Trump 2024 challenger torches indictment: ‘Dark day’ for America

Trump 2024 challenger torches indictment: 'Dark day' for America

2024 Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramswamy reacts to the indictment of former President Donald Trump, discusses the A.I. debate and touches on his bid for the White House. #foxnews

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Sandra President Biden was supposed to Meet with the Science and Technology Advisors today amid growing concerns Over the rapid explosion of artificial Intelligence programs and the possible Dangers connected with them but that Meeting has been rescheduled for next Week meanwhile China is moving Full Speed Ahead to develop AI pushing the Envelope to compete with the United States joining us now is Republican Presidential candidate Vivek ramaswamy To talk more about this first of all Though before we get into AI you are a Presidential candidate one of only three Declared in the Republican side one of Your fellow candidates indicted last Night your response so it would be Convenient for many people running Against Donald Trump if he were Compromised or not in this race but I'm Speaking as an American when I say this Is a national disaster we should not Want to live in a country John where the Party in power uses police power to Arrest its political opponents and Especially in a prosecution that's as Politicized as this one Alvin Bragg made A campaign promise to investigate Trump This is a prosecutor deliver covering on A campaign promise charging something as A felony through an untested legal Theory tying it to a federal law that He's not responsible for enforcing that

Is example of politicized persecution Through prosecution and the thing I fear As an American this isn't even about Defending Trump this is about defending The principles of this country because If they can do it to Trump they can do It to anybody and I think this is a dark Day dark moment in American history that I'm worried about do you think this Helper hurts us came back I don't know I'm not a political analyst I haven't Even stopped to think about exactly even Processing the political consequences of This yet but on first principles just Speaking as an American yes we all want To run and occupy that white house but We want to do it because we want to Protect the principles on which this Country was founded and this is a step In the wrong direction let me switch Gears into go over to AI which I know is Of great interest to you you tweeted About it yesterday you said quote it's a Mistake to play God with unfettered AI And we've seen this movie before with Gator function research in the name of Preventing Global pandemics fauci had All created one but here's the challenge Just like last time even if the U.S Curtails the problem China won't Tech CEOs as we know are urging the six-month Pause in AI do you expect that China Would agree to that or is China going to Move false team ahead I think China is

And will continue to move full steam Ahead and this is the Chinese model Right get the West to apply constraints To itself say emissions cap so when it Comes to carbon emissions without Applying those same constraints to China So here's my view unlike in the carbon Debate which I'm actually a big believer That we need to abandon the climate cult In this country in this case the problem And the threats posed by AI could be Very real and so I agree with the tech Founders who signed this letter insofar As they're pointing out the problem but I don't think the solution is for the United States to take any steps unless China and others are really marching to That same beat borrowing from the Framework say of nuclear arms Non-proliferation treaties and the Compliance measures that go with it but I do think there are some real risks That we will have to Grapple with but The right answer is not for the United States to do it when China is unwilling To do the same one of the big things That you have been fighting against in Your personal life and I know it's a Central plank of your presidential Campaign is wokism I mean you you Literally wrote the book on it there's The book woke Inc some Republicans have A difficult time defining woke or woke Us what is it to you yes awokeness

Basically says that you're identified in Part on the genetic characteristics you Inherit on the day you're born race Gender and sexual orientation Specifically and that you're either a Member of an oppressor category or an Oppressed category based on those Genetic characteristics agree or not That's what the even proponents of Wokeness would say now I'm against it Because I think that's inherently Divisive and I think that that guts the Shared American identity that we all Share in common regardless of whether We're black bright or brown but one of The things I try to do as an American And as a Critic of wokeness is to make Sure we understand the best Arguments For it articulate them before we Actually tear it down and offer a better Alternative and that's what I'm on a Mission to do in this campaign new Fox News poll out in the last couple love Day shows a snapshot of where the Campaign is let's put it up on the Screen Donald Trump leads the pack with 54 percent Rod DeSantis there 24 uh you Are down in a cluster of candidates at One percent along with Mike Pompeo Christie no I'm Kristen Nunu Chris Christie and ASA Hutchinson all people Who are much better known than you are What are you going to try to do to break Out I mean you did increase from

Asterisk to one percent yep and I think In another poll at the Quinnipiac one we Were at two percent so we started at Zero and we're working our way to one to Two look I'm about exactly where Trump Was when he came down that escalator in June of 2015. this is going to be a Steady climb but I think that pretty Soon it's going to come down to I think The Republican base is hunger for an Outsider and I think that's a correct Hunger because if you really want to Dismantle big parts of the federal Administrative state that is a core part Of my agenda I think something that Trump was focused on you need an Outsider to do it a career politician a Professional politician cannot and will Not get that job done and so I think That by this fall I'm looking at this Being a race between the outsider the Non-professional politicians and I think Any of this polling before the debate Stage doesn't really matter history will Teach us that it's what happens after Those first debates that things really Begin to change but my message for the Country is look I'm going to take that Trump agenda even further to put America First and to do it from a strong moral Foundation as Reagan did to help us ReDiscover our shared national identity That's why I'm in this case I don't know What the the criteria for qualification

For the debate is but that'll be a big Target is for you to be on that debate Steve yeah we fully expect to to be on That and I'm looking forward to it I Think it'll be good for our party and Good for the country Vivek good to have You on good to see you appreciate it Thank you John all right good luck I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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