Trump says he was ‘disappointed’ in Ron DeSantis in this moment

Trump says he was 'disappointed' in Ron DeSantis in this moment

‘Fox & Friends’ co-host Lawrence Jones shares takeaways from his conversation with former President Trump about Ron DeSantis’ move to suspend his campaign, the state of the border and his day-one priorities. #FoxNews

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If Biden instead of going to the beach And destroying everything if he went to The beach and did nothing just slept you Know he goes to the beach because one of His consultant thinks he looks good in The bathing suit you Know ah there you go Lawrence caught up With former president Donald Trump in Rochester New Hampshire ahead of the First in the nation primary Lawrence Tell us about It yeah I had the opportunity to catch Up with the former president he was Jovial he was happy and he loves the Diners because of the reaction that he Gets from the people in the diners I had The opportunity to talk with the President this is what he had to say Watch accordingly I am today suspending My campaign Ronda santis is getting out Of the race yeah my question to you is Is there a moment where y'all can come Back together because y'all really were Friends before is that possible well you Know I endorsed him I didn't know him as Well as you might think but I did Endorse him and I had some uh fun with It because I watched somebody who was Not in the race and all of a sudden he Was in the race and then he did a good Job as Governor so I was happy with that But I was disappointed when they asked Him whether or not he'd run and he said I have no comment because to me when you

Say no comment that means you're running And we took it uh I think I took it Quite seriously and it doesn't matter Now because he uh got out so that's Water under the bridge now between Totally as far as I'm concerned look he Endorsed me people say there's Similarities between you and Ronda santz They're not saying the same thing Between you and Nikki Haley would she be Anywhere near your Administration I Don't know I mean I just can't say it But I don't want to rule people out There's no reason to rule people out but I think it's highly unlikely um I will Say this a lot of people in the base Magga is 90 95% you have some rhinos Left but they're like on a resuscitator Do you know what a resuscitator is you Probably don't but they're you know Barely breathing so we'll see what Happens uh I think that we're going to Have a tremendous Tuesday and we're Going to have a great result just like We did in Iowa let's talk about Immigration because I'm a Texon this has Been impacting my state ter terrible Isn't it amazing that Biden for three Years has been trying to justify the Invasion of our Country the destruction of our country And you know what yesterday for the First time I said did you see this Interview because you know when he gets

Up to interview people he has not too Much idea the hell he is but he actually Said no the border is not safe I Couldn't believe it he finally said that After 15 million people poured into our Country because I think the real number Is probably it's going to be 15 million By the time he's finished destroying our Country and we're going to have the Largest deportation because you cannot There's just no way it can be justified Lawrence there's no way it's sustainable It is not a sustainable situation our Border is the worst Border in the History of the world I believe I I Believe it's the most unsafe border There has never been a border in history For any country including third world Countries and banana republics that's Again that's a stage Beyond third world Okay uh that's been anywhere near this This is a a disaster for our country I Really think this is time now for Everybody our country to come together Your last victory speech you were very Calm you have this different message of Unity right now what is that about tell Me about not right now no I haven't I Haven't done anything with uh I would Say that with Nikki I haven't done Anything I'm very upset with her she Said I would never run he was a great President I would he she worked for me Like for two and a half years and she

Was okay not great she was okay but she Said to everybody in fact when she left I would never run against the president He was a great president on day one Joe Biden ripped up the Border yeah terrible Put regulations back in place what's a Day one like of a trump president see Part two okay you're going to number one We're going to have the same border and Even stronger if possible we had the Best Border in the history of our Country we're going to have that within 30 days we'll have that back have all The people ready to go Tom homman people That you know we have the best people They're going to all ready to go in fact He said he's coming back into into Government if I get elected but Brandon Jud all these guys are phenomenal but They have to be you know let let them do Their job so the border and drill baby Drill we're going to get rid of Inflation very quickly we're going to be Drilling like you've never seen before We're going to get and we're going to Start paying down debt because we have More Liquid Gold under our feet than any Other country in the world including Saudi Arabia and Russia so we're going To take care of that then we're going to Take care of crime we're going to Rebuild our cities we have so many great Things we're going to be Doing guys obviously there there was a

Lot of you know information that we got With the president but the one thing That I was so impressed you got Nate the Grae that was shooting the interview and The president wanted to mic himself up He goes can I do the piece of tape and He said in a in a past life he used to Mic people up so I found that Fascinating that that it wasn't just the Interview of talking policy and him Against Ronda s him against n Nikki Haley but he was very personable Yesterday so right the other thing is Always likes to take control of the Lighting too yeah he was like no no that That light doesn't B that that's way too Powerful you got to back that up he'll Take control Bri Believe it or believe It or not he loved the lighting Yesterday he did he loved the lighting He normally switches it up loved it Indeed Lawrence thank you very much Great from uh the Red Arrow Diner there In conquered

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