16th Annual Roll Call of Nations Ceremony

16th Annual Roll Call of Nations Ceremony

On Friday, June 9, the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation convened with embassies, representatives of captive nations, and human rights organizations for the 16th Annual Roll Call of Nations Wreath Laying Ceremony. This event honored the memory of the more than 100 million victims killed by communism, and boldly remind the world that over 1.5 billion people are still oppressed under the yoke of this evil ideology.

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Good morning everybody Dear guests I would like to ask everyone To please take your seats I'm calling The event to order We will commence with the official part Of our event my name is Milda I'm at the United boys and I'm director of Fellowships and coalitions at victims of Communism Memorial Foundation I would like to invite Bishop Charles Knowles to deliver an invocation to Honor and commemorate all victims of Communism at this year's roll call of Nations read laying ceremony Bishop Knowles Let us pray Money God our heavenly father in whose Hands are living in the Dead As We Gather this morning to celebrate the Work of true heroes of freedom let us Remember all those thy servants who have Lost their lives to the scourge of Communism and we pray for those who Still suffer under its yoke Grant to Them thy mercy and the light of thy Presence in these difficult times when We are witnessing the Resurgence of our Foe we pray especially that you Intervene to Enlighten those who may be Misled by the dark Promises of the false Prophets of communism And we ask in our behalf that you grant Us Grace fearlessly to contend against Evil and to make no peace with

Oppression or the oppressor and that we May reverently use our freedom help us To employ it in the maintenance of Justice among men and nations in the Name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit amen Thank you All right good morning Monday and Welcome to the 16th annual roll call of Nations replaying ceremony my name is Ken Pope and I have the distinct honor Of serving as the chief executive Officer of the victims of Communism Memorial foundation so again thank you All for coming distinguished guests your Excellencies and thank you to our Sponsors who made this have been Possible and to all boc supporters who Help us achieve our Vital mission I would like to especially recognize the Honorable James Burnley who contributed To this year's ceremony as a freedom Sponsor Today we publicly honor the memory of The more than 100 million killed by Communist regimes and To Boldly remind The world that over 1.5 billion people Are still suffering under the Yoke of This evil and inhumane ideologies The OC's annual role called Nation Ceremony serves to remind us of the Worldwide Devastation communism has Wrought and to recognize the examples of Hope and courage in the fight against

His evil ideology and system removal Behind the great victories over Communism have been many historic or Sorry heroic dissidents and activists Who made these victories possible one of Which we will recognize here at this Ceremony shortly and many of whom are Also here today with us it is crucial to Recognize the contributions of Dissidents who put everything on the Line often including their very lives to Oppose communist dictatorships and Totalitarian regimes as we all know now Will only fall when courageous people Like them stand up to them The Sunday is the anniversary of President Ronald Reagan's courageous 1987 speech at the Brandenburg gate Where he commanded Mr Gorbachev tear Down this wall In 1987 as a young Army Lieutenant Stationed on the east west German border That seemed like a very remote dream but Just two years later the Berlin Wall did Fall and we hope someday that the Remaining communist regimes around the World will also fall if we can actually Enjoy a world without communism so thank You again for coming And for each of your each of your Contributions and commitment to fighting Against communism it is now my distinct Honor to introduce a man who has Dedicated his entire life work to

Finding communism and remembering its Victims I'd like to present Dr Lee Edwards our founding chairman of the Victims of Memorial Foundation Well good morning ladies and gentlemen Distinguished guests champions of Freedom I begin with a question Why are we here Well of course just delay a wreath as You will shortly And to say a silent prayer For the more than 100 million victims of Communism And that's more than all the Fallen of All the wars of the last century So I repeat Why are we here To remind the world that 1.5 billion People live And not by their choice Under the crushing yoke of communism We are here because we hear the voices Of the victims They cry out to us remember us Remember us To which we say we will never forget you Never That's been our message Since we dedicated the memorial 16 years Ago And no speaker has been more eloquent Than President George W bush Who reminded us

