The mainstream media bought into an ‘illusion’: Turley

The mainstream media bought into an 'illusion': Turley

Constitutional law professor and attorney Jonathan Turley on how the intelligence community worked with the Biden campaign to bury the Hunter Biden laptop story before the 2020 election. #FoxNews

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Could we be on the at the boiling point For the Biden family as we see the Intricate plan to save Joe back in 2020 Spike the laptop win an election Gradually unwrapped that plan and now we See that plan and it does seem Diabolical with me right now is Jonathan Turley Jonathan we talked last night on Uh as I filled in on Jessie's show but It does seem as though Mike Morrell Under oath came out and said I wanted Joe Biden to win the election I was Asked to collect these 51 prestigious Names and I did when it came to the Hunter Biden laptop labeling it classic Russian disinformation Yeah it's it's it's a familiar pattern Of course because that's the same Pattern we saw with uh the Steele Dossier when the steel dossier first Came out various reporters expressly Asked the Clinton campaign or did you Fund this is this your doing and they Said no and later uh New York Times Reporter and another reporter accused The campaign people like Mark Alias uh Really sort of uh lying to them of Concealing their role in this but the Pattern goes beyond that right I mean The steel dossier was should have Immediately raised alarms over the lack Of support uh to these allegations it Did with people like Bob Woodward who Recently said I told them not to go with

This that this was not a reliable story Um well now we're seeing the same Pattern with this letter and it really Shows the eagerness of the media you Know when it comes to Hunter Biden's Laptop the media immediately said we're Not going to report on this even before The letter came out they were resisting It and when and yet when they get this Unsupported letter uh they just Immediately replicate it they don't ask They don't press on where it came from Who was behind it and the result is that In in now successive elections we've had This type of disinformation being placed By campaign figures into the body Politics Jonathan you must get this a Lot I mean when this controversial court Case or something that comes up in Politics that has a legal angle to it They would love to know that Jonathan Turley believes uh let's say what you Know I I back Brian kill me he's in Trouble like I call up but you have a Reputation you have to say hey Brian I Like you but the case is dicey I can't Put my reputation on it I can't get my Head around the fact that Michael Hayden I know he had a a health issue but Leon Panetta uh that I know Clapper and Brennan are politically compromised we Knew anything didn't they just hate Trump but if you look up and down these Are some big names that we have seen

Interviewed on all different topics in The war on terror and the Cold War and They sight unseen as far as I could tell Didn't even pick up the phone to say Hey Joe is that your son's laptop because I'm about to sign a letter that says It's Russia's idea I don't want to put My reputation which I earn off of I give Speeches on I'm proud of On the line if it's not true And basically nobody asked and they're All declining to comment right now No it's very true first of all with Regard to any allegations made involving Brian Kilmeade I I always accept those As true they're sort of Self-authenticating Um you just eliminate yourself as a good A good backer but go ahead yeah exactly Uh no I the I'll defend you to the end Of the Earth thank you all right but Um you're perfectly right in all of this And that the hunter Biden laptop what Was interesting is that many of us wrote On the laptop in the early days And one of the things that I wrote about Was that this laptop seems to have Self-authenticating elements because They're referring to emails that Obviously have recipients or senders yes So this was not hard to confirm and yet The media struggled to find a way to say We don't have to report on this and even More so that it's probably false and

Even when the president in a debate Tells the American people I've got this Letter saying this Russian Disinformation which we now know was Prompted by his own campaign The media still doesn't want to inquire But you can see that in all these Interviews as you noted Brian these Would be easy things to ask the President you know did you ever sit down With Tony bobolinski because he said no One's has yeah no one has asked him that Yeah and you know when you you say that You know you had never had knowledge of Your your son's dealings how about all Of these pictures and visits uh from his Business associates uh you know how Plausible is that uh in light of your Own voice captured on a message where You're talking about his business Involvement none of that is being Questioned I think part of the reason is That the Biden campaign really was Brilliant in how they handled this they Got the media to buy into the Illusion By calling an audience member to the Stage to make something disappear they Are now invested in the trick you know For the media to now admit wow there's a Lot of influence peddling here and this Is this could have natural security Implications would be a self-indictment Yeah I I the fact we got to this point When people talk about oh this election

