Biden vows Rolling Fork, Mississippi will be ‘built back better’

Biden vows Rolling Fork, Mississippi will be 'built back better'

President Biden is expected to announce federal funding for Mississippi tornado recovery. #foxnews

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Foreign Good afternoon On behalf of the city of Roland Fork Mississippi The board of alderman the Board of Supervisors for this County We’d like to welcome all of you here Today President Biden and first lady Governor Reeves And his wife All of our elected officials on the State level from here in the state of Mississippi The Honorable Congressman Thompson Senator Thomas And others who have come Today is a very important day here in Rolling Fork Mississippi It’s a day That we are all thankful for However it’s unfortunate that we are Here for this purpose But this purpose By itself Is going to make Mississippi Rolling Fork A bigger and better community I’m committed to working In partnership with state and federal Leaders To ensure that the needs of this Community are met We have had so many people donating

Their time and resources to help our City And we thank each of you For everything that you have done and Everything that you are doing But right now The community is not only in disbelief But Grief As well Therefore We take this time to extend our Condolences To All Families Who have been affected By this disaster We know That this will be a long process But the most important action we can Take Is not give up Rolling Fork It’s not only a community It’s a family And I’m a believer that a family that Prays together Stays together So as we unite and walk hand in hand Down the road to redevelop and rebuild This community We must come together and stay a family What has been lost Cannot be recovered But we are confident that the people of

Rolling Fork That we are resilient And we will Make this community Bigger And better So now [Applause] I’d like to introduce A man who has been on the ground with us Ever since last Friday I’m on it to introduce the honorable Congressman Benny G Thompson Thank you mayor Mr President First lady Let me Say to all of you who are assembled here That this is A statement of commitment on the part of Our federal state and local partners That in fact help is not just on the way But help is here The notion that seven days ago All the buildings you see around us they Will Be alive vibrant communities of Rolling Fork was made whole And so in that seven Short days we come to this And we now have to Fix it and get it right I made a call to the president And said we need help

Now we got a record declaration in terms Of a disaster uh based on just what we See here today And so It’s important that as a community we Continue to pull together Uh after People have left We still have a long way to go and we’re Going to rely on not just the federal And state and local Partners but our Non-profit Partners who have joined us Also that’s absolutely important the Church communities uh I’d like to single Out the shocking County Board of Supervisors they’ve stepped up In a mighty way and really have done uh What’s required uh the mayor and board Of aldermen of rolling for uh have also But on Friday night That that was help coming from all over The Delta uh Greenville Mississippi Yazoo City Vicksburg all those Communities came to help and that’s what Mutual Aid is all about so we personally Thank you for that So Proverbs talks about with without a Vision People perish Well the vision for this community Is you just won’t come back But you’ll come back better and so That’s the commitment that you’ll hear

From uh later in the The presentations so without further ado Let me introduce the governor of the State of Mississippi Tate Reeves Thank you congressman And thanks to all of you for being here For those of you From around the country that are Watching now please understand that this Storm and what you’re seeing behind me This storm entered our state on our Western border right over the Mississippi River which is not very far From here But didn’t actually exit our state until The northeastern border over the Tennessee Tom Bigby and so what you’re Seeing behind me today is illustrative Of what you would see if we were Standing in Silver City Or if we were standing in Amory or if we Were in Carroll County or Montgomery County or Panola County This storm was devastating to these Communities as I said on Saturday Morning when I was here And I’ll say it again You can’t help but have two emotions When you see this damage and when you Are in this community the first emotion Is one of heartbreak Heartbreak for the people Who lost lives heartbreak for the people Who lost moms and dads grandmoms and

Granddads And brothers and sisters But you can’t just have the emotion of Heartbreak you must also have the Emotion of inspiration Because what this storm has caused in This community in Roland fork in Sharkey County and in so many other communities From here to Amory Is inspirational Because people from across Mississippi And people from across America Mr President have shown up And they’ve shown out They’ve shown up to help people in need They didn’t ask where you were from What you did for a living they didn’t Ask you any questions they just showed Up to help And as I said Saturday and I’ll say it Again it’s made me damn proud to be a Mississippian When I left Rolling Fork On Saturday morning I’d already heard from the FEMA Administrator and I’d heard from Secretary mayorkas as I was pulling out A Rolling Fork Saturday morning to hit The other spots I got a call from the White House The call was from the president The president told me two things And I believe both of them the first

