The mainstream media seems ‘in love’ with Michael Cohen’s testimony: Howard Kurtz

The mainstream media seems ‘in love’ with Michael Cohen’s testimony: Howard Kurtz

‘MediaBuzz’ host Howard Kurtz tells ‘The Story’ that he believes the public is ‘sick’ of the NY v. Trump trial and former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s testimony. #foxnews

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Well uh we just heard Michael Cohen Testify that that's what he does when he Can't sleep at night um goes on Tik Tok To build an audience so Trump's defense Now is going after Cohen on the stand About his prior admiration for the Former president and while some argue Cohen's testimony has failed to pinpoint A crime others see it as a slam Dunk Michael Cohen's whole job on the Witness stand is to be that narrator We've already heard little like almost Every w this up to him has been a Trailer a preview now he is the full Movie he was RA relatively succinct he Sounded Earnest Michael Cohen delivered What the prosecution needed him to Deliver Michael Cohen has been the best Version of Michael Cohen and we've all Seen the worst versions of him all right Let's bring in hoe kurts host of media Buzz he has been following every minute Of this trial so a lot of debate over How Cohen has done and whether or not This is good or bad for former president Trump Hoy what's your take well uh much Of the mainstream media seems to be in Love with his testimony but now that we At the cross-examination we've seen uh Trump's attorney go after him on were You involved in leaks to the AP and CNN Uh have you attacked Trump on social Media of course he has um were you asked To stay off TV do you want Trump

Convicted I think we can all agree that He very much wants Trump convicted he's Been on this Crusade against his former Boss uh for quite a long time but and Obviously the uh the defense is going to Ramp up and portray him as a disar Served time in prison lied to Congress Untrustworthy uh hack who is doing this To make money but what I don't see and I Don't think we will see Martha is um Michael is the defense taking on Michael Con's testimony the core testimony about The hush money that he was involved in Paying to storming Daniel And to of course stormmy Daniels and Karen McDougall and the reason is it's Backed up by a very thick stack of Emails texts uh encrypted signal Messages bank records and one uh Ctitious audiotape and I think some Jurors may say well if they're not Taking that on maybe I can believe Michael Con on that or they may decide That he has lied so many times and Acknowledg lying so many times that he The fixer is is just not believable on Anything yeah but you know whatever Machinations they went through to get This ND deal done both sides agreed to It and every lawyer that we talked to Says that's not a crime no you know Sleeping with uh a porn star is not a Crime NDA exactly but they're trying to set up

Theed falsified records and that's why They went through every invoice and Every pay upub was as true did Trump Know about it and so forth and they Still haven't done that furtherance of Another crime um but we'll see if they Get there um they're they're done we he Uh in terms of the media coverage of This little difficult because we don't Have a camera in the courtroom we all Wish that we did for this one um but CNN Got kind of creative in order to Keep Their audience engaged in all of this Howie let's Watch he goes how long do you think I Will be on the market for not long What did you understand that to me he Wasn't thinking about Melania this was All about the Campaign Abby they're talking Oscars Over there let me tell you right now That was good that was a good rendition It's important to do this I don't know Howie is that good TV uh not in my view I mean it is frustrating that we don't Even get audio out of this under New York state law I mean even the supreme Court allows audio uh so what you know You got to Jazz it up so I mean you're The air all these hours and that you do This dramatic reading yeah I think they Ought to stick to their day jobs all Right in terms of whether or not voters Care about this here's Jeff selon uh

Talking about swing state voters and Their reaction watch as I talk to voters Across the country in these Battleground States a many of them aren't paying Attention at all and are disgusted and Sort of tired with this the reason that President Biden is having problems it's Because of young voters voters of color Inflation that is the issue on the minds Of Voters not this we'll see how much This um is going to play a part but as Of now it's actually helped Donald Trump What do you think people are sick of This trial I believe uh New York Times Poll says that just 29% of Voters in These Battleground States uh said they Were paying a lot of attention to Trump's legal problems so it may be While everybody in the sort of media Political uh universe is obsessed with This case former president for the first Time and all that uh that a lot of Voters are just not really tuned in and Trump is using this as a platform also For political issues every day when he Talks to the Press before and after the Uh courtroom proceedings howy thank you Very much always good to see you thanks Thank you so much Martha hey everyone I'm Emily compano catch me and my Co-host Harris vulner and Kaye maanen on Outnumbered every weekday at 12:00 p.m. Eastern or sets your DVR also don't Forget to subscribe to the Fox News

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