Why Florida is Winning in School Choice

Why Florida is Winning in School Choice

For two years in a row, Florida has ranked number 1 on our Education Freedom Report Card! 👉 https://heritage.org/educationreportcard/

They’re showing America that education freedom works and that parents, not the government, make the best choices for their children.
(Feat. FL Commissioner of Education Manny Diaz)

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Education in Freedom is incredibly Important for parents to be the primary Educators of our students parents make The best choice for our kids and in Florida we have a great landscape from Charters to esas it's so important for Families to be able to make those Decisions regardless of zip code Regardless of background and where they Come from we believe that the parent is The one responsible for the child the Child doesn't belong to the government Or the school district belongs to the Parent and parents being involved at Every level is important to us in Florida and we've taken incredible Strides to make sure that parents are Involved every day anytime time that you Do a massive expansion of school choice And and you increase the volume there's Always going to be hiccups but working Through those to make sure that every Family has that opportunity the Opposition always has a counternarrative That school choice is going to eliminate Or put public schools out of business And what we have found in Florida is Quite the opposite not only has our Public Schools thriving their Enrollments are up it does lift all Bo It does make our entire education system Better including places like Miami day Where now 70% of students go to a school Other than a Zone school and that

Includes schools run by the school District

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