Antony Blinken mocked for rocking out at Ukrainian bar: ‘DANGEROUS TO AMERICA’

Antony Blinken mocked for rocking out at Ukrainian bar: 'DANGEROUS TO AMERICA'

Fox News contributor Joe Concha sounds off on Nancy Pelosi’s disdain for average Americans and Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s bar performance to show support for Ukraine. #FoxNews

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Secretary of State Anthony blinkin Meeting with top officials in war torn Ukraine but the start of his trip was Interesting he took to the stage at a Bar in keev playing the guitar and Singing Neil Young's are rocking in the Free World the United States is with you so Much of the world is with You and they're fighting not just for a Free Ukraine but for the Free World Maybe we can try something [Music] Joe K has a fox new contributor and he Joins me now to talk about Anthony Blinkin letting his hair down and Joe The New York Times covered that moment With a headline that reads in keeve Blinkin adds Rock notes to a free world Message the Secretary of State a Longtime guitarist strummed along to a Chosen to a song chosen to underscore a Central message of President Biden's Foreign policy what do you think about That let's see Carly had how do we put This we are governed by children the the Late John McCain once warned that Blinkin was not only unqualified for This job but dangerous to America I mean This is the same secretary of state that You see on your screen who thinks that The disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan was a resounding success the Same Secretary of State who now supports

Pulling weapons from Israel in its fight Against Hamas the world is far more Unstable in a far less safe space or Place I should say than it was before This Administration came into power and And to see Secretary of State blinkin Doing karaoke night in a bar while Thousands of Ukrainian soldiers are Dying on the Eastern front uh there Really are no words to add at this point We have serious problems and we need Serious people to solve them and that That is not a serious person that you See uh playing uh guitar in keev uh While the world is burning at this point Carly so you wrote a not bed titled Nancy py yet again reveals Democrats to Stain for average American And he wrote that after the former house Speaker made these comments listen to This we've seen demagogues come down the Pike destroy the Press what is what is The what do the Republicans say fake News so they're diminishing that in the Eyes of these poor souls who are looking For some answers we've given them to Them but they're blocked by some of Their views on guns and they have the 3Gs guns gays God so what do you think about that Joe Poor souls blocked by their opinions on Guns gaze in God wow uh to quote Yogi Bara it's deja Vu all over again and what this

Underscores is that the former house Speaker in the Democratic party in General they're now the party of Elites Of those of the richest 1% who live in Coastal cities and not the party that Champions working men and women as it Was in the past it's so reminiscent of Remember Barack Obama and what he said About struggling workingclass people in The Rust Belt uh who were angry and Frustrated with the economy at the time Couldn't get jobs and he said that they Clung to their Bibles and their guns so It sounds a lot like that right it's Also reminiscent of Hillary Clinton who Called Trump supporters a basket of Deplorables and that was a key moment in That election by the way Carly because Once she started going after Trump's Supporters and basically debasing them Uh that really fueled the Trump campaign And obviously went on to win from there We also have a president by the way who When he vacations when he's not at his Multi-million dollar beach house in Delaware despite calling himself Scranton Joe uh he's at billionaire Tom Styer house or mansion in Lake Tahoe That's worth 20 million or he's in N Tucket and he's staying at hedge fund Boss David rubenstein's place which is $34 million so you see the Democratic Party it once was the party of the Little guy and now it's the party of

Elites and for Pelosi to say that about Uh people that may support Donald Trump Or Republicans in general saying oh They're just about their guns and their Religion it just shows you how out of Touch they are with the average voter And this is why they're struggling so Much in this campaign particularly in States like Pennsylvania Wisconsin Michigan Nevada Georgia Arizona uh They're not talking to people they're Talking down to people that's what you Know it's so true and it's not just Traditional Trump supporters or Republicans and of course Democrats Would always have problems getting their Vote but it's typical their base folks Voters President Biden has lost 28% Support among black voters uh Donald Trump has gained a 15 Point bump with Six months to go until this Election yeah and and you think about The margins Carly that Joe Biden had in 2020 that was a very close election when You look at the states that he won and If he didn't win them what would have Happened uh he won what Georgia by 12,000 votes Arizona by 10,000 votes Wisconsin by uh 3/10 of a percentage Point if those States go the other way Then Donald Trump uh is still president So he can't afford to lose any of these Voters by small margins and he's losing Them in large margins if the election

We're held today Carly I'll leave it Here Donald Trump is your next president Based on the polling we're seeing in Every swing state yeah six months to go It's going to be a busy six six months But so far tying up Donald Trump in the Courtroom hasn't been a strategy that Has been beneficial to Democrats Joe got To leave you there Todd I didn't think That we would see you again but here you Are have a great day to both of you back York Tom starts out I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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