them in there they will commit mass Suicide and in the end 51 days later That's exactly what they did they uh They lit The Compound on fire when they Thought that the FBI was coming in and They killed themselves of course Branch Davidian survivors and government Critics dispute that they blame the FBI And attorney general Janet Reno her Testimony is included in the Fox Nation Waco special the plan was designed to Induce serious negotiations or the Evacuation of the compound with Extremely limited risk that agents would Harm any of the occupants or be harmed Themselves We announced repeatedly To those within the compound that there Would be no attempt to enter the Compound by federal agents some claim Tear gas the FBI fired into the compound Could have started those fires they had Agreed in their gas plan that if the Branch division started shooting at the Tanks potentially going to try to shoot The agents that they would then put in

All the gas that they had so that's when They fired what they call CS ferret Rounds and these are 40 millimeter Rounds that are fired from a little Handheld gun now what happens is these Things Go through the windows and then they hit The wall and then they crack open and That it's not really powder it's more Like particles come out okay Um they're non-flammable at all this Stuff is what we call blast dispersion It hits the wall and then breaks apart And then the particles spread around as The wind blows through and things like That okay but when they're launched is Is any of the material the casing Anything isn't hot Could it spark anything the main Building only had the regular CS blast Dispersion canisters they don't have Anything that can start a fire at all Law enforcement every day in America Uses CS gas on barricaded suspects that Are in houses things like that uh you Know the Branch Davidians had 51 days to Come out but they never would Um it could have gone on potentially for Months maybe even a year so they were Hopeful that the gas would make things Uncomfortable and that they would knock Holes in the wall and the branch Divisions would be able to leave but That is not what happened is you can

Hear on some of the tapes when they see The gasket and they say put on your Masks put on your masks so they want to Stay in there and then you can also hear Them say spread the fuel I need more Fuel over here and then the fires start And if you'll know there's three Different points of origin that the fire Starts almost simultaneously that are Quite a distance from one another so That's indicative of people purposely Starting fires in different locations in The building they have a Branch Davidian survivors Waco group on Facebook and they warn members they Warned people not to trust anybody and Media who's trying to look into this 30 Years later they say trust no one you Know they they still believe you as the Government you working for the ATF and Then later the FBI were always the Aggressors you try to go in on February 28th then you then you go in on April 19 And they say you killed all these people And these kids it's still the message And and people have as you pointed out Timothy McVeigh people who believe that The government is the aggressor have Used that against the government in the Years since You know all I can do is speak the facts That I know that I lived through and That I've seen and uh it's pretty clear What happened you know in the end one of

The questions I'm always asked is you Know is well do you believe David koresh Really thought that he was the Messiah Or do you just believe he was a con man In my opinion he's a guy that believed That he didn't want to go to prison for Being a pedophile and being a guy in Possession of all these machine guns Blake Butler retired ATF senior special Agent and Special Response Team Commander also part of the scandalous Waco special on Fox Nation there are Three episodes there and Blake of course Was there for what happened at the start Of the 51-day siege 30 years ago Blake Thanks very much for joining us Having me Dave [Music] And in other news I'm Gianna jalosi do You live in a big city and feel like Your dollar doesn't go as far as it Should you might be on to something According to a new study by smart asset Uh investment advisor company the Average American would need to earn at Least three hundred thousand dollars per Year to meet the demands and cost of Living in cities like New York and Honolulu it's a huge leap from just five Years ago when a six-figure salary was Considered an important milestone for Workers in New York City a one hundred Thousand dollar salary amounts to about 35

791 dollars when you consider taxes and Cost of living Honolulu it amounts to 36 026 bucks San Francisco takes the spot For third priciest City by contrast the Cities that go the farthest on a one Hundred thousand dollar salary include Memphis Tennessee we're going to bounce To more than eighty six thousand dollars After taxes and cost of living seven of The top 10 cities are in Texas with El Paso taking the second spot and Houston In 6 place for the Fox News rundown I'm Gianna jalosi [Music] New from the Fox News podcasts Network I'm Dana Perino join me for season three Of my limited time podcast everything Will be okay based on my best-selling Book of the same name make sure you Subscribe to this series wherever you Download podcasts and leave a rating and Review subscribe to this podcast at Foxnewspodcasts.com it's time for your Fox News commentary Greg Jarrett what's On your mind Joe Biden's history as a Serial fabulous exceeds even today's Shameful standards of Habitual line in Washington the president's repeated Insistence that he never discussed with Hunter is overseas business dealings let Alone with his Partners is belied by Indisputable evidence that has grown Exponentially over time yet the elderby Maintains the ludicrous charade recently

Fox News uncovered records showing that Hunter's Associates in his suspected Influence peddling schemes Frequented the White House more than 80 Times when his father was vice president Biden's persistent claim that he had no Knowledge of his son's foreign dealings Then never spoke with him about it Defies logic and Common Sense even Hunter disputes it admitting to the New Yorker that he did talk with his father About his lucrative Venture in Ukraine That netted some 11 million dollars an Audio tape surfaced in which Joe Biden Has heard discussing a pending news Article about his son suspicious Chinese Deals and informing his son I think You're clear Authenticated emails confirmed that Joe Biden attended numerous meetings and Dinners with many of Hunter's foreign Investors and business partners Photographs corroborated and there are Messages thanking Hunter for arranging Meetings with his dad the two flew to China together aboard Air Force two Where Joe met with his son's business Cohorts just Days Later Hunter cemented A lucrative Venture with a Beijing Investment firm The entwining of Biden's finances with Foreign adversaries raises great Concerns about National Security Counterintelligence and potential

Extortion of our current president have Our country's defense and economic Interest been jeopardized it seems so This is precisely why republican-led Congressional committees are now Investigating what Democrats refuse to Probe the role of Congress is all the More vital because it's clear that both The FBI and the doj are running Interference to the bidens despite Written demands by members of Congress Attorney general Merrick Garland refuses To appoint a special counsel while Ignoring regulations that require him to Recuse himself the FBI has had custody Of Hunter's computer hard drive for four Years it appears to have been buried Deep in a vault never to see the light Of death meanwhile the U.S attorney in Delaware has been investigating for five Years not a single charge has been Brought despite incriminating evidence None is expected the accumulated Evidence of wrongdoing is overwhelming Emails witness statements visitor logs And other records make it abundantly Clear that Jill Biden was complicit in His son's Shady multi-million dollar Influence peddling operations With much of the government bureaucracy Aligned in solidarity to protect the President and his family Congress is now The only Avenue by which the truth can Be unraveled I'm Greg Jarrett for Fox

News You've been listening to the Fox News Rundown now and now stay up to date by Subscribing to this podcast at Foxnewspodcasts.com listen ad-free on Fox News podcasts Plus on Apple podcast And Prime members can listen to the show Ad free on Amazon music and for up to The minute news go to foxnews.com Hey it's Will Kane co-host of Fox and Friends Weekend join me as I share my Thoughts on a wide range of topics from Sports and pop culture to politics and Business so will Cain podcast subscribe And listen now at foxnewspodcasts.com or Wherever you get your podcasts Love Fox News click the Subscribe button To get more of the news and A Pinterest and click the Fox News Rundown playlist for the latest episodes

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