Top Biden Spox John Kirby Unable To Fully Detail “Endgame” For U.S. Support Of Ukraine

Top Biden Spox John Kirby Unable To Fully Detail "Endgame" For U.S. Support Of Ukraine

Comments made on 1/22/24.

After last week's meeting on Ukraine Here at the white house uh the Speaker Of the House implied that President Biden uh did not articulate uh Articulate a clear strategy for Ukraine So does the White House have one and What quoting speaker Johnson is the end Game for Ukraine uh look I I can't uh I can't Speak uh to what the The speaker has heard or read or Understood from the countless Discussions that we've had with members Of Congress about Ukraine and what we're Trying to do here um it's it's been Pretty transparent pretty clear we want Ukraine to win this war as the president Has said we want a whole prosperous Sovereign Ukraine we want Ukraine's Borders internationally established Borders to be fully recognized by Everybody and that includes Mr Putin uh And we want to be able to continue to Give Ukraine the support that it needs So that it can so that it can achieve Those outcomes and we've been nothing But clear about that I mean and with Every package that's gone out to Ukraine There's been a consultation with Congress there's been a conversation We've been very clear about this uh and We have talked to the ukrainians Throughout this last two years it's hard To believe we're coming up on two years

Uh meeting their needs along the way we Want to continue to do that

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