‘Weekend at Bernie’s 2’: White House mocked for ‘hiding’ Biden

'Weekend at Bernie's 2': White House mocked for 'hiding' Biden

OutKick founder Clay Travis joins ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss the DNC’s move to not hold 2024 primary debates and Aaron Rodgers’ upcoming press conference after being traded to the Jets. #FoxNews

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When it comes to age it's the same thing That we heard in 2020 right we heard That over and over in 2020 and uh and if You look at what the president has done This past two years he's been able to Deliver and get things done Really the White House dismissing Concerns about President Biden's age and Low polling numbers in its first press Conference since his official 2024 Campaign launch the President also Taking heat from members of his own Party over the dnc's decision not to Have any debates well there's no debate Uh outkick founder clay Travis is always A great guest he joins us right now clay Good morning to you Good morning appreciate you all having Me as always you bet you know his age is One thing it's just a number it's when You combine that with the fact that Joe Biden is no longer as sharp as he used To you put them together and it's kind Of like what's going on here Look this is clearly a sign if you Combine it with the lack of interviews I Believe uh basically the fewest Interviews that any sitting president Has done in Generations uh the lack of Any sort of formal press conferences Even on state visits they're clearly Trying to hide Biden and this is not new In 2020 guys they decided they were Going to keep him in the basement and

They used covet as an excuse and now They're going to try and keep him in a Basement and I guess use the fact that He's too busy uh to debate or that it's Unnecessary here's the problem like when You really break it down I think they May try to play and I tweeted this I Think a couple of days ago I think they May try to extend this logic let's Pretend that Donald Trump is the nominee I can see how the Biden White House Terrified of being on the stage with Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis or Nikki Haley or vividrama Swami or whoever Might end up the Republican nominee but In particular Trump I can see how they Will argue you owe Trump's ideas are so Dangerous he is so disrespectful to our National uh democracy that we're not Even going to allow Donald Trump The Forum of standing on the stage next to The president United States the reality Is because they're trying to run guys The Weekend at Bernie's 2 campaign after 2020 was Weekend at Bernie's one where Remember we got a dead guy who was the Star of the film that's kind of the same Thing that Democrats are doing now and Even Democrats I think recognize that Biden is much diminished at 80 and Probably will be much worse at 82 than He was even when he got elected at 78. All right Aaron Rodgers going to have a Press conference today officially

Welcoming well he'll be welcome to New York as a New York Jet some are saying This puts the Jets best chance since Naameth was quarterback to get to the Super Bowl what does clay Travis think Well first of all Jets fans are are Nothing without their optimism because They haven't had a lot to cheer for uh Over the years so look I think the AFC East is going to be super interesting Right because there is an argument and I Think it's a good one right now that Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots are actually the worst team in This division we'll see how healthy too It can be the bills with Josh Allen to Me clearly still the class of this Division but the uh the Jets should make The playoffs with Aaron Rodgers if they Can keep him healthy and if he can play At the MVP level that he did just a Couple of years ago when he won Back-to-back MVPs he can be a Super Bowl Uh propellant for believe it or not the New York Jets so I'd be very excited if I was a Jets fan I like the price of First rounder at 15. I think the risk Reward is good for the Jets and I think If you're part of gang green j-e-t-s This is a proud day for uh Joe Namath's Franchise Ainsley feels totally Differently she is just Aaron Rodgers this is very interesting He spent a week-long retreat at this

Healing Center down in Costa Rica yeah And these ceremonies include purging and Vomiting amongst other things that I Won't go into detail in complete Darkness in the jungle he's an Interesting cat this is not the way that I would choose I don't know about you Guys these are not the ways that I Choose to spend my vacation time uh when I'm otherwise being chased around by Large men you don't want to be healed my Body Uh yeah I'm right that's why I'm so uh So so broken why you're not on the NFL Team Play thank you very much uh folks check Out what's good appreciate y'all Outkick.com because clay We Appreciate You invented it not ourselves I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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