What are Hunter and Blinken talking about?

What are Hunter and Blinken talking about?

Former Trump adviser Stephen Miller discusses how Antony Blinken is accused of coordinating the letter that slammed Hunter Biden’s laptop as Russian disinformation on ‘Hannity.’

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All right now tonight the plot thickens Not only was blinking likely behind that Disinformation campaign we are now Learning thanks to foxnews.com that Hunter and Tony blinken have a close Relationship dating back to 2015 here With reaction Stephen Miller former Senior advisor to president Trump let's Get your overall reaction to all of this And blinken and Morel and and all these Allegations and it seems that they all Put cinder blocks on the scales of a Presidential election not once but twice Stephen Yes well this is one bombshell Revelation after another Sean and it Points directly at Tony blinken and Directly at Mike Morrell to Central Architects of these deep State plots to Interfere in our elections and to Falsely slander Donald Trump as an agent Of Russia now if you look at Tony Blinken one of the new Revelations that You just mentioned Sean is the extent And coziness of his relationship with Hunter Biden to the point where he and Hunter well well Lincoln was the deputy Secretary of state we're having secret Email exchanges using Tony blanken's Private email sound familiar with Hunter Then forwarding those exchanges to his Business partners while Hunter is Ranking in Ukrainian cash so what are These two meeting about what are Hunter

And Tony blinken talking about with each Other while Hunter is making all this Money and then you have years later Tony Blinken apparently being the person who Set in motion the chain of events to Create the letter that we just heard all That sound from We're 51 intelligence Operatives falsely attempted to Discredit the laptop that we all know is Completely real so again all arrows Point at Tony blinken this man has to be Deposed he has to be held before Congress he has to be put under oath and What we have here Sean is a conspiracy To interfere and obstruct the American Election and if we can put someone in Jail for a meme you can certainly pursue Criminal charges in this case there Should be criminal charges certainly an Investigation a conspiracy to basically Throw an election to one candidate Anyway Stephen Miller thank you Appreciate it hey Sean Hannity here hey Click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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