White House ‘proud’ of Afghanistan withdrawal

White House ‘proud’ of Afghanistan withdrawal

Former Taliban negotiator Adam Boehler says he is ‘proud’ of the U.S. military response but not of senior officials’ execution in Afghanistan. #foxnews

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Foreign There were children being killed there Were people hanging off of Air Force Jets that were leaving and you're saying That you guys are proud of the way that This mission was conducted and there's Nobody saying that everything was Perfect but there was a lot that went Right so yeah there's a lot to be proud Of for all this talk of chaos I just Didn't see it not from my perch it was Tough in the first few hours you would Expect it to be the bot Administration Saying there's a lot to be proud of in Its review of the Afghanistan withdrawal But the 12-page summary repeatedly Placing blame on Donald Trump saying in Part President Biden's choices for how To execute a withdrawal from Afghanistan Were severely constrained by conditions Created by his predecessor here with the Reaction former Taliban negotiator and Senior Trump Administration official Adam bowler Adam thanks for joining us There's a lot of ground to cover here Even within just 12 pages so give me Your take on what Kirby had to say which Is this is a lot to be proud of not a Lot of Chaos I'll tell you what I am proud of which Is our U.S military response and when You look at the issues here it's because Things were decided in glass Towers at The end of the day if you look at what

Happened what went down here it was not That the U.S should have a big military Buildup in Afghanistan it's bipartisan That we don't need that many people this Is about execution on the ground and It's about dates that were given people So I'll say what I am proud of which is Our U.S military but I'm certainly not Proud of our execution at a senior level In Afghanistan yeah I don't want to harp Too much on we saw what Biden's choices Were even if he doesn't acknowledge them But go back to the Doha agreement Something you were a big part of what What would you have foreseen as how this Would have gone had president Trump won Re-election if if the agreement had been The path forward So the Doha agreement wasn't some kind Of blank agreement that we were leaving By this date there were a whole bunch of Conditions in the agreement and so Here's what we can all agree on large Amounts of troops in Afghanistan weren't Working again bipartisan view then There's a question of how we were Getting attacked while we were down There and how do we save the lives of Our service members and what the Doha Agreement is it stopped all attacks on U.S troops the day after it was signed And it had a number of very clear Conditions those conditions were not Satisfied and so one of the things you

Always think about is you base a Withdrawal not on a date it's based on Conditions that agreement conditions They were not satisfied so we would not Have left if U.S citizens and Afghans That had helped our military were not Safe so under that agreement and saying That what you saw those conditions were Not satisfied so president Trump is President you all are helping coordinate This we get into the summer of 2021 There 2500 troops in Afghanistan would The move have been to put five thousand More could could president Trump had Stopped this from happening with 2500 Troops what's the disparity there The disparity is that you need to do Anything you can to stop something like This and so at the end of the day the Conditions that have to be ready if You're gonna you're going to be out of There eventually you have to evacuate Folks now let's keep in mind until days Before uh there was no clear sign that What was going to happen was going to Happen in fact we didn't even have a Count of the number of people we were Going to evacuate we thought the number Of people were going to evacuate were One-tenth the amount of people that we Actually had to evacuate you're talking Tens of thousands of people versus a Thousand four or five six thousand People so to be clear there was no view

On the ground from that perspective and So you don't press go unless you're Ready Well it looks like in the end result You're probably wise negotiate with Taliban rather than the Afghan Government because they obviously didn't Have any interest in fighting for their Country Um you know sorry things just to bring Up something on that Joey yeah to your Point Joey let's look at the stark Contrast between President Ghana and Afghanistan and president we've got to Leave it here unfortunately we gotta Leave it here I do want to get you back On and I want to talk more about this This is an hour-long conversation maybe We'll hit it three minutes at a time Thank you yeah you got it Joe I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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