There is a ‘two-tiered justice system’ at play here, expert warns

There is a ‘two-tiered justice system’ at play here, expert warns

Former Planned Parenthood Clinic director Abby Johnson reacts to the 75-year-old pro-life activist who was sentenced to prison on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’ #foxnews

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An elderly pro-life activist has been Sentenced to prison after protesting in Front of an abortion clinic peacefully Back in 2020 75-year-old Paula or as her Friends know her pet harlo is already on House arrest and has extensive medical Issues she worries incarceration could Further cause her health to decline here To discuss is former Planned Parenthood Clinic director Abby Johnson Abby Welcome this is one she is one of many Other peaceful pro-life protesters Including I want to mention Heather Idoni who was 59 years old she was put In solitary confinement um and for 22 Days which is violating the Nelson Mandela act which says you can only put Someone in in solitary confinement for 15 days because it's just too inhumane She suffered a stroke and then they just Put her back in The Slammer um until her Sentencing yeah I mean I do want to say I am not someone who believes that this Is the most effective form of Activism um you know there's many other Types of activism that are much more Effective our ministry alone and then There were none has saved 700 abortion Clinic workers from working in the Abortion industry has shut down over 45 Abortion clinics peacefully not Trespassing into abortion facilities There's other abortion uh pro-life Organizations that have saved thousands

Of babies by not Trespassing these people did trespass Into an abortion facility they did do Something illegal and um while I respect Their position I respect their activism Um it's not something that that I think That we should continue something we Should be doing however the main story Here is that the doj has weaponized Their position and there is unfair Treatment going on here with the Biden Administration because here's the main Story Rachel There is a young activist named Whitney Durant who vandalized a Bowling Green Kentucky Pregnancy Center okay Vandalized it spray painted abort God All these violent terrible things all Over this pregnancy center did Significant damage to the Pregnancy Center violated the face act the same Thing that these people are being held Accountable for got two years probation No jail time no prison time and a $2,000 Fine okay now meanwhile these people Have been sitting in a federal prison And are possibly receiving hundreds of Thousands of dollars of fines that shows That there is something political at Play here and there is an unequal Balance of Justice yes well you know There were abortion clinics in which There were multile cocktails thrown into Um uh Pro life centers I should say by

Jane's Revenge which is in a domestic Terrorist group um we don't know what's Happened with that I doubt they're going To get the same um sentences that these Again peaceful these are nonviolent People they may have trespassed into There but they are nonviolent many of Them elderly many of them with health Problems I will also say to you Abby When the uh Pro Palestine uh protesters Went into St Patrick's on the holiest of Days that is also a violation of and They disrupted the mass that was that's A violation of the face act nothing Happened to them as well it's the Two-tiered system that you're talking About um that I think has people up in Arms and also I mean just throwing the Books at these people and I don't think It makes us look good as a country when This is how we treat um our humanitarian Um human rights Activists well particularly the elderly Look these people 75y old woman she's Not going to harm anyone okay and even Though these people did trespass they're Not harming anyone they're trying to Save the lives of our most innocent okay I mean like let's get a grip okay They're not out there trying to harm Anyone these Pro Palestinian protesters They are harming people I mean let's get Real they are harming people people are Being harmed during these protest

Property is being damaged we just had a A segment on it just a couple minutes Ago the but the point is again I think People I think this is a political issue Not just it's not pro life versus Pro-choice although I that that's Clearly on the on the ballot um I think People are very concerned about these Two tiers of justice that Joe Biden um Is weaponizing the justice system and Law enforcement against his political And ideological enemies I don't think we Can question that anymore when we see This the January 6 the way the January 6 Protesters were treated versus um you Know the the antifa BLM protesters and Again last word quickly and if any of us Could be next if you are against what This Administration believes in any of Us could be next that's right it's not That it can happen to you it is already Happening to American citizens not just Donald Trump Abby Johnson thank you for Coming on and again I respect what you Say there are better methods but that's Still doesn't take away what's happened To these elderly people thank you so Much I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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