WaPo releases stunning new details on alleged intel leaker

WaPo releases stunning new details on alleged intel leaker

Fox News contributor Sara Carter joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss why the leak is so ‘dangerous’ and how the military ‘failed’ in intercepting the intel documents. #FoxNews

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Breaking this morning we are learning New information about the person Allegedly behind the massive Pentagon Intel leak that is sending shock waves Around the world so we're selling the Washington Post that the man worked on a Military base and shared hundreds of Highly classified documents with a group Of friends online since the pandemic Lucas Tomlinson is live in Washington With the latest good morning Lucas Good morning Ashley and Todd The Man Behind the leaks of this classified Information which is deeply embarrassed The United States goes by the initials OG that according to a young man who Claims to be his online friend who spoke To the Washington Post He is not a Russian operative he is not A Ukrainian operative I'll go as far to say he's not even on The east side of the world Any claims that he is a Russian Operative or pro-russian is Categorically false he is not interested In helping any foreign agencies with Their attack on the U.S or other Countries Even more documents have been discovered By the New York Times from that online Gaming chat room this time showing Alleged infighting between Russia's Federal Security Service accusing the Russian military of quote obfuscating

Russian casualties in Ukraine now after Many lawmakers have called for more Accountability for the billions of Dollars of American weapons and Ammunition that has poured into Ukraine John Kirby acknowledged the following There is a small U.S military Presence At the embassy in conjunction with the Defense attache's office to help us work On accountability of the material that Is going in and out of Ukraine the United States will not have troops Fighting this war in Ukraine While American authorities appear closer To catching the suspect behind the leaks Hugh Hewitt says this should be the FBI's top priority the disaster for the United States national security Interests I think at a minimum the FBI Should stop wasting its resources on Investigating documents at Mike Pence's House and Joe Biden's house in Donald Trump's house and start finding the People in the Pentagon who are Compromising America's national security There's a priority imbalance here Each day brings more Revelations from Those classified documents here's the Latest the defense intelligence agency Does not believe the war in Ukraine will End this year guys Lucas so much Information we appreciate it thank you Let's bring in Fox News contributor Sarah Carter Sarah you heard Hugh Hewitt

Say it the FBI should have this as their Top priority should get this guy get him Arrested but somehow it seems the Washington Post is able to write the Lengthiest story in the history of Stories yet our Intel Community is like Uh we don't have the guy and we don't Have him yet and he can continue putting Out all this very very damaging Information how is this happening Sarah Well I think this is fascinating because The Washington Post also had a 16 year Old Source on this they did get Permission from the mother apparently They were all on the gaming system they Had met on Discord uh the server and They were actually becoming very close Titanic groups so there was actually More than just a 16 year old the FBI Should already have its tentacles spread Across the country and be gathering up This information and and by the way Todd They may already have but I think what's Really fascinating about all these Stories and the fact that you talked About it being so lengthy is that it was So detailed it was so detailed these Documents show a lot and expose a lot of Our tactics techniques our procedures Inside the intelligence community and That is highly detrimental to the United States it's really dangerous also to our Intelligence apparatus overseas whether That's agents working for us and

Collecting data for us or whether that's Us actually getting those documents Intercepting those documents with Technology because now the Russians as Well as the Egyptians as well as the Turkish and everybody involved in the Collection of that data by the United States are now sifting through Everything to make sure that they shut Off whatever leaks they have within Their government going from Moscow all The way to Istanbul this is a really Dangerous dangerous leak I do not Believe by reading the story in the Washington Post which was very well Written but I I do not believe that this Person was actually like an Edward Snowden trying to get the information to The Russians but they leaked these Documents online when you think about Servers I mean you could go all the way Back to you know issues we had with Hillary Clinton servers and people Saying that they could intercept Documents well this is how easy it is For documents to be intercepted and the F FBI actually failed here because and The military for that matter they should Have been able to see that these Documents were being leaked I don't know What the details are but why weren't These documents flagged within their System when the documents were moved From point A to point B that's a huge

Question that I believe that reporters Need to be asking is how come these Documents weren't flagged and remember Here's the FBI investigating parents in Loudoun County for possibly being you Know domestic terrorist or going to Church you know to Catholic churches at Latin Masses so I'm very interested why They weren't able at least the Russia Desk why the Russia desk fell so far Behind on this and why are Dia now our Defense intelligence agency and probably Our CIA is compromised because of these Leaks we could be losing so much in the Future and you use the key word Dangerous American lives are on the line People could die because of this this is Like an active shooter situation that Has gone on for months they should have Caught this guy by now and put this down Yet he's still out there in that scary Ish yeah and you just hope and pray to God that the Biden Administration Actually knows what's going on and they Know who they're looking for and it's Just a matter of time before there's an Arrest made so this can stop but we do Have to get to this Sarah there's um for A second time migrants swarming the Border crossing between El Paso and the Mexican border of Juarez and forced CBP To temporarily shut it down listen to This That people crossing illegally will be

Submitted to a credit Incredible and if they have a valid Asylum process they will be able to Enter the United States we're waiting For more information here they say this Is false and that we have to go back I've been since October in this journey And I haven't been able to access it my Only question is where in the world is Mayorkas Right well he's he's not there he's uh Kind of retired on the job according to Border patrol agents and uh of officials Within the DHS that I've spoken to it's It's really disheartening to see that I I spend so much time at the border and I Could tell you Ashley I spend so much Time down there and and to watch the Floodgates open and see all of these People pouring across into our country And our DHS our border patrol in Particular as well as our Immigration And Customs Enforcement Officers don't Have enough resources to keep up with The flood of people coming in and by the Way the human traffickers are making Hundreds of billions of dollars with the Cartels off of moving people even more In some cases than the movement of Narcotics and this is all due to Biden's Chaos his lawlessness at the border with His policies these policies have opened Up the floodgates not only in Mexico Central America but across the globe and

We've seen people coming from as far Away as China and not only that we have To think about all of the children we Have to think about all of the people Being trafficked that are also being Harmed by this being sold into modern Day slavery and the fentanyl that's Killing Americans and it's just one Problem on top of the other uh that's Why I wrote joining the amazing Club Awesome sauce for kids and parents Believe it or not I I realize that this Is such a tough topic to talk to even my Children about and I wanted to join Brave books I said look let's write About the Border but let's write about It in such a way that it's palatable for Children so that we can tell them a Story about why rules are important and Go back to the basics you know those Those Basics that not only protect our Country but would also protect the People that you see in that video Struggling to come in here Sarah they're Not getting that in school so go get the Book Sarah Carter we pray appreciate Your time thank you so much

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