Allie Beth Stuckey: Progressivism Seeks to Destroy All We Hold True

Allie Beth Stuckey: Progressivism Seeks to Destroy All We Hold True

Allie Beth Stuckey on the fall of our institutions: “Progressivism, seeks to destroy… all that we hold as good and right and true.”


When did we move into this post-truth Era where we can't distinguish between Up and down and right and wrong and true And false now for those of us who have Been paying attention for any amount of Time we know that this didn't come from Somewhere from nowhere rather so by Redefining marriage in the family Perverting the definition of gender Exchanging impartial Justice for social Justice further replacing merit-based Structures with a race-based incentives Assaulting religious liberty by Targeting Christian businesses for Example infringing upon Free Speech Especially that of college students Progressivism seeks to destroy has Sought to destroy all that we hold as Good and right and true in some ways This has been happening for a long time But certainly over the past decade we Have seen it manifest itself in more and More obvious in more destructive ways And now we've seen something called Institutional capture where Corporate America Academia the public education System science and medicine scarily Enough Much of the federal government the media Even Global institutions like the UN Have all been to an extent captured by An ideology that brings with it only Chaos confusion and weakness

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