Of the innocent ukrainians who starved To death In Stalin's Great Famine The millions of Russians who died in the Soviet gulag The lithuanians Latvians and estonians loaded on the Cattle cars and deported to Arctic death Camps The countless Chinese killed in the Great Leap Forward and the cultural Revolution The cambodians slain and Paul Potts Killing Fields The polls massacred in the katim forest The Cuban vasaros and the anti-communist South Vietnamese who drowned trying to Escape tyranny Their sacrifice must not be forgotten And so We are resolved To keep coming back to the memorial Every June Until that inevitable day When we know That China is free Cuba is free Vietnam is free North Korea is free Laos Is free Just as the Berlin Wall fell And the evil Empire collapsed we are Confident That communism will wind up on the ash Heap of History

In all the captive Nations will be Captive no more thank you I would now like to invite viosis Chairman Dr Elizabeth Spaulding to Deliver key no remarks thank you Thank you Thank you thank you very much it's my Honor to serve as the chairman of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation As many of you know voc's mission is to Educate this and future Generations Accurately about the ideology history And Legacy of communism And to advocate for the freedom of those Still held captive by totalitarian Regimes To further this critical mission one Year ago we opened the victims of Communism Museum to the public Located just two blocks from the White House the victims of Communism Museum Educates visitors about the history and Horrors of communism It is a center of research on and Remembrance for all the victims As we've heard and we want everybody to Know these figures more than 100 million Killed by communism and more than 1.5 Billion people still suffering under Communist regimes The Museum's main galleries detailed the History of communism's crimes and the Heroic struggles of those who resisted We also feature temporary exhibits in

Cooperation with partner organizations Our new visiting exhibit Chronicles an Indispensable anti-communist Dissident vac love hobble The museum offers an immersive Experience including artifacts Interactive displays videos and a unique Gulag art collection all of which Communicate history in a powerful way A central theme of the museum that Dr Edwards has already invoked is remember Us On behalf of all of the victims of Communism Since opening thousands of visitors have Toured the museum Including teachers Students well-known dissidents victims And refugees whose stories all deserve To be told Diplomats and dignitaries from here and Around the world We have hosted many school groups Charter and other public private Religious and homeschooled The museum has received major Acclaim in Media coverage and reviews both abroad And at home from the Wall Street Journal And the Washington Post to PBS and fox To C-SPAN and Catholic World Report VOC is all about education Convey the truth about the most Destructive ideology in human history And to help everyone understand the many

Staggering costs in terms of both big Numbers and individual lives The museum is about the past present and Future as we work toward a world Without any victims of communism Please visit the museum or visit again And see the new visiting exhibit please Help us get millions many millions Through the doors as VOC hosts more Tours more events and more Collaborations with partner Organizations Please spread the word about voc's Experts and Witnesses our goal for the Visitor experience is that everyone Leaves the museum both remembering the Victims and rejecting communism Thank you to each and every person who Made and continues to make our Educational efforts through the museum Possible Thank you all for coming and for your Commitment to fighting for freedom in The face of tyranny And now it's my honor here is Ambassador Paula dobrianski Trustee of the victims of Communism Memorial foundation and recipient of Voc's Truman Reagan medal of freedom in 2008. To make our special presentation Paula Good morning everyone The Truman Reagan medal of freedom is The victim of communism's Memorial

Foundation's highest honor it is awarded To those who have demonstrated a Lifelong commitment to freedom and Democracy as well as opposition to Communism and all other forms of tyranny Today we are in honored and privileged Indeed to present the Truman Reagan Medal of freedom Saying for his lifelong commitment to The people of Tibet advocating for Freedom Fundamental human rights and democracy In the face of the brutal occupying Force of the Chinese Communist Party In 1951 China annexed occupied and Subjugated the independent nation of Tibet in 1960 bunshan fled his homeland In the wake of the Communist Chinese Communist party's Invasion and since has Become a tireless advocate for the Tibetan people an ambassador to Tibetan Culture a Guiding Light to the threat of Beijing's Oppression he has testified Before the United States Congress and Routinely speaks at research Institutions and in classrooms across The United States calling out the Chinese Communist party's crimes and Raising awareness of the plight of his Homeland the captive nation of Tibet In 1984 bunchin joined the central Tibetan Administration in India as Editor of the Tibetan bulletin and he Also served in the office of his

