Vivek Ramaswamy: This sets up for potentially a major victory

Vivek Ramaswamy: This sets up for potentially a major victory

Former 2024 GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy reacts to President Biden’s sinking poll numbers amid former President Trump’s legal battles on ‘Hannity.’
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All right following the massive rally in Deep blue New Jersey Saturday night a New set of swing state polls conducted By the New York Times released yesterday Well it spells even more trouble for Biden according to this survey Trump is Ahead by seven in Arizona 10 in Georgia Seven in Michigan 12 in Nevada and three In Pennsylvania these are all states Joe Biden won in 2020 and now according to This new poll well most of them are not Even close but Trump isn't content there Apparently reportedly now uh has said That he's going to compete in deep blue States like New York and New Jersey but Recent polls show he may be right look At this remember in 2020 Trump lost the State of New Jersey by 16 points and New York by 23 points well anyway uh if you Look at New Jersey he's uh now picked up 13 points in new I'm sorry New York he Picked up 13 points and 11 in New Jersey That's a double digit of a swing this Poll from Emerson College found him down Just seven points in New Jersey and the New Sienna poll last month showed Biden's lead in New York just down to 10 Can he win I don't know but it's Certainly fun to look at anyway Biden is Allegedly incomplete denial about Polling and the polling crisis he's Facing as sources now say neither he nor His advisers they don't believe these Numbers that they're seeing if you look

At his recent struggles well it's kind Of easy to understand why he's faltering You take a look at your very weak frail Cognitively struggling mess of a President just earlier tonight can't Make it [Music] Up during today's press briefing Peter Duy grilled Korean Jean Pierre on Biden's disastrous poll numbers let's Take a look Why do you think Americans are so down On President Biden right now what do you Mean I know you don't like to talk about Polls like the uh five of six swing States that he is losing right now to Somebody who is a criminal defendant um But more broadly it doesn't seem like Anything you guys are doing is making Him more popular why do you think that Is I get that you understand that people Are hurting right now why is it that Nothing you're doing to address their Concerns is working what I'm saying is We're going to continue to do the work I Can't speak to the polls right those are For folks who are experts who can do a Deep dive and look into that and speak To Them I have no answer there you go Meanwhile As Trump spent yet another day Stuck in a New York City courtroom for a Sham trial the former president's allies Joined him and rallied to his defense

While the left can barely contain their Excitement over this latest Trump Witch Hunt now democrats should be careful What they wish for remember Bill Clinton Remember they impeached him in 1998 Remember what happened it his approval Rating yeah it went up from the mid-60s To the low 70s here with reaction former Presidential candidate V ramaswami he Was with President Trump in the Courtroom today um if you look at the Russia hoax imp peachment one Impeachment 2 the January 6 all the Exculpatory information withheld in There Hollywood uh Prime Time Extravaganza they put on before the Nation now missing documents which is Interesting um and all these indictments And all these arraignments what happens Donald Trump's numbers go up look at What happened with Bill Clinton how do You interpret That well look I think the American People understand Sean that this is not Some usual election about the tax rate Being 1% higher or 1% lower this is About the basic rules of the road and I Think many Democrats and many Independents across this country Understand watching this trial that this Is a political sham and if our justice System is politicized we don't have a Country left and so I think many Americans understand the urgency of that

To say that I don't care what your Partisan affiliation is our justice System should not be politicized that's What I saw in that courtroom tonight I Think that's what Americans across this Country see I'll tell you I was riding The streets of New York City I was Riding with President Trump back up town The throngs of people standing on on That street having lived in Manhattan at An earlier stage in my life I could Never imagine seeing something like that As we're seeing today this sets up for Potentially a major victory this November Sean and not only is that good Because it'll put president Trump back In the White House and win Senate Majorities and House majorities but it Will also unite this country to say once And for all we are a nation that Believes in free speech that believes in Equal rights in a justice system we Might debate on tax rates in the future But this is about the foundational rules Of the road and that's what many Americans See I think they overreached and I think It's backfiring let's get your thoughts On what you saw in the courtroom Today well what I saw in the courtroom Is first of all that is one of the most Depressing places I have been the only Thing more depressing than the Atmosphere of that courtroom is the

Content of what's Happening inside of it Now coming into today Sean one of the Open questions that nobody has answered Is what exactly is the crime that Donald J Trump committed that he's being Prosecuted for nobody could give a clear Answer to that question after today's Testimony from Michael Cohen that test That answer to that question is less Clear than it has ever been you want to Talk about falsifying business records Michael Cohen says he did so there is no Evidence of any crime committed by Donald Trump now if you look at the Prosecution's entire theory of the case Think about this they're claiming that He should have used campaign funds for a Personal payment had he done that they Would be prosecuting him for that so They were going to get him going or they Were going to get him coming and that is The best proof that this is a Politicized persecution think about this Sean one of the things they pressed Michael Cohen on is whether or not this Was to advance voters impressions of Donald Trump well many politicians buy a Better suit many politicians go get a Haircut they use their personal funds to Do those things in fact they have even Pressed charges against candidates for Using campaign funds illegally so if Donald Trump would have done the exact Opposite thing and still been charged

For it that proves this whole thing is a Sham and think that this case is done I Think judge merchin should deliver a Directed verdict to the jury to end this Trial and restore some trust in our Judicial System that's where we are Today and I do think that being there in Person I sensed some skepticism looking At the people in that room and I am Hopeful that's going to lead to the Right outcome in this case there's no Way that director verdick is coming no Way but you take confidence in this and We just show the tape of Joe Biden uh Waving at nobody and barely able to walk But he's going to be delivering you know Uh an economic speech about bomic and uh Having fundraisers with George Clooney Julia Roberts and hoping that they and Obama and the clintons can save his Campaign can They no and here's the economic speech That he should be giving right because Americans understand this prices have Gone up interest rates and mortgage Rates have gone up but wages have Remained flat that's the honest economic Speech he should deliver so no a bunch Of Hollywood celebrities are not going To be able to save him from the actual Plight of Americans across this country Who understand and demand the truth and That's what Donald Trump and our party's Going to give

Them well uh that's something that'll Never happen but you're right all right Pamas Swami thank you hey Sean Hannity Here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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