Tulsi warns Tucker how taxes could fund puberty blockers on military bases

Tulsi warns Tucker how taxes could fund puberty blockers on military bases

Tulsi Gabbard explains how health providers at U.S. military bases are promoting puberty blockers to children with gender dysphoria on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

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Tulsi gabbard ran for president in 2020 Served in the Congress from Hawaii and Of course continues to serve in the US Military Congressman thank you so much For coming on tonight Um this does seem well not only Something we're going to be deeply Ashamed of in 10 years but also way out Of the scope of the military's Mission Uh completely you know when we look at What these DOD Physicians are advocating For it's just the latest of the Taxpayer-funded mandatory woke education Training programs that they now want to Put in place across the entire DOD Healthcare System and saying that hey if There are any military members who have Children who come and present themselves With gender dysphoria symptoms as they Say they're literally in that article They say that the only Pathway to treat These children is to immediately uh Prescribe these these hormones these These abusive hormones and procedures on These on these children and often Without even notifying the parents that This is this is going on the the good News in this is that there are about 50 Percent of DOD Affiliated Physicians who Are saying hey look I don't care what Kind of training you give we refuse to Do this we refuse to comply with this The bad news is there are half of DOD Affiliated doctors who are just willing

To go along with it well this is what Poses My beg your pardon You can use the VA as a veteran right Would you be comfortable getting Medical Care from someone who believed this I Mean I for me no and I think a lot of Parents in the military my brothers and Sisters uniform would also have very Serious concerns and that's really goes To uh understanding this is not this is Not a done deal this is not a hopeless Cause we need to take action and make Sure that DOD and Congress does three Very specific things number one Stop this training tell the dod we're Not going to give you a single penny Unless you stop this training from Occurring number two the dod needs to Get rid of these Physicians who are Essentially activists promoting this Ideology within the dod Healthcare System and number three four you know my Brothers and sisters in uniform in the Military who are very concerned about Your children as well as parents who are Concerned about school health counselors And others talk to your physician talk To your pediatrician talk to your school Health counselor make sure they're on The same page and that they're not one Of these 50 percent who are just willing To go along this woke agenda that is Being so abusive to our kids so rather

Than just I've got a frog in my throat Talking about this is a problem I beg Your pardon but rather than just Complain about it you have three Solutions defund the training yes get Rid of people who were not obviously Emotionally qualified to dispense Medical Care yes crazy doctor seven Years old Tucker seven years old they're Saying kids are equipped to make this Decision for themselves you to sterilize Themselves for life that's that's insane Definition of and then speak the truth Exactly Chelsea gabbard I am really grateful That you're brave enough to say that in Public thanks for having me in this Moment thank you good to see you very Much

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