‘WORST’ YET TO COME?: New details emerge on Pentagon intel leak

'WORST' YET TO COME?: New details emerge on Pentagon intel leak

Correspondent Lucas Tomlinson reports the latest on the massive leak from Washington, D.C. #FoxNews

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Meanwhile the U.S defense department is Still scrambling to try to plug that Leak of classified documents that poses A very serious risk to our national Security around the world it would help If they knew where it came from this is Fox News launched the U.S intelligently Could have come from outside the Pentagon Lucas Tomlinson joins us live With the latest Lucas this just seems Unbelievable that our National Intelligence reports are on social media For basically anyone to see for four Months it seems pretty embarrassing guys Defense secretary Lloyd Austin says he Was first made aware of these classified Leaks on Thursday now nearly a week Later he says the Pentagon still doesn't Know the source They were somewhere in the in the web uh And uh and where exactly and who had Access at that point uh we we don't know We simply don't know at this point let's Look at the major disclosures in these Leaks Ukraine's air defense and War in General in Peril the Pentagon has doubts About Ukraine being able to kick off its Spring counter-offensive us Intel and Some of its spies in Russia could be Compromised Israel's spy agency the Mossad supporting domestic protests South Korea is concerned about supplying Weapons to Ukraine the UAE agreed to Work with Russian spies against the U.S

And the British and Egypt secretly Planning to supply Russia with 40 000 Rockets keep in mind Egypt has received Over 80 billion dollars in Military and Economic aid from the United States Since 1978. now on Capitol Hill the Republican chairman of the house Foreign Affairs committee laid out who stands to Hurt the most from this leak of Sensitive information Whoever did this in my judgments guilty Of Espionage by giving away our secrets Which will only Empower and embolden Chairman XI in China and Putin and Russia and just having gotten back from Taiwan we were circled by you know 10 Battleships and aircraft carrier and uh 70 fighter jets it's very serious and It's really going to hurt Ukraine which Is a very sad as they're building their Counter-offensive in the springtime Now moments ago China announced would Impose a no-fly zone north of Taiwan for Three days beginning Sunday which means A missile test pretentious space launch Vehicle or likely this as President Biden is in Northern Ireland today and Later head to Ireland guys all right Lucas thank you very much So The good news is this was not a hack They didn't hack into a system but it Was a leak and so like Luca said they Don't know what they don't know they

Don't know where it came from uh it was Initially posted on a Discord server With 20 active users so you would think That it wouldn't be that hard to track Down Discord channels a focus on Minecraft computer game funny memes and Edgy jokes and uh you you got to wonder Why the Discord Channel because it sat There for weeks and weeks and weeks Around it funny memes edgy jokes stuff About video games what if just my theory What if the leaker was actually a gamer Somebody who's you know they're talking About Minecraft they're talking about a Video game and they're talking about Strategy and then out of nowhere the Person posts oh yeah we'll look what I've got To show off or for whatever reason maybe It wasn't nefarious where the person was Trying to damage U.S Intel but they Wanted to show up it would it could have Been somebody whose family has access to That stuff then again It kind of reminded me of a reality Winner remember the contractor who had Access to the documents folded them up And then uh leaked them to a journalist These documents also folded up and then Photographed near Gorilla Glue and a Rifle sitting on someone's desk yeah Just just don't think you know it could Be somebody who wants to hurt the United States but then again it could be just

Somebody showing off why would they put It on Discord a site with video games And funny memes yeah maybe it is like Some 20 year old that the dad had Showing off these documents we don't Know just the theory about that you know They were stolen they were distributed Online too many people had access to This sensitive information our officials Are saying the pentagon's asking you if You have these documents if you've seen Them please don't share these images of The papers right with the dates February 28th and March 1st but uh defense Secretary Lloyd Austin didn't find out About this until April 6. that was six Days ago but this has been going on you Said it was distributed four months ago Brian yeah so it starts in January it Hops on Discord which is also a way they Communicated evidently with the unite The right uh group so Discord I never Heard of a gaming site but it is so Devastating uh for the U.S because the Intelligence goes out about the Ukraine War it goes out about what uh South Korea is or isn't doing to support it What Egypt wanted to do uh for Russia What Israel uh uh Benjamin Netanyahu and How the Mossad perhaps was working Against Netanyahu fomenting unrest in The streets of Israel so for it starts Out in a chat group in January there's No doubt about it uh to me I always

