These Hunter Biden findings are very concerning: Rep. Comer

These Hunter Biden findings are very concerning: Rep. Comer

Kentucky Rep. James Comer praises law enforcement for their quick response to the Louisville shooting as one officer remains in critical condition. He also discusses the coming investigations of classified documents and Hunter Biden. #FoxNews

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We are getting news this morning that The Biden Administration is going to Allow the gang of eight to go through Those classified documents that were Found at the homes of President Trump President Biden and vice president Pence What can we expect Well I think we all have a lot of Questions I know the gang of eight has a Lot of questions Two big questions that stand out in my Mind why was Donald Trump treated so Differently than Joe Biden secondly from An oversight standpoint we're very Concerned about one document in Particular that the president's son Emailed to some of his associates on the Whole barisma deal in Ukraine we know That there was a classified document at The Biden residence that pertained to Ukraine we know that there's a document On the president's son's email that's Very suspicious so we have a lot of Questions about that I have confidence In the gang of eight but it's very Disappointing that it's taken this long Right for the government to allow the Gang of eight to have access to the Issue there's a lot of distrust among The average member of Congress and the Biden Administration the federal Government right now with how they've Handled this situation and are they Being completely honest with not only

Congress but the American people so Hopefully we'll be able to find more Information out today Congressman we Don't know they went into Joe Biden's Lawyer's office we don't know what they Took we don't know the contents of the University of Delaware we don't know Specifically what was in Rehoboth or or Or Penn we know a couple of dozen Documents but we don't get any leaked From that investigation man do we get a Lot if you get the Washington Post Delivered by your paper boy or girl or Whatever uh you get a lot of information How do you explain that right You can explain it and it's a very Serious problem you know there are Supposed to be three branches of Government what's happened in the last 10 years there's a fourth fraction That's the the government bureaucracy And there's no oversight of this Bureaucracy it gets worse every day we Learned from Kathy Chung in a Transcribed interview on the house Oversight community that she actually Transported those documents that later We we learned we're classified to Various locations including Chinatown For Joe Biden and yet they they weren't Stored uh anywhere safe they weren't Behind a lot she transported them in Their car we have no idea who had access To these documents but yet Donald

Trump's the one that's in all sorts of Trouble over mishandling of classified Documents that he kept behind a lot it Is in his basement in Mar-A-Lago right Well this story is uh breaking this Morning it's from punch bowl news and uh What it what it says essentially is that This is a win for congressional Oversight because Mark more the Senators Marco Mark Warner and Marco Rubio both Had been pressing show the gang of eight What is in it because there is such Interest you know the average Rank and File a member of Congress not going to See it but the gang of eight will and Then they were you know they'll tell you What they can tell you Yeah I guess it's a win if you trust the The federal government if you trust that This Administration is going to be Honest do you trust the gang of eight Well who's briefing who's briefing him I trust the gang of eight I don't trust The Biden Administration right so who's Ever briefing them will decide what the Gang of eight will learn right that's Exactly right that's the problem right There they won't be able to see all of The classified documents have access to Everything it's going to be their Decision we don't know well we're going To find out yeah so all right meanwhile Let's talk a little bit about this Um on Monday morning here in Manhattan

Uh over at the Javits Center they're Going to have a field hearing where the House Judiciary Committee is going to be Interviewing some of the victims of Alvin Bragg's policies here in New York Of course he is the Manhattan D.A who's Been accused of being soft on crime he's Also the guy who indicted uh Donald Trump just about a week ago as well what What do you know about this and what do You think we're going to learn Well I think that it's very good that The Judiciary Committee is going to have That field Hearing in York City Crime is a huge issue in America this is An issue that's been a priority for the Republican majority of the house we've Looked at crime we believe that we have High crime rates for various reasons two Of which are we don't have a secure Border therefore more drugs are pouring Across the border which are leading to More crimes and we have a lot of soft on Crime prosecutors and I think that's one Of the areas they're going to look at With with Alvin Bragg our resources are Limited uh the the court dockets are Limited but we have District Attorneys And and uh prosecutors who are focusing On uh things to enhance their political Career as opposed to trying to put real Criminals behind the bars for for Shoplifting for murder for rape for Carjacking this is these are problems in

York City just like every other big city In America I think that's what the Judiciary Committee is going to focus on In New York City and see where Alvin Bragg Stacks up and all that yeah Alvin Brett says don't be fooled the House GOP Is coming to the safest city in America For a political stunt this hearing won't Engage in actual efforts to increase Public Safety such as supporting National gun legislation and shutting Down uh the iron pipeline Yeah I don't think many people are gonna Come to his defense and say New York City is the safest city in America right Now nobody no he's comparing numbers in New York City compared to numbers in Ohio which is where Jim Jordan is from Uh what's the latest on the hunter Biden Investigation I know you're you know House oversight y'all are investigating That A lot you know we we are almost through All of the suspicious activity reports Remember these are the bank violations That Janet Yellen said she would never Allow the Republicans on the Overstock Committee to have access to even though She's supposed to she said in her last Letter before she let us in you're going To have to provide evidence as to why we Should allow you in we provided evidence That a lot of people haven't seen the Next day we're allowed in and and it's

Been very valuable to our investigation We're probably going to have a press Conference within the next two weeks to Update the American people about what All we found but it's very concerning And I think Joe Biden is going to have a Lot of explaining to do with respect to How many countries his family was Influenced peddling in and how many Members of his family right were Involved in this influence was he Getting paid by his son Well we're we're still looking into that There are so many different llc's that Were uh funneling and laundering money From these countries and and there are a Lot of expenses that are credit card Bills and things like that we have a uh We have some tips on what some of those Credit card expenses were we're going to Keep digging and and I think that in the End the American people Congressman uh exit question for you Have you found uh that they have you Found evidence that anybody broke any Laws Well if if the president was involved in This obviously he would have broken many Laws because we don't believe that China Would have paid the Biden family Millions and millions of dollars for Nothing we believe that China was more Than likely getting something in return The same could be said for uh Ukraine

With barisma the same could be be said For some of these Shady characters they Were dealing with in Russia so uh what We're trying to determine is if in fact Joe Biden made policy decisions and did Things that were not in the best Interest of the American people in order To enrich his family then those are laws That are that are certainly broken we're Going to fix the laws on influence Funding because this is getting out of Control and if we don't have tighter Ethics laws you're going to have Countries like China that are going to Come in and buy all relatives of High-ranking government officials and People are going to say like the Democrats are saying now well they Didn't break any laws well we're going To change the laws but with respect to Joe Biden we're focused on him because We're very concerned that uh his family Was getting this money because of things He was doing vice president and President is it true you flipped one or One of Hunter Biden's business partners Is cooperating We have several of Hunter Biden's Business partners who were in Communication with right now uh and I Think the the American people are going To learn a lot more about this in the Coming weeks Congressman thank you great To see you

Thank you I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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