Trump attorney: This looks like an absolute acquittal

Trump attorney: This looks like an absolute acquittal

Trump attorney Will Scharf weighs in on Michael Cohen’s testimony in NY v. Trump and whether the former president should testify on ‘Fox News Sunday.’ #foxnews #fox

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Hello from Fox News in Washington we Begin with a bream brief tomorrow Morning the criminal trial of former President Trump will resume in Manhattan His onetime attorney and self-described Fixer Michael Cohen will be back on the Stand for more cross-examination by the Defense team the prosecution has Indicated Cohen is likely its Final Witness so who if anyone will the Defense call to the stand what about President Trump he has indicated in the Past he would like to defend himself in Court under oath but doing so would open Him up to questions on all kinds of Other legal issues beyond the case at Hand the judge has directed the legal Teams to be ready for closing arguments As soon as Tuesday meaning it is Possible the case could go to the jury And we get a verdict or other conclusion As early as this week joining us now Trump attorney will sharf who is also Running for Missouri attorney general Welcome back okay you're not part of the Defense team for this New York case Specifically but I got to get to the Question everyone is asking about Whether the former president will take Take the stand um Andrew McCarthy writes This as a witness Trump would have to Address the salacious Stormy Daniels Testimony plus the judges ruled that if Trump testifies prosecutors May inform

The jury that judge Arthur en Goran Ruled in the recent civil fraud case That he committed persistant fraud over Many years and a federal jury found him Liable for defaming egene Carroll I.E For making knowingly false statements Will is he going to do it would you Advise him To well look Shannon I think it's really Important to remember that in a criminal Case the prosecution Bears the burden of Proving Beyond A Reasonable Doubt each And every element of the charged Offenses here I think looking over the Trial record over the last several weeks The prosecution the prosecution has Abjectly failed to prove their case I Think any Fair jury uh reviewing This Record would immediately and unanimously Vote to acquit uh in terms of whether Witnesses will be called in in in Including president Trump uh that's Something that the defense team is going To have to think about after the Prosecution rests but as of now to me This looks like a directed verdict or at The very least an absolute acquittal Just based on the prosecution's total Failure to prove anything even Approximating a crime okay and for Directive verdict that's when the Prosecution rests its case you basically Go to the judge and say they haven't Done it and so let's end the case right

Here in our favor we'll see if that Happens but as we're looking at Potential people to take the stand Robert Costello continues to come up He's somebody who was legal advice to Michael Cohen at one point the attorney Client privilege has been raised so he's Out there giving interviews he says that He gave the brag team hundreds of texts And emails but when he got to the grand Jury they only presented a couple of Them here's part of his Story so I simply said to the Grand Jurors I said you people should demand These documents you should demand to see Everything in chronological order so you Get a real view of what Michael con was Like in those days at that moment in Time I I said and then ask yourself this Question why are they trying to keep These documents from me Mr Costello Sounds very willing to take the stand or Their conversations about prepping him About calling him Possibly well look I think based on Mr Costello's public statements and also His testimony before Congress uh he Would absolutely undercut uh any Remaining credibility of Michael Cohen And and therefore key parts of the Prosecution's case that having been said Though Michael Cohen I believe has just Completed collapsed under the St on the Stand under withering cross-examination

By President Trump's trial team uh so at This moment I don't think there's any Further need to call into question Michael Michael Cohen's credibility Because I think he has none well he's Back on the stand tomorrow morning for Cross-examination we will be dialed in As we're sure you will be too uh Trump Attorney will sharf thanks for your time Great to be with you hey Sean Hannity Here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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