We don’t know how Ukraine is spending our money: JD Vance

We don’t know how Ukraine is spending our money: JD Vance

Sen. J.D. Vance, R-Ohio, sounds off on the lack of oversight of the roughly $130 billion sent to Ukraine on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ #foxnews #fox #tucker

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So Mark milley says he didn't know they Were drag queen story hours going on at Military bases but maybe more Significantly he's also not sure where All the weapons that we're sending to Ukraine have wound up so yesterday Joe Manchin Democrat from West Virginia Asked Millie if he could speak to his Quote confidence in the U.S NATO Ukrainian weapons accountability here Was his response We do not have any uniformed troops or Civilians for that matter accompanying Ukrainian forces in the front line we do Have folks working out of the embassy so They're working at the ministry of Defense level and that's as far as our On uh Hands-On accountability goes we do Have some other uh means through Reporting that the ukrainians report to Us and I'll be happy to talk about that In a classified session but the there Are some means and mechanisms of doing Some accountability it is not as Rigorous as you might think Yeah not as rigorous JD Vance has served The United States Marine Corps now he Serves in the United States Senate Representing the state of Ohio he joins Us tonight Senator thank you so much for Coming so when you hear the chairman of The Joint Chiefs say we're not exactly Sure where the advanced weapon systems Are going how do you feel about that

Well Tucker It's outrageous but Unfortunately it confirms what we Basically already know which is that We've sent 113 billion dollars probably More than that Tucker probably more like 130 billion dollars to the most corrupt Country on the face of the planet and we Have no real idea how those resources Have been spit the most important part Of this Tucker and I've done a very deep Dive into this is we do not make enough Bullets in this country to support Multiple fronts of multiple Wars so I'm Talking about bullets I mean ammunition Munitions artillery shells some of the Advanced missile systems so when we talk About sending 120 billion dollars worth Of weapons to Ukraine those are weapons That we could not send to Taiwan or Other parts of the world that would Actually be in the service of American National interest this entire idea that We can focus on Russia and we can focus On China is a farce these guys shipped Our entire industrial base to China in The first place we don't make enough of Our own weapons and the fact that we're Sending it to Ukraine with so little Accountability is the very reason why China's threat and power is growing in The world today Yeah and we're about to lose the US Dollars the world's Reserve currency and Tank our economy I agree with that I

Wonder has there been a concerted effort From the Congress to find out who's Gotten Rich from this many people have Clearly do we know they are Uh we don't know who they are Tucker in Part because the bite Administration Won't give us answers I actually Submitted a letter one of the first Things that I did as a U.S senator is Ask for a full accounting of where the Resources that we've sent to Ukraine Have gone the by demonstration has been Very resistant even in classified Settings to be honest with us and truck Tucker I have to be honest with you I'm Not sure it's if it's because they have No idea where those 120 billion dollars Have gone or if they just don't want to Tell us but what we can be almost Certain is that some very dark very very Evil people have gotten very wealthy From that 120 billion dollars I hope That it's done some good too but the Simple fact is we don't know and there Has not been a full accounting of this Stuff The recklessness is just awe-inspiring I Mean it's just drunk driving me in whole Country I mean it's unbelievable uh Senator Vance of Ohio I appreciate your Coming on tonight thank you Thanks Tucker Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube Channel to catch our nightly opens

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