Thing he said is We’re going to expedite the signing of The Declaration so we can get resources To the people who need it I said Mr President you’ll have it Within an hour He had the Declaration within an hour And before the end of the day it was Back He expedited it and the people of Mississippi Mr President appreciate it The second thing he said that day on That phone call was We’re gonna be there to help and we’re Going to stay to the end And I believe him And I appreciate him I appreciate the Calls on Saturday And I appreciate the fact that the President of the United States is Standing here in Sharkey County Mississippi to deliver more remarks Today to hear from the people most Affected and most importantly as he and Dr Biden have done throughout the day Show compassion for those who have been Most affected So without further ado Please give a warm Mississippi welcome To the president of the United States [Applause] Governor uh Thank you very much You know uh

When I heard about The devastation here in Rolling Fork The first thing that Came to mind was I gotta get a hold of Benny Thompson This is District He treats it like his home He’s been a steadfast leader in every Crisis I’ve worked with him on And uh he’s always there for the Constituents And he’s been a great partner of mine And the governor’s right The governor I tried him earlier but he Was already out on the road I couldn’t Get him right away And to let him know that made it clear That we’ll do everything everything That’s legally within my power to do To be of assistance to the people in This community And mayor Walker I know it’s been especially hard for you Since you’re not only the mayor But you’re also an I mean it’s sincerely The funeral director It’s been tough You’ve had To prepare people to be buried who you Were with know well And thanks to Sharkey County officials And local officials and First Responders And community members Who’ve worked Around the Clock

Rescue survivors They get people to safety and sort Through the records but Jill and I are here to show our support Unfortunately I’ve been to too many sites like this Over the last two years Around the country I probably with the FEMA director better Part of 12 to 15. And I always see the same thing in America When the neighborhood’s in trouble The whole neighborhood comes to help Walking down the street here Being told by people the reason we were Able to get through it one family told Me When finally The roof came off the house we’re under The bed we came back down all of a Sudden it was quiet before I knew it the Red Cross was out front Before I knew it it went on to talk About the neighbors that helped And folks I know there’s a lot of pain And it’s hard to believe in A Moment Like This This community is going to be rebuilt And rebuilt and built back better than It was before Resilience of this community has been Remarkable And I just want you to know

As you fight through this you’re not Alone The American people Will be with you They’ll help you through it and so will I multiple tornadoes Are tore through Mississippi Alabama and Tennessee last Friday night The most powerful came through Rolling Fork It stayed here just a little over three Minutes Just imagine look it I mean I know those Even through it know three minutes Three minutes this neighborhood Is basically gone Stores everything gone And the most powerful part of the Tornado came through Rolling Fork It stayed here And had the effect it was so devastating Unless you physically saw it It’s hard to believe 13 lives lost I met a number of the families earlier Today Jill and I my wife and I 300 homes and businesses are nothing More than piles of Twisted materials Mixed up with personal items that Mattered so much Teddy Bears family albums clothes dishes Basic of Life all gone people still Going through the rubble seeing if they Can find that picture of grandmom

Or that wedding ring that was on the Bureau or that special Memento that Means so meant so much to them they get Lost too Some of this dysfunction and destruction That you’re seeing here It’s going to take years to recover and Rebuild But we’re starting now when I spoke to The governor He said what he needed most was a Federal disaster declaration So that the earliest hours of Sunday Morning I signed that expedited Majors Disaster declaration which gave you more Access to more Federal resources With that declaration we’re providing Funding to cover overtime for local Emergency responders To cover the cost of moving all debris 100 percent of that cost We’re also authorizing cash grants for People lost their homes Whether they own or rent To pay for things that may not be Covered by insurance Like temporary housing home repairs for Those who have home still standing Or to replace lost personal property Like furniture and appliances and Vehicles you know after talking to Benny And your Governor today I authorize the Federal government to cover 100 of the Cost for removing debris and emergency