Was thrown it was still forget about Everything boat harvesting all that Stuff if you just look at the Information that was given to the American people and what wasn't and what Was what forces were working together to Make sure they did the voters didn't Find out everything they needed to know To decide a very very close election it Was really felt you know decided by 200 000 votes in certain areas and Donald Trump got 72 million of it this is the Type of story that I think is a bigger Story and I just find it fascinating too What's emerging now with the attorney This whistleblower with the possible Attorney uh calling out the possible Attorney general for blocking an Investigation uh that would move forward On Hunter Biden and possibly revealed The rest of his family as the house is Looking for bank records it turns out a Whistleblowers emerged from the IRS with A 20-year track record as an Investigator saying there's bias in Investigation he couldn't sleep and he And it is a he has come forward and his Lawyer has confirmed that the Attorney General is involved in the accusation as We wait to see this person come forward And maybe you can help me with this They say in a quirk uh in the federal Law this whistleblower needs Congressional approval to more fully

Describe his allegations to his own Lawyers which he wants to do before Testifying to lawmakers your thoughts on What The Whistleblower has constraints Well there are some restraints that Represented whistleblowers and it's a Rather complex web of regulations the The fact is this lawyer is going about This correctly what's breathtaking is The attack by Hunter Biden's lawyer Saying that well I think he just Committed a crime strongly suggesting The Whistleblower should be criminally Charged it's ironic because recently Hunter Biden asked for his critics to be Investigated by the our IRS and so the Fact is that this whistleblower does Need permission uh to uh to to speak to These committees but he's going to get He's going to get that Um the the issue of perjury of the Attorney General uh is a little more Challenging I I don't think that a Viable case is likely to come out of That because of the general language Used by the Attorney General but that's Not the main issue here people need to Focus on and that is was there political Influence at the IRS that itself is a Crime by the way interfering with a tax Investigation is a crime in and of Itself But it also would explain why many of us Have been writing for months that

There's no perceptible movement in these Cases and we can't understand it I mean Many of these crimes that are alleged by Hunter came to be well supported you Know that you know he had to pay his Taxes late with the help of a of a Wealthy friend uh the gun form that he's Accused of having false statements on is Rather demonstrably True Um so this would probably certainly Explain part of that delay You know again I know the Attorney General being I'm not you know I just Don't get involved in that I think in The bigger picture let's just remove all Uh don't get too involved don't dive too Deep let's take a step back from what You know of this case and all of your Experience in John the Turley do you Need five years to figure out what Hunter did and didn't do No and and a good example of that is the Foreign agent violation I don't see how you can possibly look at These records and not find that he was An unregistered foreign agent the Department of Justice slammed various Tour of the various Trump officials with These fairer violations including Paul Manafort there are really strong Analogies between this and the manafort Case so that's an example of how this One seems to be moving at a glacial Pace

When they seem to move with great Dispatch against people like Paul Manafort Yeah I would say so uh in in the uh in The event that this does move forward Just an observation do you notice that Unlike 2020 we're now seeing NBC CBS CNN And fox covering this story are you have You noticed that Yeah you know the the the there is an Interesting if you look at this coverage There's an interesting change I mean Part of the most interesting aspect of Course is the belated acknowledgment That the the laptop is authentic but You'll notice that while the media came Forward with a sort of begrudging Mayakoopa okay we got this wrong Um they don't explain why they didn't do This over the last two years uh but but Also they say the laptop is authentic But then they don't deal with what's on The authentic laptop right so the meat Hit doesn't actually deal with these Emails that are suggesting that President Biden was at least projected As a recipient of some of this money uh So it's a bizarre framing of this Yeah Jonathan Turley uh there's always Enough for you there's always a lot for You to comment on uh we live in a very Litigious World thanks so much thank you Very much Brian you got it have a great Weekend

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