Another potential Trump juror excused over bias concerns

Another potential Trump juror excused over bias concerns

Senior correspondent Eric Shawn reports the latest on jury selection from New York City. #FoxNews

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Again with this Fox News Alert and the Nation's 45th president back in court Today day three of jury selection the Judge is hoping to begin opening Statements by Monday that is the plan We'll see they have a lot of potential Jurors to still get through to seat that Jury I'm Harris fauler you are in the Fauler focus this morning one of seven Jurors sworn in Tuesday was excused now The court needs to select 12 additional Before they can move ahead a former Federal prosecutor with this big picture Take he's sitting before judge Merchant He's sitting in a district that is Inherently unfair towards him given the The disparity of the red versus the blue Here uh but the facts are on his side And so I think that if his defense team Is playing that Underdog Story Connecting with the jury helping them See uh that it is unfair from the Beginning and that the facts aren't There well we know the far liberal District attorney of Manhattan Alvin Bragg has filed to cross-examine Trump If he chooses to testify Bragg wants to Focus on Trump's previous civil lawsuits To try to damage his credibility senior Correspondent Eric Shawn is at the New York state supreme court in New York City Eric yeah good morning Harris as you Said a second juror had had a juror had

Second thoughts and now that juror is Out this says district attorney brag Wants to pile more contemp of Court uh Examples against the former president For her social media post let's start Start with that news of the juror this Morning she is a woman who was a an Oncology nurse and she went home Tuesday After being Seated on the jury and Because of the details of her life that Were revealed in the newspapers and the Media her friends and family pretty much Figured out that she was put on the jury And started asking her about it and she Became concerned she told the judge this Morning that she has concerns now about Being fair and balanced and is bothered That these Revelations have been made Public about her identity so she was Excused there were also concerns about Another juror that he may not have Revealed an arrest from the 1990s for Tearing down political posters Prosecutors say those political posters Lean to the right that juror will be Question to see if that is true Meanwhile Bragg's office is demanding That Trump be cited for contempt of Court for seven more social media posts That he made that were critical of the Trial that's in addition to the three Posts that he's already done that Attacks Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen Last night he reposted an article that

Was critical of Michael Cohen but his Attorneys in court today said that Doesn't count as violating the gag order Because uh their client Mr Trump did not Make those comments the former president Has been arguing that he is being Unfairly muzzled here There shouldn't be a gag order let me Just tell you the gag order is totally Unconstitutional the judge should not be There the judge is highly conflicted he Should not be There so meanwhile this morning the Second batch of 96 potential jurors were Brought into the courtroom and as is uh The the procedure judge Maran asks if Anybody cannot be fair and impartial Concerning Mr Trump and they have a uh Raising of hands and this morning 48 People out of 96 uh just over half Basically raised their hands and said They could not be fair and impartial or Could not serve and they were dismissed They are now questioning the individual Jurors randomly who have remained we'll See how that goes and if indeed they can Get the panel seated by uh next Monday But it seems Harris with h some Questions about two of the jurors Already uh it may be a little more slowo Back to you all right I just want to Make sure I I get the back straight so You said that this person said that they Felt like they couldn't do this anymore

Was that out of this impartiality that That was out of whether or not that they Could be Impartial well you know the the the Answer from the woman the nurse was both It was that she felt she couldn't be Fair and balanced as she put it and she Was also concerned that everybody and All her friends figured out who she was And that she's on the jury the judge has Ordered uh we're we're we're not Supposed to give we we do not give the Names out we do not know the names of The jurors judge Maran asked the media This morning uh he asked the media to Not give so many details uh so that People can figure out exactly who they Are very helpful Eric Sean as you always Are great reporting thank you very much Hey everyone I'm Emily compano catch me And my co-hosts Harris vulner and Kaye Mcki on outnumbered every weekday at 12:00 p.m. Eastern or sets your DVR also Don't forget to subscribe to the fox News YouTube page for daily highlights

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