Trump-Biden rematch would be a ‘get out of jail free card’ for Biden: Thiessen

Trump-Biden rematch would be a 'get out of jail free card' for Biden: Thiessen

Fox News contributor Marc Thiessen joined ‘America’s Newsroom’ to discuss how voters are sending a ‘very clear message’ regarding the 2024 presidential election. #FoxNews

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Meanwhile President Biden expected to Launch his re-election campaign tomorrow Morning you might see that video that by The time we come on the air this despite Some pretty dismal poll numbers Dana one Survey shows 70 percent of Americans That includes 51 percent of Democrats do Not want him to do this Mark Thiessen's Here on that how you doing Marcus good Morning to you here is what the NBC good Morning nearly half of those that say Biden shouldn't run side his age is a Major reason why on screen guys there it Is 48 is a major reason uh more fuel on The fire here New York Times Biden Should take voters concerns about age Seriously it writes concerns about age Both in terms of Fitness for office and Being out of touch with the moment are Legitimate end quote there to you Mr Thiessen how do you see it He's incredibly vulnerable I mean with Those numbers like that he should be Dead on arrival as a presidential Candidate I mean it's 54 I think it's a Disapproval now is 54 percent uh which Is very high and 70 percent of Voters Don't want him to run again the problem Is 60 in that same poll 60 percent of Voters don't want Donald Trump to run Again uh so so voters are sending a very Clear message they want different Choices they don't want a trump Biden Rematch so what happens if we force them

To have that Trump Biden rematch well The Wall Street Journal poll last week Has the answer it said that among voters Who disapprove of both Biden and Trump Biden wins by 50 50 54 to 15 percent So what that means is Swing voters who Dislike Joe Biden dislike Trump even More and so if we force the that the Problem for the Republicans is to win The election they got to get all those Voters who disapprove of Joe Biden to Vote for the Republican nominee and Donald Trump is like a get out of jail Free card for Joe Biden for all the Political consequences of his serial Disasters in office that we should be Wrapping around his neck Republicans Should be wrapping around his neck like Like an albatross okay so um what NBC Points out is that if you have a Trump Buying rematch you would have what they Consider a potentially divisive and Uninspiring general election rematch if That's the case you get low turnout Kellyanne Conway was making the point on The Big Show on Sunday that Joe Biden Needs a big turnout in order to win We'll see whether or not that's the case Back to NBC call for number three NBC News survey finds a combined 41 percent Of registered voters saying they Definitely or probably vote for Biden in The general versus 47 percent who say They'd vote for the eventual Republican

Nominee square that with what you just Describe there mark Yeah well it depends on who that nominee Is it depends on if that's a nominee who They dislike more than Joe Biden I mean Just look at the last midterms which Were sort of a proxy election right so Joe Biden is literally the most Unpopular president in the history of Foley since it said going back all the Way to Harry Truman and he won the mo he Had the best midterm performance of any President going back to John F Kennedy Except for Bush after the 9 11 attacks That wasn't because voters approved of Biden is because they disapproved of the Alternative because we put up so many of These nominees who were their number one Qualification was echoing uh Trump's Election uh election denial so what this Shows is we gotta we got to listen to These swing voters this election is Going to be decided by about 200 000 People in five states uh swing voters Who are going to decide this it's not Going to be decided by by Democratic Primary voters or Republican primary Voters so they've got to turn out the Swing voters are going to decide this And they're sending a very clear signal They don't want either Trump or Biden And so if Republicans Democrats are Going to have Biden so if Republicans Choose somebody other than Trump and and

Don't get me wrong he was a great President but he's he's made himself Toxic to those swing voters if we choose Somebody else then Biden can we can make Biden own all of the all the disasters They see Unleashed on the southern Border on the economy on inflation on Gas prices that's the way to make him Own it I think that comment about 200 000 voters in five states I think it's Very interesting is something we'll Watch it it may be fewer than 200 000. Mark thank you nice to see you Mike Tyson on Monday morning thank you Mark Talk to you later in the week I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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