Biden Again Claims He “Traveled 17,000 Miles” With Xi Jinping, Who He Calls The “Head Of Russia”

Biden Again Claims He "Traveled 17,000 Miles" With Xi Jinping, Who He Calls The "Head Of Russia"

Comments made on 2/25/24

I uh I've spent a lot of time with Xi Jinping someone whom I have a great deal Of difference with and I was uh when I Was vice president president uh my my my President was told me that he wanted me To get to know xiin ping because it was Clear he was going to be the head of Russia of of China and he we had we were Having problems with Russia at the time And other countries as well and uh so What he said was get to know him he's Going to be there I and and he couldn't Because he was the president he couldn't Travel so I travel 177,000 miles with Him throughout the country our country And and in uh in China as well we're in The Tibetan plateau and he turned to me And he said can you define America for Me and I give this has been documented It's real I looked at him I said yes I Can in one word he looked at me said What's that and I said Possibilities possibilities

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