Tom Cotton demands immediate dismissal of Trump indictment: ‘It’s a joke’

Tom Cotton demands immediate dismissal of Trump indictment: 'It's a joke'

Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton explains why the Trump indictment is a ‘joke’ and expresses support for Speaker McCarthy’s meeting with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen. #foxnews

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Thank you thank you thanks guys [Applause] Hey everyone to answer any questions or Address the Press just Giggles President Biden laughing off questions on the Trump indictment Senator Tom Cotton Joins us now to react Senator is it okay For the president is it okay for the Press secretary not to comment on this No Brian this is no laughing matter Never before in American history has the Party in power targeted a former President with criminal charges such an Unprecedented step should not be taken Lightly but the indictment of Donald Trump is a joke it should be dismissed Immediately first off the so-called Criminal charges are Beyond New York's Five-year statute of limitations second The the legal theory is completely Flawed they're claimant I guess since The indictment is so blank on the matter Is that Donald Trump should have used Campaign funds for a personal matter but The Department of Justice even the Federal Election Commission has refused To bring federal election criminal Charges here and then finally consider The evidence here you have the testimony Of a woman who is repeatedly Contradicted herself on this matter and Then the testimony not just of any Convicted criminal but a man who was Convicted for lying under oath this

Matter ought to be dismissed immediately What are the distractions for the Country cost uh maybe 200 million Dollars for this city that's already 13 Billion in deficit after caught four Percent of its budget across the board Writing checks to an understaffed Police Department who are told to work for five Straight days in full uniform incredibly Stupid uh and that's the uh that is Alvin Bragg now impactful things are Happening in real life and not the ones We've been in the bipartisan group of Centers I didn't even know this met Quietly with the Taiwanese president it Was you were not there and have Kevin McCarthy sit down that'll be today with The Taiwanese president China warned us Not to do it can you tell us anything That emerged from yesterday's meeting Well Brian it's very common for Taiwanese presidents to Transit through The United States they don't come on Official state visits because of our Unique relationship with Taiwan but this Is very common there's many historic Precedents with it in the past Um unfortunately President Biden and the White House is going out of their way to Minimize this visit to say it's merely a Private visit not to defend the rights Of senators and congressmen to meet with President Tsai and that includes Democrats because there was a Democratic

Senator who met with her as well this is Exactly what happened last summer as Well when Nancy Pelosi went on what is a Routine and common trip for a legislator To travel to Taiwan I've done so myself As well and again President Biden Minimized the entire thing he didn't Stand up for the rights of members of Congress that only emboldened China that Encourage them to take provocative Actions but I strongly stand with Senators who have met with President Sai And with speaker McCarthy and I would Urge President Biden to make it clear to China not only only are we going to Continue this practice but we will stand Up to any provocation that China Undertakes in the Western Pacific Because of these meetings Senator we Have pledged to get them the defensive Weapons they need to defend themselves And that's about three years now they're Blaming it on supply chain issues we Know that supply chain issues but is That really the cause of why Taiwan Doesn't have the arms they paid for No Brian I think one of the main causes Here is President Biden again is Projecting weakness he's trying to Conciliate with Xi Jinping and every Time that America even announces a Weapons delivery then China gets angry And China denounces the action and President Biden again you've seen for

His first two years in office continues To try to find ways to appease the Chinese you know they sent a spy balloon All across America just a couple months Ago the Secretary of State canceled a Meeting with his counterpart as a result Of that but then just a few weeks later At a conference in Europe he went Running after him so they could have a Meeting this is just another example of President Biden's weakness towards China And by the way their dishonesty in Telling us that they weren't able to get Anything substantial as they did figure Eights across many of our military bases Until we shot it down after it crossed Our country so there there's I hope There's going to be investigations on That Senator Tom Cotton thanks so much Thank you Brian I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart And click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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