This Hunter Biden news could lead to indictments: Concha

This Hunter Biden news could lead to indictments: Concha

Fox News contributor Joe Concha discusses a report that Sec. Antony Blinken worked to discredit the Hunter Biden laptop story before the 2020 presidential election. #FoxNews

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And things are looking so good for President Biden we're hoping and hearing That new testimony that officials at the Very top of the administration including Secretary of State Anthony blinken Organized that letter that more than 50 Former intelligence officials signed to Discredit the hunter Biden laptop story Right before the 2020 presidential Election Anita Vogel has the details on This good morning Anita well good Morning Ashley of course we all remember That Infamous letter that came out right Before the election signed by 51 former Intelligence officials stating that the Hunter Biden laptop story was nothing More than Russian disinformation now We've learned through testimony from Former CIA deputy director Michael Morrell that Secretary of State Anthony Blinken played a key role in creating That letter before he became Secretary Of State House Judiciary chairman Jim Jordan and house intelligence committee Chairman Mike Turner sent a letter to Blink in Thursday letting him know that That their panels are looking into this Looking into this part of the letter Saying quote the Biden campaign played An active role in the origins of the Public statement which had the effect of Helping to suppress the hunter Biden Story and preventing American citizens From making a fully informed decision

During the 2020 presidential election This has been political from the get-go Clear back to the morel situation when The story came out on October 14 2020 About the Biden business operation and Was then Vice President Joe Biden Involved there was some concern that That he was and then quickly it turns in This political operation that letter Became the basis for keeping this Information from the American people And now an IRS whistleblower claiming That attorney general Merrick Garland is The senior political appointee at the Center of his claims that the Biden Administration is thwarting and Interfering with the hunter Biden Criminal probe My clients are career law enforcement Officer who is respected within the IRS And he teaches other agents how to Properly do investigations he knows when To spot when other invest when Investigative steps aren't done in the Traditional way to get at the truth and He is spotted and observed things that Are done differently in in this Particular matter and he believes that They were influenced by politics The White House didn't have much to say When asked about the Whistleblower Seeking protections President respects the rule of law and And the independence of the Department

Of Justice he believes that's what they Should be in this Administration we Believe that it should be independent so I'm not going to go beyond that Department of justice will certainly Deal with this issue And for his part Merrick Garland has Repeatedly claimed under oath that there Would be no political interference in The hunter Biden probe but through his Attorney The Whistleblower says he has Information to contradict Garland's Statements and if it can be proven that Garland was not telling the truth Ashley He could face jail time Todd and Ashley That's a real big deal Anita thank you With that let us bring in Fox News Contributor Joe Concha Joe we've been Covering the hunter Biden Saga for years Now of all the developments doesn't this One feel like this is the one that's Going to blow the lid off not just Hunter but Joe blinken Garland and the Like the biggest I would say Todd Because here you have an actual Whistleblower within the government who Doesn't have a stake in one side or the Other right when a republican makes a Claim about Hunter Biden the mainstream Media primarily ignores it here this is Something that cannot be ignored except It is being ignored you look at the home Pages of the New York Times CNN Washington Post ABC NBC no talk of this

Whatsoever CBS kudos to them at least They covered it on their evening news But outside of fox not many people are Talking about this right now but they Can't avoid it because this could Eventually lead to indictments Indictments not only of Hunter Biden but Also as Alicia excuse me as Anita just Talked about uh obviously Merrick Garland could be culpable here as well So this is a very very big deal because We're talking about the hunter Biden Story is more about Joe Biden than it is About Hunter Biden and is the sitting President of the United States Compromised by the likes of China Russia Ukraine we're going to find out a lot More I have a feeling you really can't Put together a newscast in good Conscious if the Attorney General Somehow gets indicted or in serious Trouble and not include that as your Story but what also stood out to me not Only is the mainstream media not cover Covering this with the exception of CBS But there are calls from so many on the Left to go after the IRS whistleblower For doing the whistleblowing in the Perfect manner following all the Protocols and procedures what do you Make of that instinct from so many on The left to be like we need to get the Whistleblower it shows that it's like a Third rail with Hunter Biden right the

Forbidden fruit is to cover this story And it always was from the beginning Right well when the laptop and all its Contents came out in October of 2020 Before that election somehow there was This this meme that went out this Narrative that said you cannot cover This and since then we've seen that but Again this is so big that it's going to Be unavoidable at some point a big Problem for Joe Biden and he's about to Announce he's going to run for 2024 in Terms of his re-election I would hope There'd be more questions asked of him On the campaign Trail we'll see this is A real serious story the one we're about To go to this is our fun story of the Day vice president Harris taking a very Important question from a 10 year old Yesterday watch Would you go into space and if you had The chance is that a request To space if I could I actually and there Are people in my on my team who do know That but um sadly I think that that that There are those who would prefer that I Would stay on Earth for the time oh yet Joe somehow her handlers she herself Thought it was a good idea to combine Kids and space talk after this Infamous Incident watch again all right I just Love the idea of exploring the unknown And then there's other things that we Just haven't figured out or discovered

Yet to think about so much that's out There that we still have to learn like I Love that I love that and so I'm very Excited about the space Council Why Joe why This is the reason why Joe Biden is Running And in his 80s because Kamala Harris Clearly is not only not plan B she's not Even plan Z at this point based on these Cringe-worthy answers that we see time And time again she's just not authentic Anybody laughs after their own jokes That's your sign of during a happy hour After every time they say something get Away from that personally as possible Yes well speaking of running I mean to Your point that's why Biden's running Again and look at all the people that Could be compromised by topic one we Just had yeah if all those people are Gone the person who's in the second Topic really takes a much more active Role in you know our entire nation happy Friday everybody I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart And click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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