Holiness the Dalai Lama in dharam Salah And the office of Tibet in Switzerland Since 1995 he has worked tirelessly with The international campaign for Tibet in Washington D.C where he currently leads The research and monitoring unit a Member of the central Tibetan Administration task force on dialogue With China Bunchin participated in critical Discussions along with Lodi Gary The holiness's envoy and with the Chinese Communist Party leadership Between 2002 and 2010 and if I may say I Had the very privilege indeed of working With him as I was in the administration Of the George W bush state department at That time responsible in dealing with Tibet At the international campaign for Tibet's research and monitoring unit Bunchin spends spreads the truth about China's ongoing oppression of the Tibetan people as he monitors beijing's Racial discrimination environmental Destruction and nuclear activities on The Tibetan plateau On behalf of the victims of Communism Memorial Foundation we thank you bunchen Sering for your indomitable courage Your Visionary leadership of the ICT and your Relentless drive for the people of Tibet While China hides its subjugation of the Tibetan people and the Erasure Erasure

Of their culture language religion and History Heroes like bunchen ensure that The world cannot simply ignore the Chinese Communist party's crimes bunchen Sering reminds us that even in the face Of abject tyranny the animating Spirit Of Liberty is kept aflame and those of Us courageous enough to stand for Freedom I'd like to end on this note and I will invite you come to come forward But first I wanted to mention three of His Holiness life sayings because he has Many teachings and bunchen I know that You live this to the fullest his Holiness said quote give the ones you Love wings to fly roots to come back and Reasons to stay Quote let us try to recognize the Precious nature of every day And finally quote where ignorance is our Master there is no possibility of real Peace please join me in congratulating Bunchen sering please come to the podium Yeah Thank you please Good morning I'm very much touched by what under Secretary Paul adobinski had to say About me wondering whether it was really Me that she was talking about I've been attending this victim of Communism Memorial's role called every Year but this year I'm privileged to be In an additional capacity and I thank

You all for this When I was informed of your internship To bestow upon me that Truman Reagan Matter of freedom My immediate feeling was that I'm not Deserving of it First of all Just have a look at the list of the past Honories And my contribution doesn't reach Anywhere near any of these individuals And organizations Secondly given the nature of modern Tibetan history It's in the DNA of each and every Tibetan to do whatever we can Oppose the misdeeds of the Chinese Communist Party towards our homeland and People Under the leadership of his holistic Dalai Lama and may see his fullness is Absolutely not just showed up is over Here All Tibetans are nurtured in an Environment where the twin struggle is Part of our daily lives In Tibet or Tibetan brothers and sisters Are not in a situation to reveal their True thinking But those of us outside of Tibet are Contributing in our respective ways Which This is one of the reasons why the Demand issue is still being alive even

After six Decades of occupation under Chinese communists Regime Therefore are not Felt for a moment that I was doing Anything out of the ordinary Whether during my school days when I First began my activism or when I was Working as a professional journalist for Indian Express or even when after I Joined that when government Exile as Ambassador dobrinsky mentioned After joining the international campaign For Tibet and my colleague tension Gatola the new president of ICT is here In 1995 and in my task of supporting the Work of Mr Lodi Gary the special Envoy Of his honest and executive chairman of The international campaign for Tibet Ball I've been fortunate not only to Spread awareness of the demand situation But more importantly be part of a team That worked on encouraging policy Initiatives on Tibet by governments Including the United States Today we are proud to see that Fundamental supporter Tibet in the United States is not only bipartisan but Has been institutionalized through many Legislations We are hopeful that a new bipartisan and Bicameral legislation promoting a Resolution to the Tibet China conflict Act which is before Congress will become