Measures that are involved in keeping up Here By keeping shelters up and running and Paying for every overtime for everyone One hundred percent of the cost not for The state but for us for 30 days And then after that we’re not leaving Either in the midst of all you’re Dealing with I know that it’s Overwhelming You figure out got to figure out how we Can help what you need That’s why right now we have 300 Federal Personnel on the ground including FEMA Disaster Survivor assistance teams to Ensure a well-coordinated response to Get you the assistance you need We’re walking through damaged Neighborhoods to find people in need and Help them they’re walking through now Going on if there’s any doors to knock On or people stand there just to find Out where everyone in that house was or Is We’re trying to make it easy as possible So on Monday the FEMA disaster recovery Center will be opening four in four Counties including this one so we’ll be Able to walk in to a situation explain Your circumstance let people know what You need and learn more about how you Can get the help as quickly as possible Can’t hear me Are you talking to somebody else I’m

Sorry Look you know you can also apply for Assistance for FEMA online On the online is disasterassistance Dot Gov or call 1-800 -621 -3362. 1 800 -621-3362 Already Seventeen hundred people one thousand Seven hundred people have signed up for Help In addition the Department of Agriculture is made sure families Qualify for supplemental nutrition Assistance programs so-called SNAP Program can use these benefits for meals And grocery stores gas stations Convenience stores the dollar store and Other vehicles we can use that snap Money and those snap material to get Meals you need Secretary of Housing Urban Development Marshall Fudd is here fudge is here and FEMA administrator Deanne Criswell Griswold is here because we’re bringing Every element of the federal government Together to help with immediate needs in Long-term rebuilding for example the Department of Agriculture is identifying Temporary housing reimbursing farmers And livestock owners for lost crops and Lost livestock The small business administration is

Here helping business get low interest Loans recover and to rebuild And if you don’t have insurance or You’re underinsured FEMA can help you Get started by funding your home repairs Replacing some lost and damaged property Like cars and refrigerators I know how important it is for the post Offices all to to many of you in every Communities where most people get their Prescriptions these days well we’re Working to make sure you can still have Access to them the way what we’re doing Is the national postal service is going To set up temporary post office which You’ve already seen On the grounds of the president post Office was not usable I also want to note that some of these Communities are again facing the threat Of severe weather in just one week later If you’ve looked at the weather forecast FEMA and other Federal Personnel are Here on the ground ready to respond and To support state and local officials if In fact they do Mount to Major storms I want to urge everyone here to listen To local officials and be prepared to Take shelter it will go I’ve got to get To go through this together again if it Happens And let me close to this message the People of rolling forward And Emory in Silver City and and

Carrollton and Winona and that other Communities that have been hit We’re not just here for today I’m determined that we’re going to leave Nothing behind we’re going to get it Done for you that’s why I’m here while You’re Congress here while the Governor’s here we focused on now I’m Making sure you got the place to sleep Food to eat helping you rebuild your Lives in Rolling Stone but long term I Know this is your community this is Where you built your lives we’re going To make sure you can stay right here There’s nothing we can do to heal the Hole in your hearts left by the 13 People who passed many of whom I met Their families Melissa price Lonnie price Mary Bush Doris Harris David Moore Phyllis Maxey Daryl Excuse me Daryl Purvis Linda Herman Erica Moore Brenda Odoms April Johnson Levette Herman and Wendy Kelly As I’ve told some of the survivors We all have had experiences not the same But getting that sudden experience you Lost someone is devastating It’s absolutely devastating And we kind of understand it But I’ve heard incredible stories about The spirit of these families and the Resilience and your bravery

The town of Rolling Stone will be back And we’ll be with you every step of the Way and I that I what I say I I didn’t I Said Rolling Fork Rolling Stone I got my Mind going here We’ll be back and we’ll be with you Every step of the way So God bless you all and God bless our First Responders thank you [Applause]

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