This is ‘terrible news’ for Biden: Kellyanne Conway

This is ‘terrible news’ for Biden: Kellyanne Conway

Fox News contributor Kellyanne Conway and former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus join ‘Hannity’ to discuss the polls finding voters view former President Trump’s record more favorably to President Biden’s. #foxnews

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[Music] All right so as Joe uh Biden's poll Numbers continue plummeting even the New York Times they can't hide how bad Things are looking for Joe ahead of 24 And that means November 5th a new poll By times and Sienna College ask voters If they generally remember the time that Donald Trump and Joe Biden were each President as mostly good or mostly bad Years for America 42% of Voters say they Remember the Trump presidency is mostly Good look at the part only 25% can say The same thing about Joe Biden 46% Almost half of Voters say the Biden Presidency has been mostly bad for America here with reaction Fox News Contributor kellyanne Conway former White house chief of staff Ry prous Kellyanne you're the poller add that to The the demographic shift and the loss Of the base that Joe is experiencing of His Coalition not good for him Oh it's terrible news poll after poll by Any allet basically says the same thing What's important about the question you Just showed Sean is the way that polling Question is framed is precisely the way The question is framed by the voter as He or she goes into November they're Basically saying it's a binary choice I Can judge both Biden and Trump as Presidents who have had a record on Inflation on the border on crime on

Ukraine on the Middle East on anything They want to examine they're going to Compare that that's a 30 Point Differential Joe Biden is negative – 21 25 mostly good 20 uh 42 mostly bad 46 Mostly bad Donald Trump is plus n it's a 30o differential and it's also reflected In the swing state polls what this says To me as a pollster is voters are mostly Nostalgic about hungry for and poised to Vote and support the Donald Trump Presidency again this fall I think Trump 2024 is the best of 2016 Ryan and I were There the hunger the Swagger the Underdog underestimated Donald Trump With that 4-year record as president and People you know the Democrats are going To overplay it on abortion on January 6 2021 we've had January 26 we've had January 6 2022 23 24 since then and Voters are saying every single January 6 Since then I've been less prosperous Less safe more nervous and things just Seem more chaotic more crisis ridden and Less Fair to me and my family and now RS On trial um i' I've been saying that Trump has now divide basically defied All conventional political gravity up to This point they arrest them as poll Numbers go up is that going to happen When they try him Joe certainly can't Run on the question of whether you're Better off than you were four years ago With a straight face so January 6 is

Abortion uh democracy and Peril and Republicans are racist sex Etc will that Work in this economic environment will That work with the world basically on Fire in large part because he's Abdicated America's role on the world Stage well definitely not in this case Um you know interesting speaking of These polls on your Question the media hasn't taken notice Of one thing even though we've been Talking about it quite a bit but the Mainstream media I mean the issue of Democracy I mean they've spent years Talking about the fact that Donald Trump Is a threat to democracy yet in all These polls both Biden is either worse Than Joe than Trump on this issue or or They're tied and why is that they're They're tied because there's actually Half the country that sees Disqualification through litigation as Bad they see a border that has no uh you Know that's a open Floodgate is bad they See Sanctuary cities as bad they see 87,000 IRS agents as bad lawlessness in The streets are bad right now 26% of the American people aren't even Paying attention to these cases but if They are the one line that in president Trump when he walked out of the Courtroom today and I watched it a Couple times the the thing that he said That's that's the most obvious and

Speaks to those 26% of the people that Are paying attention as he said we've Got lawlessness and crime outside of This courtroom and we've got 14 Prosecutors inside the courtroom and the American people pay attention to that so I think that um this is not the case This is not the case and if I could bet On Draft Kings and AC quiddle was a Choice I'd probably take that Bet well we'll see 203 days to go Perfect time to start start a trial from 8 years ago when the statute of Limitations passed we'll continue Straight ahead hey Sean Hannity here hey Click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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