Law Soon so that the U.S can ensure that the Tibetan people can have support now and In the future Therefore the owner that you tested on Me today is really an acknowledgment of The strength of the Tibetan people and Their struggle and I'm very grateful for It I should point out here that I Personally did not suffer any personal Persecution under the Communist Chinese Rule my parents were among those suit Patterns as Paula mentioned who were Able to flee to Exile carrying me Well I was barely a few days old across The mountain Nevertheless my fellow Tibetans both in Tibet and outside and like them I too Have become a victim of Chinese Communism in a different way Chinese Communists have deployed the Entire Tibetan people of our identity And sense of belonging Tibet is more seen as a position by the Chinese Communists who prefer to call it China's Tibet rather than Tibet being Allowed to survive as a country with a Living and distinct culture Or the account of the Chinese policies The survival of Tibetan culture language Religion way of life has been threatened So much so that Tibetans refer to the Chinese Communists as Tanda yammar red

China enemy of the field It might interest you to note that the Medal Which is named after two presidents if You look at their story They came into their Administration when Tibet went through significant of its Own history It was during the time of prison Harry S Truman in the late 1940s when Cavite Chinese took over China and then began Their plan for in which state of Tibet In the initial Decades of their Occupation The Chinese companies launching policy Of physical destruction of Tibet this Included killing Tibetans conserved Enemies and destroying demand religious And cultural centers There certainly are Tibetan victims of Chinese communism out of the 100 million People that you mentioned earlier By your action today you are honoring The memory of the 1.2 million Tibetans Who according to the central demand Administration and dharamshala have died Under Chinese occupation between 1949 And 1979. This figure includes at least 430 000 Tibetans who were killed in the Fighting in the 1950s and thereafter 340 000 who starve to death 56 000 who were executed 90 000 who died During the infamous struggle sessions

170 000 who died in prison And at least nine thousand who ended up Having to commit suicide Now during the time of President Ronald Reagan in the 1980s Tibetans in Tibet Were able to show their resilience During short period Then when Tibet Experience a comparatively liberalized Policy the Tibetan people were able to Reveal their continued Devotion to their Faith their culture and identity A subsequent ruthless and far-reaching Communist Chinese policy of control Eventually becoming one of assimilation Made such displays impossible however I Have no doubt that the resilience of the Tibetans in Tibet will continue to be Shown in different ways Today You are also putting the spotlight on The 159 Tibetans who have committed Self-immolations in Tibet since 9 2009 To highlight the plight of the twin People of the Chinese room They made the highest sacrifice giving Their lives even while ensuring that Others are not harmed in the process I take this opportunity to pay my homage To the Tibetans in Tibet who through Their determination and courage continue To set up stand up to the assault of the Chinese communists It exiled his wholeness of the line of Adopted far-sighted policies aimed at

Preserving to an identity and cultural Heritage on the one hand while working Towards a peaceful resolution to the Tibetan issue on the other He established a democratic system of Governance for the Tibetans in the Exile Including devoting his political Authority to the elected Tibetan Leadership Despite the fact that historically Tibet Was independent his wholeness said Dalai Lama has been looking for a non-violent Solution mutually for satisfactory Solution to Tibet that takes into Consideration Chinese interests too In 1959 and since the unable to return To his homeland He'll be 88 years old this coming July The Dalai Lama continues to be a symbol Of the tribal nation and people The strong Britain bond between his Fullness Is the primary reason why the trend Circle has continued to be non-violent Tibet occupies a strategic position at Central Asia And it's important that it does not Become another Flashpoint like the Middle East It is for this reason that the International Community needs to support The non-world struggle of the 12 people As as passed by the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan leadership

