U.S. embassy staff, families evacuated from Sudan

U.S. embassy staff, families evacuated from Sudan

Reporter Alexandria Hoff reports the latest on the evacuation. #FoxNews

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[Music] Straight to a Fox News Alert violence Escalating in Sudan overnight the U.S Military airlifting its Embassy staff And their families from the country the Maintaining its level four do not travel Advisory as airport shutdown and roads Are blocked off Alexandria Hoff joins us Live from Washington good morning Good morning will Rachel petewell U.S Government employees have been evacuated There are still thousands of Americans Caught in the crosswire of this violent Power struggle in Sudan last night President Biden confirmed that the U.S Was temporary temporarily suspending Operations there as a fighting in Sudan's capital of Khartoum and other Cities has raged on into a second week Now defense secretary Lloyd Austin Called the evacuation of U.S military Personnel U.S diplomatic Personnel a Successful operation additional Countries and the United Nations Mobilized to remove diplomatic staff as Well that took place last night through This morning but time is running out for Anybody who wants to get out of this Country if it has not happened yet air Traffic has been halted the airport Pummeled by shelling their roadblocks as You can see in place complete chaos in The nation of 45 million people running Out of food and medicine right now

There's little access to Medical Care as More than two-thirds of Sudan's Hospitals are out of service and According to the United Nations looters Have stolen at least 10 world food Program Vehicles those were there to Help in addition a large Food Market in Darfur that also served as a camp for Displaced people was burned yesterday Nearly 600 people have reportedly lost Their lives so far in this conflict and It's one that President Biden called Last night belligerent demanding that Unconditional ceasefire must be Implemented in that humanitarian access Has to be allowed in that country Sudan Is now entering a second week once again Of violence as the Army and a Paramilitary group called Rapids rapid Support forces battle for control of the Country the two sides actually used to Be allies seizing power together at a Coup two years ago now they are fighting Over which side's general would be the One to lead the country's military and This morning the New York Times is Reporting that the two sides are Accusing each other of standing in the Way of evacuation efforts for other Foreign diplomats guys all right thank You Alexandria so tense moments there in The Horn of Africa we've all been Learning a little more about Sudan this Morning what I think is interesting or

Important is that this has been Described as an existential War both of These sides Um see this is a zero-sum game so Somebody has to be eliminated yeah there Was a general and there was his deputy And they made a deal together to depose The existing government which had been There for about 30 years in 2019 then They turned on each other when there was Not a power sharing Arrangement that Could work and you look in that map Right now I mean Sudan's the third Largest country in Africa it's got a Substantial land border with the Red Sea A lot of Trade goes through that area it's got Alliances with China with Russia we've Tried to build relationships there as Well it's got a substantial islamist Background as well although the Government tried to go secular we'll see What happens out of this but it's a Civil war right now between two generals Trying to control that Capital yeah and Libya is playing a role in this because There is the general hospital He leads the Libyan National Army in Libya and he is pretty close with the Rapid support forces leader hempty and So it looks like they're getting help From each other and of course this is an Important area with lots of routes for Drugs and

Um and other you know things moving Through there so a lot of people want to Control that that area and want to align With whoever they think is going to win Yeah the external influence is also Something to keep our eye on Russia's Tried to make entrees into that into That country as you point out P its Importance with that with that border on The red C makes it something that can Control trade or drugs or terrorism Going through yes that that area and in Fact that's what's highlighted in the Washington Post look at this headline Wagner group surges in Africa as U.S Influence Fades leak reveals now this is Tied to the leak uh from here in America With that Air National Guardsman Jack Teshara this is where this information Comes from the Washington Post goes on To say the Wagner group is moving Aggressively to establish Confederation Of anti-western states in Africa and the Russian mercenaries found in instability While using their paramilitary and Disinformation capabilities to bolster Moscow's allies according to those Leaked secret U.S intelligence documents We reference Wagner group there are Several times I don't want to take for Granted anyone knows what that is it's Fascinating um Pete Wagner group Mercenaries employed by Vladimir Putin Paramilitary plausible deniability from

The Kremlin but they're they're much Like the rgc in Iran they're meant to Export the interests of Russia just like Iran uses paramilitary forces to do the Same they go into countries either Bolster regimes they like or destabilize Regimes they don't like all in the Interests of Russia and these leaks have Suggested the Wagner group is not to Leave the new cycle where you know our Eyes are focused on Sudan but the Wagner Group's playing as far away from home as Places like Haiti right on our border Here with the United States right and The Wagner group also closely aligned With that Libyan group The Libyan Military National Army group led by haftar so Lots of connections to that as well so We evacuated Embassy Personnel on some Chinooks although thousands of Americans Still there stranded amongst that Civil War unsurprising considering how many Were left behind in Afghanistan as well Tragic we think about them today if we Get developments we'll bring it to you This morning yeah we'll give you Developments on who's able to evacuate And who's not because not everyone has Yeah for sure

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