Army-Navy game hotel reservations reportedly canceled for migrants

Army-Navy game hotel reservations reportedly canceled for migrants

Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, reacts to how the migrant crisis has affected hotel reservations in Boston for the upcoming Army-Navy game. #FOXNews

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So what action should be taken against Senator mandez as we wait for him to be Uh some type of verdict on his career And his uh criminal status let's bring In GOP Senator Joanie her Senator if Santos has to go should Menendez oh my Goodness Brian Absolutely I mean no wonder as we see a Survey results of course Regan National Defense Forum just did their annual Survey confidence and Trust in Congress Is at a whopping oh what five % um and This is why is because we have such Corruption that runs rampant and yet we Have a a senator that refuses to step Down even with overwhelming evidence so Brian he's got to go absolutely uh Meanwhile let's talk about what's Happening with the Army Navy game people Want to go visit they want to go watch Families want to go see they need a Hotel room but they can't you know why Illegal immigrants put up by the state How could that stand yeah absolutely and I impressing the administration on this With their horrible horrible border Policies we need the the president to Get serious about this so this is the Week that America focuses on what we Call America's game it is the Army Navy Football game I'm wearing my Beat Navy Pin um my daughter is a proud graduate Of West Point but what we see in Boston Is because they are a right to shelter

State in Massachusetts illegal Immigrants are now being housed in those Hotels that were already reserved for The families of those service members Those Cadets and midshipman and they're Getting the boot while the illegal Immigrants are being put up in those H Hotels so let's treat our veterans right Let's treat the service members the Midshipman and Cadets right and make Sure that we're closing down on this Border policy president Trump never Missed that game he would not have Allowed that to happen next I I want to Talk about president zinski he's Expected to address the US senators During a classified briefing he's got His chief of staff also walking around On Capitol Hill this week to try to get Some Aid money is running out uh we also Want to get a package together to get Israel funding and Taiwan uh some Munitions to defend against it would be Invasion against China and then we want The Border policy changed Asylum rules Changed Senator Schumer's going to put Something forward on this where do you Stand on all four of those things I Think is really important that we Continue to support Munitions weapons Platforms to Ukraine to Israel of course We need to address the indopacific but With all of that being said we need to Make sure that we have significant

Policy changes at our Southern border This is about National Defense I believe In weapons not welfare so let's crack Down on some of that humanitarian Aid That's going to support teacher pensions Small businesses in Ukraine let's make Sure we're helping them win the war um But certainly we need to track where Those dollars are going so let's do the Right thing let's all come together make Sure we're supporting in our own National Defense interests yeah and if Republicans just refuse to fund Ukraine And Russia takes that country they will Be to blame it'll be like Afghanistan Was for Joe Biden uh absolutely Senator Thanks so much I appreciate it yeah Thank you Brian I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian kilme and I'm mey aart click here To subscribe to the Fox News YouTube Page to catch our hottest interviews and Most compelling Analysis

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