Thought that if something like leaked Documents were out and about in the Cyber world we'd have a way of reining It in and at least noticing it but Nothing happens March more documents are Reposted it goes out to 4chan and other Places is then it ends up on telegram on The Russian sites where the Russians are Thought to have manipulated some of the Data that make them look better now on Thursday the Pentagon announced the Investigation to have the documents were Leaked you think so so they were saying And Jennifer Griffin said yesterday There's 53 they're looking at Specifically and they're really focusing On mid-February to early March and I'm Thinking to myself wait why aren't you Focusing on January why aren't you Focusing on now and the greatest fear is That the worst is yet to come that they Have more documents the things that are In this are have only distributed to Between five and ten thousand people and Being that it's printed out they feel as Though they could find out what printer Actually printed it out being that it Was felted three times and Steve you Mentioned the Gorilla Glue in the Backdrop they might say who was sitting At this place at this time where the Photo might have been taking of these Documents to maybe uh cover their tracks But our allies look at us as inept and

Untrustworthy our enemies say wow I Can't believe everything that we now Know and then you wonder if the the Methods in which we're doing it it are Now revealed but we're going to have a Lot of time at the worst time a lot of Ground to make up to regain trust in American intelligence 10 years ago this Happened it was a disaster but at least We knew who did it we don't know if the Worst is around the corner well the FBI Is trying to work on the source they're Trying to find out who did it and why They did it it's so terrible what was Their motivation and it's not just the Secrets it's not just information it's Not just the road map to Ukraine that We're worried that Russia could Now read Online it also affects lives many people Are going to be very cautious before They talk to our government officials we Have people inside Russia to the point Our intelligence is so pristine they Think people are going to go off Building soon listen to Mark go ahead Well I was just going to say to the Point about Russia Russia has already Used some of the images they've doctored Them and so they've made Russia look Much better regarding the Ukraine war There's a lot of Russian disinformation Now Regarding these particular things anyway That's what Mark Thiessen was talking

About he's a Washington Post columnist You know him about these leaks and the Seriousness of this listen It's a huge deal and it is worse than Snowden because Snowden gave away older Intelligence and he gave away programs This is exposing human sources I mean we They're exposing how we penetrated the Russian Ministry of Defense how we Presentated the Wagner group uh there Are people right now I would assume who Are in danger of being killed or are in Hiding because when you when you when The Russians find out that we knew Certain information they knew who had it And who didn't have it and they can go After them and you know if you see all These oligarchs happening to fall out of Buildings uh you might see some U.S Sources pulling out of buildings too so And that's going to cut off intelligence To us and it's going to deter other People from sharing with us because we Can't be trusted to keep those Secrets Yeah and remember we suppose the adults Are back in charge and we're supposed to Bring uh was supposed to bring in America being back remember the former Chairman of Foreign Relations when he Became president United States who was Once vice president yeah America is back The world is on fire over our ineptness Uh to allow Ukraine to happen the Afghanistan exit Taiwan an invasion

Could be imminent and where's the President United States he's going to Ireland to check out his Heritage that's Going to be fantastic where he'll take Maybe one question or maybe zero Questions because I I actually think It's unacceptable to think that the There's so many things that America has To answer for including allies like France who come out and say I'm kind of Siding with China now I don't want to Get involved in the Taiwan China dispute I don't want to get between America and China really our oldest Ally so we'll Lose our allies our enemies are Fortified and combining and the President United States no press Conferences and a visit to Ireland to See if he can find his family to watch The interview with President Trump on Tucker he talked about this he said we Have China on the heels of Taiwan we Have what's going on with Russia and Ukraine the president needs to be having A press conference which he doesn't have Anything on the schedule he's taking Shouted questions occasionally the Spokesperson of the White House says and He's in Ireland checking out castles and His Heritage well Peter Ducey is there In Belfast with him if anybody can get a Shouted question he can but just imagine There's so much regarding this leak we Don't know but just imagine if it was a

Gamer if it was a kid if they had access To some of our secrets that were in Somebody's briefcase Just imagine I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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