UNLV shooter was professor who didn’t get a job at the school: Report

UNLV shooter was professor who didn't get a job at the school: Report

Retired Las Vegas police officer Ashton Packe on the information coming out about the shooting that took place at University of Nevada, Las Vegas. #FOXNews

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All right a Fox News Alert this morning Three people dead and another hospital Hospitalized after a shooter open fire On the University of Las Vegas campus um University of Nevada Las Vegas campus That is to say I was watching the video Right there the shooter who was shot Dead in a shootout with the police being Identified as a 67-year-old career Professor who apparently failed to land A job he applied for at the school Retired Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Officer Ashton pack joins us Right now from Vegas Ashton good morning To you good morning sir so it sounds Like this guy applied for a job there Didn't get it and we don't know how much Time elapsed but after he discovered he Wasn't going to get it he went back and Started Shooting yeah it's it seems to me that That might be the case here I'm not sure If the investigation will will reveal That the suspect knew any of the victims That are now deceased unfortunately it Appears to me this might be some kind of A retribution crime for not getting the Job he's 67 years old I think the Question is is is there is there Financial issue here is he needing a job Was he destitute there's so many more Questions that we'd have to wait for Until the investigation kind of reveals What the motive might have been right

Ashton you know us often times when Violence erupts on a college campus the Campus police response is sometimes Lacking that was not the case Yesterday yes I I think so much credit And so much uh we owe so much to the University officers who responded to That I know the Las Vegas metro police Were also seconds behind the university Cops but my understanding and talking to My source uh several several University Police detectives were the first ones to Respond and they're you know the the Officer who killed this suspect Absolutely saved lives there's a lot of Young men and women alive right now Because that immediate response from That from these hero heroic officers so Bravo bravo to them it's hard to believe It was what six years ago at the Mandalay Bay there was a shooter Upstairs and killed so many people uh You've got to figure that in the days And weeks and years after that the Las Vegas Police in particular uh developed A a different kind of response to a mass Shooting than they had Before that's correct and and you know My time in Las Vegas for the 20 years That I spent as a law enforcement Officer I can say that law enforcement In southern Nevada is they we have some Really amazing training the bosses Excuse me you know all the the executive

Staff and they' really provided a lot of The tools and training that that law Enforcement would need to protect the Valley Las Vegas I always call it the Island in the Mojave there's really no One else around here to help it all Falls on the shoulders of Southern Nevada law enforcement and so that Training was absolutely provided it kind Of came after the Mumbai attacks from You know in the 2000s and and unfortunately we had so Much Lessons Learned From the one October attack back six years ago and so Yesterday I I think the uh the training And the experience of what we had Handled six years prior I can promise You there were probably a lot of law Enforcement officers on scene who were There the night of one October maybe Even the University Police included so Yes that training is absolutely critical And they've done a great job in in you Know being prepared for these incidents And then trying to prevent these Incidents from happening you can't catch Everything but they they really do it Right well the response yesterday was uh Was amazing um Ashton thank you very Much for getting up so early out in Las Vegas where it is 3:22 in the morning Thank you sir I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilme and I'm Angley aart and click here To subscribe to the Fox News YouTube

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