They treated me like ‘garbage’: Mom of veteran murdered in NYC

They treated me like ‘garbage’: Mom of veteran murdered in NYC

Madeline Brame, whose son was murdered in New York City, tells Laura Ingraham that Mayor Eric Adams only comes to the ‘hood’ when he ‘wants the votes.’

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Another victim the left has chosen to Ignore his U.S army veteran and father Of three Hassan Correa he was brutally Beaten and stabbed to death in 2018. Even though the entire attack was caught On camera two of the four thugs charged In his murder received sweetheart deals From Alvin Bragg's office here in New York his mother Madeleine brame hasn't Stopped fighting for him though and Others ignored by the left All types of criminal elements free to Do what they want when they want however They want to whomever they want with no Consequences and as far as the Manhattan District Attorney's office if he's Receiving one penny a federal dollars You need to pull that funding until he Starts doing his damn job and Prosecuting crime Joining me now this woman just saw Madeleine brame Madeleine um thank you For being with us tonight uh it's a few Years since your son was brutally Murdered the pain I know is with you Every minute of every day it's in your DNA now Um your reaction to what I was saying in The angle that the left is picking and Choosing victims to elevate and Criminals to focus on versus all of it Which is horrible Well thank you for having me Laura I've experienced it firsthand

Um my son Sergeant Hassan Korea was Stabbed to death right And because he was stabbed to death and Not shot to death because you know That's the narrative gun violence They completely ignored Everything about this entire case they Treated me and my family like garbage They referred to Sergeant Hassan Korea Afghanistan war retired veteran received And returned enemy fire on the Taliban Were the Medals of Honor To prove it okay They referred to him as a fictitional Character in court and they said that The most important people in that room Were the people who killed him And this is the type of thing that I had To endure the torment the torture the Horror of watching The criminal justice system delivered no Justice or closure for the murder of my Boy Beyond just the stabbing which is Horrific in and of itself and I know You're wearing his dog tags Um what else was it about this case that Just didn't rise to the level of the Narrative that the media and the Political class dominant in New York Wants they completely mishandled it they Were handed Alvin Bragg's Administration Was handled a strong trial-ready murder Case against all four of these Individuals ready for trial as soon as

He received that case It com immediately started to unravel I Was told three different reasons why Unfortunately your son got killed at the Wrong time like if there's any right Time for your son to get killed Another reason was Manhattan didn't have The resources to try all four we have The we have the resources to house tens Of thousands of illegal immigrants yes But I was told they didn't have Resources to trial for defendants and The third reason was oh they couldn't Prove Beyond a reasonable doubt that Mary Saunders or Travis Stewart intended To kill my son What do you say to um Folks in inner city America today who Are have reflexively been Democrats I Know you were a Democrat you became a Republican but they're just born into The Democrat Party and if you're not a Democrat you're an Uncle Tom you're a Sellout as a black person what do you Say to them given the pain that so many In inner city America run by Liberals Are feeling today well you know um we've Been voting Democrat for Generations We have got nothing in return for our Votes dilapidated housing failing Schools crime poverty abortion okay on And on and on But we continue To just give our vote away for nothing

In return and I'm going to quote Something that Trump said What do we have to lose by giving the Other side a chance how would we know What we're going to get when we never Gave them a chance okay we have nothing To lose we don't have anything All right welfare Food stamps Nothing unemployment Death destruction and self-destimation Is what we have And at this point I feel that it's Intentional We have a mayor Who comes to the hood only when he wants The votes And he is a completely abandoned The black and brown Community well the Black and brown Community tonight I hope Is listening to this we're going to get This all out on social media as well Everyone's got to wake up this is a Country you have to save this is a People we have to save uh Madeline thank You uh our condolences continue to you And your family you're an amazing Warrior and you're you're serving your Son's memory incredibly courageously Thank you thank you so much for having Me hey Sean Hannity here hey click here To subscribe to Fox News YouTube page And catch our hottest interviews and Most compelling analysis you will not

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