But the world needs to be concerned About the survival of Tibet Tibetans Not only out of Sympathy for the Tibetan People Japan culture Japan Buddhist philosophy science or Medicine has much to contribute to the Development of the World Civilization Therefore the survival of Tibetan Culture is in the interest of the International Community Also no one no one in this world desires War and violence and at a time when we Are all consumed with warning conflict It's imperative that peaceful moments Like the that of the Tibetan people Receive strong support At this point may I say that for any Political system to continue to exist It has to be relevant and beneficial to The people The Chinese Communist parties had failed The people of China It has to change according to the Reality of the situation The victims of Communism Memorial Foundation has been playing an important Role in reminding the International Community About communism and its misuse in Different parts of the world We all see is consistent and continue to Focus on the plight of those Who are being persecuted by the

Communist regimes and highlighting of Them in the International Community is a Source of strength and hope and Encouragement to those communities Buddhism Dedicating any positive Deeds like this Honor today For the common good has an important Role in our spiritual practice so may I Take the opportunity to resend a short Dedication prayer I'll do that first in Tibetan and then in translation in English Foreign By this Merit may all beings attain Omniscience and defeat the enemy of Wrongdoing And maybe and may they be freed from This world disease waves of birth old Age sickness and death In conclusion I would like to say that The people of Tibet have not lost their Hope despite over six Decades of Communist rule China is coming through In 1959 soon after the Chinese companies Occupied Tibet one Indian political Leader by the name of jai prakashnar and Said this and I quote Is Tibet lost forever No a thousand times no Tibet will not die because there is no Death to the human spirit Communism will not succeed because man Will not be slave forever thank you very

Much Good morning thank you all again for Being here my name is Karina lipsman I'm The director for government relations For the victims of Communism Memorial Foundation and I'm just absolutely Honored to be here with you all today as A Ukrainian Refugee myself who has lived Under communist regimes in the former Soviet Union so this is very near and Dear to my heart thank you again for all Your support please visit the museum and Congratulations to our recipient of the Truman Reagan award so with that I will Go ahead and start calling uh the Embassies and you will come up and Present the wreaths Oh So the first one is Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria Embassy of Canada Thank you Embassy of Croatia Embassy of Estonia Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany Embassy of the Republic of Hungary Embassy of the Republic of Latvia Foreign Of the Republic of Lithuania Embassy of the Republic of Moldova Embassy of the Republic of Korea Embassy of the Republic of Poland Embassy of Romania

Embassy of Ukraine Techro Taiwan The office of Tibet Okay Delegation of the European Union to the United States American Hungarian Federation Foreign Cold War veterans American Latvian Association and World Federation of free Lots bands Foreign Bella Russian American Association Campaign for uyghurs Center for a free Cuba Foreign Center for Liberty and reunification Citizens Coalition for the human rights Of North Korean refugees Together Thank you Citizen power initiatives for China Committee for human rights in North Korea Cuba decide Oswaldo Paya and all Cuban Victims of communism Okay North Korea Freedom Coalition and free North Korea radio North Korean human rights Union in the United States of America Foreign Florida International University Free Korea Association

Foreign Send rice and info directly to the North Korean people project Friends of falun gong Friends of the Imperial City of Hugh International campaign for Tibet Basically Vietnamese language School via tune and Via American Fighters for free North Korea Polish American Congress Thank you The Albanian Community Catholic Diocese Of Arlington Virginia in memory of the 38 blessed Albanian martyrs United Macedonian diaspora Opposition Because Korea U.S Alliance Foundation The Natasha Foundation Uyghur human rights project Foreign Network Union of Cuban former political Prisoners Myself Vietnamese American Community Georgia Vietnamese American community of the United States of America Thank you U.S Ukraine Foundation American Museum of the Cuban diaspora Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation Come on

And I would like to also recognize three Embassies that could not be with us Today the embassy of the Czech Republic Uh and the embassy of the Slovak Republic Thank you Karina I would like to also Add a few other organizations who Contributed a wreath but were not able To attend today's ceremony due to Weather circumstances I would like to Recognize Albanian American Council Greek victims of communism The lantosh foundation for human rights And justice And that is it this wraps the second Part of the event and I would like to Call everybody to please line up in Front of the memorial to take our family Photo

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