USMC veteran rips John Kirby for downplaying Afghanistan chaos: ‘It’s a national tragedy’

USMC veteran rips John Kirby for downplaying Afghanistan chaos: 'It's a national tragedy'

‘Save Our Allies’ co-founder and U.S. Marine veteran Chad Robichaux reacts to NSC Coordinator John Kirby’s play down of the ‘chaos’ in the Afghanistan withdrawal and the Biden administration blaming Donald Trump. #foxnews

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Images like this show the chaotic Withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021. this week the body Administration Released its review of the exit if you Can call it that they blame their Predecessor and say it wasn't chaotic at All For all this talk of chaos I just didn't See it not from my perch at one point During the evacuation there was an Aircraft taking off full of people Americans and Afghans alike every 48 Minutes and not one single mission was Missed so I'm sorry I just won't buy the Whole argument of Chaos yeah okay our Next guest served eight tours in Afghanistan and is the author of saving Aziz which details his personal rescue Efforts during the U.S withdrawal from Afghanistan a personal hero Chad Robichow joins us now Chad welcome to The show real quick react to What Kirby Said there about chaos he didn't see it From his perch You know I mean when you got Mom mothers Throwing their babies uh uh uh over the Wall to not become terrorists or not Become a sex slave for the rest of their Life that is chaotic when you have People getting their limbs cut off in The street people getting executed in The street when you have 13 of our Service members die when you have uh When you have 80 billion dollars so to

Set of equipment Left Behind American Thousand Americans Left Behind eighty Thousand of our allies left behind and 20 million women and children being left To be sex slaves to the Taliban I call That chaotic but it's no it's no shocker When the Biden Administration or the Press secretaries Latin American people But to have a former U.S Navy Admiral do So as a national tragedy uh and this guy You know John Kirby doesn't represent The veteran community and he's a long Way from his oath to serve the people uh Since he retired he's had seven jobs Three were three were for the bottom Image for President Obama three were for President Biden and he was also a Military analyst for CNN his loyalty is Not to American people his loyalties to Protect the corrupt politicians of Washington DC and uh you know a message To him as the American people are not Stupid we know what happened in in August of 2021 and uh you know and he Does too and it's a shame that uh that Someone who served the military for 35 Years would turn around and betray the American people this way Chad I read This 12-page report and I can't I can't Lie to you I got bored reading it Because I couldn't believe much of any Of it but in 12 Pages they try to Summarize what went wrong and if you Read this they would tell you that they

Had every contingency planned for months In advance but if that were true should There ever had been saving Aziz should There ever have been organizations like Cures what Tim Kennedy was doing what my Buddy Seth John was doing should there Ever have been a reason for civilians to Go into Afghanistan to save people the Government couldn't Absolutely not look I'm very proud of uh Of of the team that we put together and Ultimately rescuing his D's and 17 000 People very proud of that but the truth Is we should never have done that the United States military is more than Capable of doing a Neo operation the Non-combatant evacuation operation but The White House took that operation away From the military and gave it to the State department and secretary blanken Uh created a scenario that cost American Lives and costs lives of innocent people In Afghanistan uh this thing this uh Withdrawal was advised to the president Not to do it by his generals by his Intelligence committee leaders and he Did it anyway he did it for political Reasons and it costs lives and and uh And now the world is a much more Dangerous place because of it they know It this report is only being done to Cover up the tracks yeah of the White House and President Biden and no one's Buying it Chad you're the absolute

Epitome of once a marine always Marine It's a pleasure it's an honor to share To EGA with you I appreciate you thank You for coming on God bless I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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