‘This is a gut punch’: Biden to announce 2024 bid amid ‘devastating’ poll

'This is a gut punch': Biden to announce 2024 bid amid 'devastating' poll

President Biden is expected to announce his 2024 re-election bid in a pre-taped video on Tuesday. #FoxNews

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All right let's talk about the election Because Um it's being reported that Joe Biden is Supposed to announce tomorrow tomorrow Through a pre-taped video yeah He's too busy to go live he's got to Pre-tape it just in case there's a Mistake apparently uh when Joe Biden Returned from Ireland last week uh they Immediately started filming and it's Gonna be this video that you're gonna See tomorrow probably everywhere it's Going to run between 90 seconds and two Minutes long and uh it sounds like Joe Does some talking directly into the Camera sounds like he did it there in Delaware and uh you know it passes Prologue he will make the announcement From Delaware no details really have Been announced but we do know and we Were talking about this last week Joe Biden declared he was going to run for President uh in 2019 on April 25th and He's a very superstitious guy it worked Out for him so we believe that tomorrow Somewhere probably in Delaware Joe Biden Is going to say you know what we've had A good four years I want four more right I don't know what two and a half years He was looking at but let's just say That maybe that'll be in the speech the Other thing I think he'll use that uh um I don't have any sources on this but my Gut tells me he's going to use that clip

When he when he gives advice to the Irish children to my advice for you is a Jesse Helm story and get a covet shot I'm pretty sure that would be in if he's Going to shoot in Ireland but this NBC Poll has to be devastating and I'm sure They hope this would not come out 48 Hours before he's about to say I want Four more years and that is when Democrats are asked do you want President Trump excuse me President Biden to run again 70 percent say no When you break it down 18 to 34 year Olds 76 percent say no if you voted for Sanders or Warren 64 say no and that They asked the 2020 voters of Joe Biden Who voted for him 53 say that they would They don't want him to run again that's That's got to be a gut bunch and almost Half of them say the reason it's his age That's a major concern for 48 eight Percent of them that's right uh you Brian you mentioned uh Donald Trump for A moment and uh according to Saint Paul A thousand people were queried sixty Percent say Donald Trump should not run Um right now uh according to this NBC Poll uh it looks as if they were asked Who do you support would you support uh Joe Biden or the Republican 41 say they Would vote for Joe Biden 47 percent said They would vote for the Republican Nominee obviously we don't know who the Republican nominee would be at this

Point but right now we know that in the Polls Donald Trump has been leading it's Interesting there was a Wall Street Journal poll that came out over the Weekend by Tony Fabrizio that he's the Pollster for Donald Trump uh Ron DeSantis is leading Joe Biden by three And Donald Trump is trailing Joe Biden By three but in the NBC News poll if you Look at Trump and DeSantis 46 percent of The GOP Primary voters favor Trump 31 Percent said they would select DeSantis And this Falls right in the middle of James Comer the congressman Investigating Hunter Biden and his Business deals and which family members Were involved he said we went to Treasury after a large family it's a big Family it is he says the Christmas card There's not going to be anyone in the Christmas photo this year he went to Treasury after a long battle he says Just to have access to the treasury Reports and he thought there were going To be one or two bidens that were Implicated in these Bank violations he Said we poured over thousands of pages Of documents and we now have nine and We're still counting Biden family Members who were zinged by at least one Bank for receiving suspicious wires Listen to this from adversaries around The world he's saying what were they Doing to get paid there's no Rhyme or

Reason for some of them to get money From our adversaries yeah here's James Comer Well right now we have nine but I Believe in the end that number will be At least 12. I mean this was the Biden Family uh influence peddling scheme and And you know when people say well they Were involved in Ventures around the World I haven't found a legitimate Business on the Biden in Maria I found Legitimate businesses that that were Paying the llc's that were then turning Around and laundering the money back to The bidens what do you do with this many Family members of the president I mean There's not going to be anybody left for A Christmas picture if the doj did their Job and went in there and indicted Everyone that that has any type of Fingerprints involved in this influence Peddling scheme I mean it's the entire Family yeah if you look at uh if you Look at overall what's happening you Don't see a lot of Democrats uh saying That this is a Witch Hunt anymore I Watched every Sunday show now everybody Said we got to find out what this Whistleblower has to say about this uh They're not just saying that it's a wild Witch on to to stop him from running Again in fact the New York Times wrote This the only thing I could say when the President says people have questions

About him he says the only thing uh he Says is watch me but they say Mr Biden Has given voters very few chances to do Just that watch him his refusal to Engage with the public regularly raises Questions about his age The Wall Street Journal says the artoro board says they Have history their very strong statement Said the public understands that Biden Apparently won't admit the elect that Electing an octagarian an obvious Decline for another four years would be A historic mistake so you have the Family issues the performance issues That horrible display over and over Again in Ireland embarrassing as the World is closing in on us and China Threat has never been more concerning Kellyanne Conway says all this stuff Adding in the hunter Scandal let alone The fact that the stripper mom is suing Hunter evidently and trying to serve him Because he's not paying child he's Hiding out at the white house because of That that is adding to Joe Biden's woes Listen I think that this is going to hurt Turnout for Joe Biden and Joe Biden Needs a very high turnout election for Him to win a second term that or a third Party candidate that allows him to Squeak by with about 43 percent of the Vote this is very troubling to many Independent voters why are voters

Independent it's because that they don't Like Republicans Or democrats they don't Like what goes on in Washington now People call themselves independent not Because they're not paying attention to Politics but because they are he lost Independence over Afghanistan they don't Approve of him more than disapprove on Any core issue they're going to be the First ones to vote against Joe Biden Because of this family Scandal Opera we Now have a Biden scandalabra okay so Last week when we last saw you on Friday We told you about this whistleblower who Apparently has asked for a whistleblower Protection from Congress so they can Tell the story about how somebody and it Sounds like it is the Attorney General Of the United States has been Misrepresenting uh the hunter case and Perhaps uh giving bad information which Is terrible coming from our attorney General now we also know and we detailed This earlier that apparently it's going To be this week the same week that his Father declares he's running for Reelection that Hunter and his lawyers Are going to meet with the U.S attorney And the Department of Justice up in Delaware talking about that tax case Against him and also potential criminal Gum charges for filing a false statement When he was applying for a gun so the Confluence of all these stories all at

Once you got a whistleblower you got the AG maybe protecting Hunter Biden you got Hunter Biden going in to talk to the U.S Attorney David Weiss up in Delaware keep In mind this all came that meeting was Set up before the Whistleblower was Announced and so it's apparently it's One of those things that uh defense Attorneys do there's no suggestion uh Charges are coming but nonetheless this Is a big week both good and bad for the Bidens yeah and we have the Intel Community saying that they signed that Letter that it was Russian Disinformation the hunter Biden story Right before the election uh Mike Because I got a call hey can you help us Get reelected or get elected exactly From Anthony blinken who worked for the Biden campaign who's now our secretary Of state Mike Pence was also asked when Is he going to throw his hat in the in The race if he decides to he says it Will be no later than June right uh Sununu says he'll make a call too before July 4th I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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