What happened in Nashville was a ‘hate crime’: Rep. Andy Ogles

What happened in Nashville was a ‘hate crime’: Rep. Andy Ogles

Rep. Andy Ogles, R-Tenn., shares his thoughts on the media reaction to the school shooter in Nashville on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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Joining me now is Tennessee Congressman Andy ogles who represents the Nashville District where the Covenant School is Located Congressman that came after you About the picture a holiday card which Was so ridiculous so predictable but Would you demand tonight that Merrick Garland open a hate crimes investigation Into the shooting Yeah actually I've authored a letter uh To the doj asking this that this be Classified as I hate crime and be Investigated as such look Federal code 18 USC 249 a1s you know if someone Willfully causes bodily harm because of Uh race color religion it's a hate crime Right and so we have uh the shooter this Domestic terrorist who wrote A Manifesto Uh targeting Christians children at a Christian School this rise to the bar of Being considered a hate crime or at Least being investigated as such Well CBS has decided it's not worth Mentioning that the killer was Transgender according to the New York Post CBS Executives Congressman said the Shooter's gender identity has not been Confirmed by CBS News we should avoid Any mention of it as it has no known Relevance to the crime Your reaction to that tonight Congressman because I'm sure they'd do That if they if the killer was a member Of the NRA or something

Oh yeah I mean this clearly is just Pursuing a leftist agenda look you know Those folks that rushed and stormed the Tennessee State Capitol by the way if You were to use j6 as the model every One of those people should be Incarcerated without due process Obviously as someone who believes in Justice we wouldn't advocate for that But the model is there and the Government's being weaponized against us But but look you know this clearly is uh Someone was deeply troubled in the idea That that guns are the problem here is Ridiculous this this individual had uh You know mental illness uh in the in a Murderer and you know those people that Stormed the capital they held up the Number seven meaning that there were Seven victims no there were six victims There was one murderer and that murderer Is a domestic terrorist well I have to Get your reaction to this uh statement From Senator Elizabeth Warren watch I just can't tell you how frustrating This is our children die Because there are republicans in Congress who continue to insist that we Can't put just basic safety measures Congressman your response Well you know look the the crime Prevention Research Center conducted a Study in fact it was just updated in 2019 going back to 1950 and 94 of all

Public mass shootings were occurred in Gun-free zones the answer isn't taking Away guns the answer is letting any Teacher who wants to get the proper Training and again it's permissive if They want to do it we should give them The opportunity to arm themselves and to Protect our children Congressman thank You hey Sean Hannity here hey click here To subscribe to Fox News YouTube page And catch our hottest interviews and Most compelling analysis you will not Get it anywhere else

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