Vivek Ramaswamy: This is a form of elder abuse

Vivek Ramaswamy: This is a form of elder abuse

2024 presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy calls out the Democratic Party for using Biden as a ‘puppet’ on ‘Fox News Tonight.’

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Grandma Swami is one of the many Candidates running against Joe Biden but First he's got to win the primary he Joins us now Vivek I know we got a big Announcement about your book coming out But first things first your thoughts About what might be happening on the Left Yeah so look I actually see it Brian the Essence of what's happening is it is a Myth that Joe Biden is actually the one Running for president it is the Managerial industrial complex that's Actually behind him and his cognitive Failures that's not just a bug that is a Feature in the same way that it is for John fetterman as a U.S senator the Administrative State the managerial Class can actually control its puppets More effectively when those puppets are Literally unable to think it does strike Me closer to a form of elder abuse than It does to the hubris of Joe Biden That's really what I see in this and Whoever wins this nomination I'm running To win the Republican nomination I don't See myself as then running against Joe Biden I see myself as running against The managerial class with a puppet in Front of it much like The Wizard of Oz Portrays an image it's a false Projection of the reality that's Actually behind him that's actually what I see Brian and I think that once we

Wake up to that we realize this is the Managerial class versus the everyday Citizen I mean show it in Pennsylvania You got a world-renowned surgeon who Lost to a man that's clearly not Functioning in Senator fetterman and it Doesn't seem to matter uh five percent Of the American public want to see a Rematch between President Trump and President Biden only 35 percent want to See Trump run again too what does that Mean to you as a candidate Well look I think I look at the Democratic party first of all saying That it's not going to host debates look At how they're protecting that incumbent I think we in the Republican Party need To be the opposite of that we need to Lead the way with actual Vision ask the Question of the what and the why stop Obsessing over who we prop up through The question of the who that's for the Democratic party and so what I see is The opportunity here is for us to Actually lead in the conservative Movement with vision Brian we've talked Enough about bashing the Biden agenda What's our own Vision to me it's a Vision grounded on the basic concepts The country was built on the individual The family the nation god let's start Talking more about those things and if We're successful in painting the vision Of what it means to be American I think

We win this election in a landslide I'm The first Millennial ever to run for U.S President as a republican Biden's Literally over twice my age and then Some I think that's going to be a Matchup that I look forward to on the Debate stage with Biden if I'm to get There right uh but uh real quick also This is a big day for you actually Tomorrow Oh you have a new book coming out it's Called capitalist punishment it's called Capitalist punishment how would you Characterize what we're going to get Tomorrow we're going to be able to buy Yeah so I actually wrote this book long Before I knew I was running for President it goes into the details of The ESG movement how the Biden Administration in the left uses Companies and asset managers and Financial institutions to do through the Back door what they could not get done Through the front door under the Constitution you wonder what's happening At Budweiser you wonder what's happening In Corporate America when they actually Adopt these woke policies it's because There's Puppet Masters behind the scenes Like BlackRock and State Street who are Imposing these ESG agendas using your Money to do it and so the subtitle of The book is how Wall Street is using Your money to create a country you

Didn't vote for that's how I got the Title capitalist punishment and even Though I'd written the book beforehand I Really wanted to put it out even though We're in a campaign I'm donating all my Proceeds actually to a non-profit that's Pursuing litigation against the likes of American Express but I think that's what We need to educate Americans on in this Country hey Vivek you could capture this Slogan a vote for Vivek I won't take Away your car or your gas oven that Would be a change because that's what Happening every day we're losing Something else Yeah you won't vote for Vic is Abandoning the climate religion that's a Big part of what is abandoned the Climate cult we describe it on our Website Brian pretty well right you want to see how We take America first to the next level Let's start with abandoning that climate Cult and ESG is a big part of that Cancer I'll tell you what anyone in the Debate stage with you better bring their A game Vivek thanks so much Congratulations on your great start hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere else

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