‘YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS UP’: Inside Hunter Biden’s ‘gallery of scandals’

'YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS UP': Inside Hunter Biden's 'gallery of scandals'

Co-hosts Will Cain and Pete Hegseth go ‘Off the Wall’ to break down Hunter Biden’s business dealings with foreign companies, his laptop timeline and the key players involved.  #foxnews

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[Music] Well this morning we are painting a Picture you know because Hunter's a Painter of Hunter Biden's most Controversial business dealings and Their key players so to break down the Gallery if you will of scandals in the Investigation let's go off the wall Let's talk about some of Hunter's Business dealings these are things that We know about have been reported upon And you would hope the widespread public Will begin to understand and the first Real story we heard about was Hunter's Connection to a Ukrainian Energy company Barismo where he sat on the board and Made fifty thousand dollars a month for Approximately five years now it's Important to remember Hunter had no Experience in oil and gas virtually no Connections or no real world credentials To get that job he had the one Connection that mattered most his last Name was Biden and his father was the Vice president with a portfolio of Countries under his responsibility one Of which was Ukraine by the way a lot of Suspicious activity reports start Popping up inside the government which Is has led to investigations validating What was found on the laptop here's one Of them Hunter Biden sought an annual Two million dollar retainer again what Does he know about Libya nothing to Aid

In the recovery of Frozen Libyan assets That were frozen on uh Gaddafi by Obama His dad's vice president he's trying to Get him unfrozen you can't make it up How about how about this one Pete this Is the China think about this this Undermines American National Security Directly he facilitated the sale of an American operated Cobalt mine for Batteries so that it could be sold to The Chinese in 2016. so the bidens make Money we lose the ability to produce uh Electric batteries ourselves and finally Also one you may have become familiar With is Hunter Biden begins working with Cefc it's a Chinese Energy company they Did that in 2017 and it is directly Connected to the Chinese Communist Party 1.3 million dollars in payments and We're going to show you where some of That went in just a moment again this is Just what we know know about but we're Not making and this New York Times Reported on this briefly Business Insider reported on this so This Is Not Just laptop this is outside now this is How the story began to unfold if you Remember let's take a quick review of The history in April of 2019 John Paul Mac Isaac receives the laptop in Delaware so months later he's got to Wait for him not to pick it up he Thought he would pick it up he didn't so In September of 2019 he contacted the

FBI hey I got this laptop and John Paul Mack Isaac told me on the will Kane Podcast hey I tried to talk to the FBI I Tried to get them to take it they Weren't interested they show up in 2000 In December of 2019 to finally get the Laptop and he's also gives the laptop to Some other folks as well to say hey if They're not if FBI is not going to pay Attention maybe you should July of 2020. So get this the FBI has the laptop and Has had it for months seven months and They start briefing Twitter Executives On the threat Potential Threat to Elections a hack and dump that could Hypothetically happen based on Disparaging information nation of a Candidate right before the election Facebook is warned about potential Misinformation campaign against face Twitter alerted by the FBI about Something that might happen because the FBI knows it's going to happen let's Zoom in on the timeline just for a Moment and show the impact of all of This so in October of that year again The election is a few weeks away the New York Post releases the report of Hunter Biden's laptop absolutely they did I I Hope that cursor up there on the top is Intentional because it's Hunter Biden's Laptop anyway if it's not no worries October 19th so just five days later so They know the story is going to pop it

Does pop when it does they realize we Need a defense of this and what should We scream Russia Russia Russia Like We Have forever so we learned that inside The inside the campaign team starting With Anthony blinken they reach out to Intel folks and they get 51 of them to Sign a letter denouncing this report as The having the Hallmarks of Russian Misinformation quickly then the debate Is held but that's the key they knew They had to do it here so that three Days later at the debate Joe Biden could Say nope Nothing there's nothing to see here then Joe Biden wins the election in December Of 2020 Hunter Biden the finally Confirmed there's an investigation into His at that point all we hear about is His tax Affairs but there's an Investigation now let's talk about as I Mentioned earlier who are the key Players in this entire story it's not Just about Hunter no it's not so first Of all the key is the most key player is The guy that looks just like James Biden And it's Joe Biden right the big guy is The key player in the investigation but Who are all the other actors well this Is Joe Biden's brother James Biden Hunter's Uncle who's Central to business Dealings as well so as these go through I want to tell you he that we know of Has received approximately 360 thousand

Dollars in payments from Chinese Companies Haley Biden uh Widow of Beau Biden temporary girlfriend of Hunter Biden also received family cash this is Uh Rob Walker who we know in in Specifically received 869 thousand Dollars in Chinese cash this is not Rob Walker because I don't know why we don't Have a photo of them but maybe same with Eric schwer and who's a big business Partner as well of Hunter Biden he's Been described as a close friend then of Course there's Anthony blinken and the Importance of Anthony blinken we learned This week is he helped organize that Letter of 51 big Intel guys to say it's Russian disinformation cast in nicely on That he's got a pretty Plumb spot in the Secretary of State absolutely Anthony Blanket but he was very very political At the beginning and then you've got the IRS whistleblower who right now is Central to putting it all together Remember they ignored Tony bobolinski They ignored a lot of other business Associates who are willing to say Joe Was in on the conversation Joe knew Everything he is the big guy he was Getting money we'll see through House Republicans if these investigations will Lead to something Beyond just tax crime And because we're just scratching the Surface of this story for sure I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley

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