Will the Democrats replace Joe Biden? | Will Cain Podcast

Will the Democrats replace Joe Biden? | Will Cain Podcast

‘The Will Cain Podcast’ host Will Cain reacts to President Biden’s re-election announcement for 2024.
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Are we sure 100 percent That it's Joe Biden Joe Biden this week announced his Candidacy for re-election as president Of the United States somewhat expected At least because Inertia is the easiest thing to predict Change as we all have come to learn is Somewhat unpredictable the existence of Change is predictable but exactly what That change might be Unpredictable Joe put out a very Hollywood produced Production video this week I believe Jeffrey katzenberg Was behind it Where his theme was it's time to finish The job What's interesting is there are a lot of Indications that the American public Does not want Joe Biden to finish the Job or does not believe that he can Finish the job President Joe Biden Poll shows that 70 percent from Gallup 70 of Democratic primary voters do not Want a second term for Joe Biden there's No indication necessarily that they Leave him behind that they would Choose another candidate but they'd Prefer That they didn't have to Pick Joe Biden

I think what Underscores that is Robert F Kennedy Jr I guess a good word for RFK Jr would be Iconoclastic Iconoclastic RFK Jr who's been skeptical Of the coveted vaccine skeptical of all Vaccines I think Fair to call an anti-vaccine I don't say That with derision I say that with Description You know it's interesting I would love To have a conversation with RFK I mean Like is he against because I don't Really know to be honest All vaccines the I mean he's right I Think he said when I was a kid him he Got three vaccines now the schedule's up To 72 vaccines Um I don't know that we should accept Anything after covid at face value based Upon just invocations of the science But at the same time RFK he's drawn I Guess a line against the Democratic Orthodoxy when it comes to trans Athletes he's saying men shouldn't play Women's sports but in the past he's also Said things like well I believe climate Skeptics should be Thrown in jail like legit 100 thrown in Jail He's kind of changing that position Today I saw something this weekend that He's Pivoting

On climate maybe that that's become Science Orthodoxy as well maybe the Whole covet experience has made him Question I think righteously all the Invocations of don't question the Science but I don't know I'm a little Skeptical of RFK and I would love to Have a conversation and I'd love to hear The nuance and the reason for the Positional changes I've had positional Changes I don't begrudge anybody of a Change I I was skeptical in fact not Just skeptical I was opposed to the Embrace of populism in like 2011 and now As you know I think a healthy dose of Populism is exactly what's needed for The nation So I don't begrudge anybody from a Change but I want to know why I'll be an open book anyone can ask me a Question I'd like to know more about RFK Junior But the polling shows Junior Is pulling about 19 20 Democratic Primary voters That's a lot It's not as though as I described him as An iconoclast he's mainstream And so if you are Mainstream Democrat You might look at this and go 70 don't Want Joe Almost 20 percent want RFK Jr how many Would want me

Let's put a pin in that for just one Moment you know The price to pay of politics and vision Is such that we need to have a deeper Conversation about illegal immigration And we will in just one moment but I Think the American public has to be able To see on some issues exactly the price That we are paying look Justice Samuel Leto this week said that He knows as we approach the one year Anniversary of the Supreme Court leaker That he knows Not with the level of certainty he feels Like he could cast a accusation but he Knows with some logical conclusion who The Supreme Court leaker is and that's Significant because one you're in We don't Alito Mado but we Americans don't know who leaked the Supreme Court opinion that overturned Roe v Wade Dobbs Now look I just watched the documentary Not too long ago on how they caught the Boston bombers It took him about 48 hours And that was a big technological feat Thousands and thousands Of hours of video surveillance footage They catch people like Although they didn't know we existed Once they found out that he did the Air National Guardsmen quick

Okay They catch people fast With a huge pool of suspects But like there's 82 I believe that's the Number I read 82 potential suspects in The Supreme Court leak case and we Haven't caught Who did that and don't act like it's no Big deal like we did it's just a news As Alito said This inspired people through their Passions To Target Supreme Court Justices for Assassination I mean a dude did show up On Brett Kavanaugh's lawn ready with zip Ties and a gun and knives and ready To take out Brett Kavanaugh protesters At their homes Yesterday on Fox and friend Shannon bream told us there's still Protests on Justice's lines It's just not in the media So there was a price to pay for this Leak And whether or not you know is Chief Justice John Roberts and his belief in The sanctity of the Court never air our Dirty Laundry keep collegiality minimum Disruption Or whether or not and I know it never Went to the doj in the FBI but whether Or not it's Those law enforcement agencies under the Guidance of the Biden Administration on

Numerous cases from the pipe bomber at The DNC and the RNC on January 6th to This and many others a set of priorities The American public has to see not Everything right now Is above the board That's exactly what I heard On Fox and Friends this weekend when we Had a panel of Voters Three self-described Democrats okay and Of those Democrats of those three only One now this is anecdotal this is small Focus group type stuff but only one said She would vote for Joe Biden but She said she would vote for Joe Biden in A general election She's out too In a primary the other two Democratic Voters that I spoke to out on Joe Biden In the primary and out on Joe Biden in a General election The reasons given were in one case the Economy And in another case What they felt like was Unforgivable Policies priorities positions on school Closures covid vaccines in General on Covid the general approach to this Total disruption of our lives and and The Twitter files all of this extending Into the world of censorship That's what the three Democrats had to Say You sure it's Joe Biden

And then perhaps the upset of the Weekend and again it's anecdotal it's Small focus group type stuff What they told me when asked hey if the General election Were Joe Biden versus Donald Trump Donald Trump here we are seven years Into Donald Trump right In my estimation it would have been that Everybody's calcified solidified their Opinions 100 done Of course the Democrat that said she Would support a Democrat and general Election wouldn't vote for Donald Trump The one that said he focused on the Economy raised his hand Biden no Trump Hand up And the one that cared about covet in Those issues who for what it's worth she Said vote Obama Democrats Immigrant from the Soviet Union Biden versus Trump Her hand went up ever so slightly that You could only see behind another Person's back because she said she still Lives on the upper west side of New York For Trump We sure If your name's Gavin Newsom are you sure If you're a mainstream Democrat And you see the success of RFK at 19 you Sure If you're anybody but Kamala Harris who

Stands to inherit the Throne of a man Who would finish that term at 86 years Old if you're any other Democrat Susan Rice just left the administration If you're any other Democrat Can you see that opportunity You sure once again That is Joe Biden hey it's Will Kane Click here to subscribe to the Fox News Channel on YouTube it's the best way to Get our latest interviews and highlights And click to subscribe to the will Kane Podcast for full episodes right now

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