Trump attorney: We’re hopeful this case will be dismissed

Trump attorney: We’re hopeful this case will be dismissed

Trump attorney Will Scharf discusses the misconduct allegations against Fulton County DA Fani Willis and the Supreme Court taking up former President Trump’s immunity case on ‘Sunday Night In America.’ #foxnews #fox

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Welcome back to Sunday night in America Final arguments were made and now a Georgia judge will decide whether the Conduct of fonnie Willis and Nathan Wade Warrants Disqualification but it may be more than Simply who prosecutes the Trump case in Georgia were lawyers who appeared before The grand jury legally empowered to do So would this case be dismissed or tried Or something in between meanwhile the Supreme Court will consider Trump's Presidential immunity claim even as they Also mul the ballot access case it Seemed clear from oral argument Trump Will be back on the B ballot in Colorado But the immunity case is seemingly much More challenging for him joining us now As Trump attorney and Missouri AG Candidate will sharf welcome will thank You so much for being here defense Council it sounded to me like did a good Job of showing a relationship between Willis and Wade and impeaching their Credibility but is it enough to get them Booted from the Case I think the misconduct that we've Seen from fonnie Willis and her lover Prosecutor Nathan Wade uh really shows How corrupt that case has been from the Start uh we're certainly hopeful that That case will be dismissed at the very Least I think judge McAfee was certainly Strongly considering uh dismissing both

Fonny Willis and Nathan Wade from that Case uh based on an appearance of Impropriety at least an appearance of Impropriety so all in all I think it was A very very good day in court uh for President Trump's team down there led by Steve Sow all right so you're a highly skilled Lawyer uh I was a mediocre one but a lot Of our listeners are not lawyers I heard Two different things I heard an Involuntary recusal of the prosecutors But also a potential dismissal of the Indictment so I'll give you three Options this is a trial timing issue and They got to go get brand new prosecutors Or or the indictment itself is in danger Third option being nothing happens but I Don't think that's a realistic One yeah look I think if if Wade and Willis are disqualified uh bringing in New prosecutors could result in any Number of possibilities uh the new Prosecutors might look at the case Decide that it should never have been Brought in the first place which is what We believe uh and just move for its Dismissal uh the judge could also find That their actions have so deeply Corrupted the case uh that it should be Dismissed from the bench uh one way or The other though I think it is highly Highly unlikely that that Georgia case Moves to trial uh before the November

2024 election uh so in terms of its Relevance to this campaign of election Interference being waged against President Trump uh I think it's Certainly been a a a good day a good Week a a good series of events for uh For our team All right let's move to another case Tough facts mate for challenging Arguments we've all been there before You get dealt a bad hand of facts and You do the best you can with them I I Want to understand the president's Argument is the argument that a President who conspires to kill a Political opponent must be impeached and Convicted by the Senate before he or she Can be indicted and tried in criminal Court or what exactly is the argument Well that's not really the argument Trey If a president just killed his political Opponent uh that would be a private act And we're not saying that he would be Immune from prosecution for acts like That after he leaves office what we're Talking about is official acts acts that Fall within the outer perimeter of a President's responsibilities as President and for those acts we believe That a president should have criminal Immunity the same way that the courts Have consistently held that he has civil Immunity in this case in this DC Prosecution what president Trump is

Being prosecuted for is acts that fall Within the core of his Article 2 duties Things like asking the Department of Justice to investigate election fraud Communicating with members of Congress About the same communicating with uh State officials about uh election fraud In the 2020 election these are all Presidential acts and for acts like that Uh we believe that a president would First have to be impeached and convicted By the House and Senate before he could Then be prosecuted that's the constit Tional design that's how our system is Set up uh and we think that Jack Smith The special counsel and his team are Running rough shot over core Constitutional principles uh in their Haste to get Trump all right I got to ask you one Quick legal question I can't afford you For more than one block I can't afford Your rate so I got one more what happens Legally if he's triy convicted after He's elected but before he's sworn In well we don't think that that's going To happen Trey if that were to be the Case uh he would still be able to take Office as as president uh the president Has uh you know he's a constitutional Officer there's ample case law on the Idea that uh the other branches of Government cannot interfere uh with a President's ability to to uh to exercise

His responsibilities under Article 2 uh But again we just think that's highly Highly unlikely president Trump hasn't Done anything wrong here I think that Case is uh is falling apart as we speak And we think it's it's likely that the Supreme Court uh rules for us on Presidential immunity uh and we also Think that the Supreme Court is likely To throw out half that indictment after Hearing fiser which is a case on uh January 6 related case later this spring Uh so all in all that prosecution I Don't think it holds any water at all And I think the the events that you just Described are highly unlikely to come to Pass will Shar loaning us his legal Expertise thank you for joining us on a Sun night look forward to having you Back thanks a lot Trey really appreciate It hey Sean Hannity here hey click here To subscribe to Fox News YouTube page And catch our hottest interviews and Most compelling analysis you will not Get it anywhere Else

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