This bill would make the federal government the parent: Robby Soave

This bill would make the federal government the parent: Robby Soave

Reason Magazine senior editor Robby Soave gives his take on the Senate’s social media bill on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

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Robbie Suave is here to help us unpack This thanks Robbie for being here I Think everybody agrees There's real harm I think that nobody pretends that social Media and constant online presence is an Absolute pure maybe not even a net Positive depression suicide whatever it May be and it particularly impacts young People so what should we do is Legislation the answer Robbie I just Don't think it is and you're absolutely Right to call attention to some of the Harms associated with too much social Media use I absolutely think parents Should feel empowered to limit their Kids social media use particularly if They're not using their smartphones Responsibly take them away before they Go to bed for goodness sake let them get A good night's sleep without you know Waking up and staring at that that light That comes off the screen but that's Very different from saying the federal Government should have a One-size-fits-all policy for all young People in the country that would Essentially make the federal government The parent and I I think parents ought To be able to make this decision for Their own families I'm sure there are Some kids who are mature you know who Are using social media to actually learn News to stay up to date with homework And that kind of thing you can find you

Can find our news sources you can find Fox on YouTube and other places shared On social media I don't want to totally Close them off from that world because a Couple members of the U.S Senate Suddenly decided that was a good idea That seems far too sweeping to me well I Will okay so first of all some something Has to be done something has to be done I have kids I have a teenager there's a Ton of social pressure by the way you Feel ostracized if you don't have a Smartphone and you're not on social Media so there's a ton of and I agree With you the impetus ultimately starts At least with the home the family the Parents but you know I do wonder is There not a way to alleviate some of the Social pressure by saying you know what No no teenagers on this thing right now And I and on while I am always remiss to Say the government has a solution I'm Also having a little hard time finding The downside Robbie I hear you on news But they could go to or Whatever website they want they don't Have to scroll Twitter so what's the Downside in delaying someone forbidding It uh joining social media until they Have a more developed mindset well I Don't think we should pretend that just Having a law that bans it is actually Going to stop them from getting around This policy in fact many social media

Companies do technically have the policy They're not supposed to be on it what do We say to the idea that what the Government is going to be checking your Age you and Ai and you know with grown Adults when they sign on to social media I'm really afraid maybe this is the Crazy libertarian in me but of giving The government more information on us We've seen so much pressure brought from The FBI the CDC everyone to social media Companies that had really pernicious Effects over the last few years over the Elections over the covid time period and I'm really worried about about you know What information not just foreign Governments but our own government is Collecting on us via social media would That make this better I think this might Actually make it a lot worse and I do Not trust whatever agencies are going to Be charged with to saying well you're Responsible enough for social media but Not you seems worrying to me I think That's a great point that is a great Point who do you trust in the government To oversee anything much less the the Growth of your child but you know I Don't know we have seen every single Metric negative metric depression Suicide whatever Skyrocket about Starting with a real strong correlation With the adoption of social media Somebody needs to do something about

This Robbie great to talk to you tonight Thank you thank you hey Sean Hannity Here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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